Chapter 142


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Chapter 142 – Appeal of the Beasts

After deciding to hire someone from the capital, we left the manor.

We saw Vi-Vi and Moofy outside.

Cruz, on the other hand, was looking through documents with a frown on her face.

「How much longer, Vi-Vi?」

「Almost done!」

Vi-Vi had written a magic circle on the outer wall.

On the other hand, Moofy had left Vi-Vi and was playing near the forest surrounding the building.

Because Moofy was still in sight of Vi-Vi, she was still acting as a guard, I guess.

「Moo moo!」

「What are you doing, Moofy?」


—splish, spliiiish

Moofy sniffed around, and then peed.

Maybe she was asserting the fact that this was her territory.

「Femm. Moofy’s really pushing herself.」

『What do you mean?』

「She marking territory for us.」

『She just drank a lot of water.』

「Moo moo!」

Seemed like Moofy was relieved, so she came over.

She took huge, proud steps, maybe happy that she now has her own territory in this world.

「Look at how proud she is. She knows it’s not just that she drank too much water.」

『I don’t think so.』

「Moofy’s trying to increase defense by making a territory around this manor.」

『Remember that Moofy’s pee has a lot of magic, so monsters are coming.』

That reminded me that monsters did come then, but that was an exception.

Sighidora’s mother Jilnidora had driven all the beasts toward us.

As a result, they all gathered when Moofy had peed.

「Nah, holy beasts are strong, so the other monsters should be scared.」

『But since Moofy is a plant eater, they’re not scared.』

I guess that seems sensible.

Even in Lindobal forest, most monsters were afraid of Femm.

But they didn’t seem to notice Moofy.

「…well, then you mark the territory, Femm.」


「Since you’re carnivorous and a heavenly beast, then the monsters would be scared, right?」

『Of course. I’m very strong.』

「Then go pee.」

『Don’t want to.』

Femm’s such a weirdo.

All Femm needs to do is take a wiz here and there.

「Moo Moo!」

「Good job, Moofy.」


Moofy was thinking about the safety of the manor, after all.

So I complimented her quite a bit.

She nuzzled into me.

「But, it would be bad if monsters came. It would be better if you peed too, Femm.」

I looked at Femm.

Femm snorted.

『Don’t WANT TO.』

「If we get attacked by beasts, don’t get mad!」

『There are none around.』


『Timi was here and her smell is still around. Just that will scare even magic beasts away.』

Femm was scared by her so it did make sense.

Doby and Femm were both powerful beasts. Even Doby was terrified by Timi.

A normal monster would stay the hell away.

「ryaa ryaa」

「Do you want to pee?」


Shiggy jumped from my pouch and flew.

But it just fluttered around without peeing.

Then I heard Vi-Vi,

「I’m done!」


「Yeah, it’s best to have a place that won’t break even in a disaster.」

Vi-Vi was very thoughtful and I was thankful for it.

Hearing Vi-Vi, Cruz then came out of the manor,

「Oh, you’re done?」

「Yeah, it’s not as strong as the guardhouse though.」

「Still, it helps. Thanks Vi-Vi.」

「Heh heh」

Vi-Vi blushed a bit.

Someone called out from behind me, an old man. I didn’t see him approaching.

As he approached, I realized that he probably noticed us way before we noticed him.

He didn’t seem like someone with military training…just a villager.

「Um…is this the manor of the ruler’s assistant?」

「Yes, it is. What’s the problem?」

Cruz replied with a smile.

It wasn’t really the assistant’s manor though. But…I could kind of see how someone could think that way.

Even if it’s the ruler’s manor, the ruler’s never there. The only one there is the assistant.

The villagers looked relieved as Cruz smiled at him.

「Um…I have a request for the assistant.」

「Oh, a petition?」

「Yes, correct. Sorry for the sudden nature of it…」

「No problem, please come here.」

Cruz takes the villager into the manor.

I go in with Vi-Vi, Femm, and Moofy.


「What is it?」

Since the beasts walked right in with us, the villager kind of pulled back a bit.

Cruz just smiled.

The villager had the same reaction as the assistant did. Anyone would react like that to beasts coming inside.

Before going into the waiting room, Cruz said to a passing official,

「Um, sorry to ask, but can you bring some tea?」


The official spun and walked off with a sharp pace.

As we entered the room, Cruz asked,

「Now then, what is the petition.」

「Well, I’d like to see the assistant…」

「The assistant is very busy and not here.」

「…ah, I see…」

The villager seemed very disappointed.

He must be thinking about why he’s talking to a cute girl and not an agent of a ruler.

I whispered over to Cruz,

「Where did the assistant go?」

「To the capital to find someone to do the reassessment.」

「You got him moving fast.」

「Well, it’s got to get done quickly.」

Cruz was right on the money.

The assistant would be much better at choosing an assessor that Cruz.

It’s a much faster job when someone with connections does it too.

It would take a lot of time for Cruz and I to go looking for one.

「It’s okay. I will tell the assistant for you.」


The villager began to speak slowly.

Apparently it’s about the assessor taxing them higher than last year.

The village was in an area where the assessor that was changed was in charge.

「Don’t worry, the ruler is perfectly aware of the problem.」


「Yes, and the assessor has been changed. We will dispatch a new one directly and reassess the taxes, so please be patient.」


「Yes, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.」

「Wow, that would be a big help.」

「If you have problems other than the assessor, please let me know.」

「It’s very kind of you to say that.」

The villager said, but didn’t look happy about it yet.

Of course, that’s because he hadn’t heard it from the assistant’s mouth.

Then the official came in with tea.

「Marquis, I am sorry for the wait.」

「Thank you.」

「It is my honor.」

The official served the tea and then left.

Also bowls were served with tea for Femm and Moofy.


「What’s wrong? Here’s your tea. It doesn’t taste bad or anything.」

「That fellow said Marquis?」

「Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. I am the Marquis Cruz Conradine.」


The villager shouted with a jolt.

He then jumped down from his chair and onto his hands and knees in apology.

「I am very very very sorry!」


Cruz looked surprised.

She had only wanted to help the guy.

So I lifted the guy of the floor and to his seat.

「Elder, please relax. You’ve done nothing wrong.」

「I was very rude.」

「Don’t worry about it.」

Just then, Cruz bowed.

「I’m the one who should apologize, for troubling the residents of my domain.」

「No! I! It’s no problem! Um!」

He was twitching like crazy.

For villagers, it’s a rare chance to meet your ruler. Even meeting the assistant makes one nervous.

A ruler’s literally like a person in a cloud way above everyone else.

I said to the villager, gently,

「The Marquis is aware of the problem and the assessor punished. The tax will be reassessed appropriately.」

「Thank you! Thank you!」

The villager fell to the floor again.

Cruz and I picked the guy back up again.

「Please be assured it will be done.」


「And if there is any problem, please come to the manor. And if the assistant does not help, please come to Mulg Village.」

「Mulg Village?」

「Yes, Alra…I mean, my right hand man here lives there.」

「Thank you again so very much!」

The villager thanked us over and over and then returned home.



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