Chapter 144


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Chapter 144 – Setting Magic Circles in Cruz’ Region

After drawing the defensive circle at Cruz’ palace, we went back to Mulg village.

I decided to leave the security at Lindobal to Vallimie, as she was pondering it over.

I could tell it was going to be one hell of a system.

That night.

When I went to my room, Cruz was sleeping.

She was still reading with those glasses on.

「Al, are you going to sleep?」

「I was going to…what are you reading today?」

「Books about ruling people and logic.」


Last time she was reading a biography. This stuff seems a lot more difficult.

I wonder if she understood it.

「You’re working hard.」

「Eheh heh.」

『Does she even understa…WUFF?!』

Femm was about to say too much, so I grabbed Femm first.

There was no reason to discourage Cruz.

Femm hind was lifted off the ground by me so that only its front feet were touching the floor.

「Good wolf, Femm…there there.」

「W, Wuff!」

「Good wolf…」


「Moo moo..」

I rubbed Femm’s belly, then Cruz came over and petted it too.

Then Moofy started licking Femm.

Femm was just standing there, confused.

Then I threw Femm on the bed.

「Good Femm.」

「Mff mff」

「Moo moo moo」

「ryaa ryaa」

So I started petting Femm again.

I did that so Femm would forget I basically grabbed the wolf to shut it up before it said something that would dishearten Cruz.

Moofy was also licking Femm’s hair.

Shiggy was stroking Femm with its small claw. Probably imitating me.


It was the first everyone was petting Femm like this, then we all fell asleep.

The next day, we got ready to deliver the other portals to the branch offices.

As I was getting ready, I asked Cruz,

「Is there an office room in the branch offices?」

「I wonder. There probably is.」

「I don’t think so, Al. Even if there is, it’s probably being used.」

Vi-Vi pointed out.

When the ruler made his rulings as a judge, he did so at the branch offices. I bet no one examined the building in detail though.

However, it was smaller than the manor, so there were probably no unused rooms.

「Well, maybe we need a small shack for the circle then.」


Vi-Vi laughed a bit.

It seems she thought something up herself.

「Why don’t we make a magic circle AND an invisibility effect?」

「So that the assessors wouldn’t know about them?」

「Yeah, like a little, invisible hut a while a way.」

After that Vi-Vi looked at Cruz.

The most important thing is that Cruz would agree.

「What do you think, Cruz?」

「Sounds interesting, but if they find it we have to destroy it, right?」

「We can just carve your name in it.」

「I see. Well, let’s do that then.」

After Cruz gave the okay, we prepared for covering up the huts.

We had to secretly and quickly build a hut and then hide it.

So that means I had to pack materials for the huts.

「Well, since we need wood for the winter, let’s use stones, okay?」


「I’ll pour some in my magic bag.」

You needed more materials than necessary when building these places.

So we put them in our magic bag. With Cruz and my bags combined, we had more than enough for four shacks.

When we were ready, we left.

Just like yesterday, I rode Femm, Vi-Vi rode Moofy, and Cruz ran along.

In an hour, we arrived at the branch office.

The nearest one, that was in charge of Mulg.

The assessor was gone so it was empty, we thought.

「They’ll find it if we get any closer.」

「Al, cast some concealing magic.」

「Got it.」

I cast concealment magic over them.

It’s mainly used when traveling through areas with enemies. It kind of dumbs down others ability to perceive you.

It’s not perfect, but it does hide you from those that aren’t skilled.

After that, we built the hut.

「Hurry up!」


We leveled a foundation and assembled the stones.

Then we made an open cube about twice as tall as a human.

Done in 10 minutes.

「Now I’ll leave it to you.」


Vi-Vi carved a defensive circle and an invisibility circle.

After that, we put down the shield with the transfer circle and activated it.

「Oh, now you have to write your name.」

「Go for it, Al.」

I carved the name of Cruz into the front of the hut.

I carved it with magic, taking care not to disrupt the circles.

「I think I’m done.」

「What did you write?」

「Well, it says.」

『This is the property of Marquis Cruz Conradine. DO NOT TOUCH.』

「Okay, well the new assessor won’t touch it then.」

「Okay, on to the next branch.」

And we were quickly on our way.

We went back to Mulg through the transfer circle and out to the manor.

The branch office are about two hours away from the manor.

It’s faster than heading there from Mulg.

「We can get to the branches from the manor in about an hour.」

「So we can hit three places in three hours.」

「Even with rests we can get this done in a day.」


So the rest of the transference magic went smoothly.

「Mooo moo」


Moofy looked happy to be running again.

Femm looked refreshed at running as well. It’s good for stress relief.

「Femm, have you been running or digging much lately?」


「Does it bug you not to be exercising?」

『I’m fine. I’m just doing what I have to.』

「Then good.」

Femm made the hot springs that Doby got in. Femm might also dig for stress relief.

Femm might just dig holes here and there.

Before sunset we had installed magic circles and huts at all four branches.

When we returned to Mulg, Vallimie was waiting.

「Oh, you’re done?」

「Yup, got it all installed safely.」

「Did you surround it with a magic circle?」

「Leave it to me, older sister. I did it right.」


Vallimie then patted Vi-Vi’s head.

「Vallimie, about your security…」

「Yeah, don’t worry. It’s not hard to surround it with a magic circle.」

「Really? Can it recognize an enemy?」

「That’s okay too. Vi-Vi?」

「What is it, sister?」

「Can we connect the air defense field that Vi-Vi made to the transfer circles as well?」

「No problem, there’s plenty of room to do that.」

So the sisters started talking about the complex matters involving defense.

II couldn’t follow some parts of it though.

「What did that mean?」

「Oh, well let me explain it.」

So Vallimie explained it.

Vallimie secured the doors shut against anyone that wasn’t an ally.

It used the enemy detection system that Vi-Vi made in her detection circles.

「Can you show me how to connect it?」

「You sure are interested. I don’t mind showing you.」

Vallimie made magical connections between the core detector, magical circles, and transfer magic.

There was a lot of techniques I didn’t know.

The magic system was developed by devil magic.

「You have to register yourself before I set the security.」

「Ah, then call the assistant.」

By the time Cruz brought her assistant back, Luka and the rest were also home.

We registered Rai and Doby as well.

After that, all allies had been registered with the security magic.

「Now, unregistered people and monsters can’t open the magic room’s door.」

「Thanks Vallimie and Vi-Vi.」

「Don’t worry about it.」

「Eheh heh」

They both blushed a bit.

The transfer circles are much less likely to be misused. I felt safer.

I was relieved…and then a shooting pain went through my knee.



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