Chapter 145


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Chapter 145 – Treating my Knee 2

I tried to endure it because I didn’t want the others to worry.

But I still fell over because of the pain.

「Ah, are you hurt?」

「Al, are you okay?」

Cruz and Luka look worried.

But I tried to smile.

「It’s okay. Just a little painful.」

「Show me.」

Yureena looked over my left knee calmly.

In the meantime, Sighisoara, Femm, and Moofy came close.

They all sniffed each other and then me.

「ryaa ryaa」「wuff」「Moo moo」


I petted Femm and Moofy’s head.

In the meantime, it seems that Yureena was done examining me.

「The stone is bigger. I have to operate.」


Surgery is the obvious answer but painful. I didn’t want to go through it.

However, it was going to hurt worse if I just left it.

I grabbed Cruz by the shoulder and walked back to my house.

Vallmie and Vi-Vi followed.

「Al, relax, my sister and I will make a pain-killer circle so it won’t hurt.」

「Yeah, leave it to us sisters.」


I felt better.

While Yureena was preparing the surgery, Vi-Vi prepared the magic circle.

On the other hand, Cruz rubbed my knee.

「It feels better when you touch it, Cruz.」


It’s strange how it makes me feel better.

In the meantime, Vi-Vi and Vallimie were done.

「I’m ready. Prepare yourself.」

「Do it quickly.」

「The magic circle is ready.」

Yureena started.

The pain was less than last time, but pain was still there.


「It looks painful.」


Although the pain was less, it was the same procedure as the previous surgery.

Cruz and Vi-Vi looked away when Yureena cut my knee open.

Shiggy covered her face with her wing but still peeked.

「Mmmfph! Mmmph!」


Moofy was chomping on Cruz’ finger, same as the last time.

I could see all of them watching me probably because the pain wasn’t as bad.

「There. Done!」

「Thank you. The anesthesia was much better.」

「Great to hear!」

Another great stellated dodecahedron fell out with a thud.

As usual, I could feel a great hostility emanating from it.

Then Cruz said, looking at it,

「The last one felt much worse than this one.」


「Yeah. Even though the size and shape are the same.」

Yureena said while thinking,

「Well, whatever that mystery stuff that comes out of the points is, hasn’t really come out that much yet.」


「We need to watch this one too.」

After the last treatment, the stone excreted a mysterious substance that took over your nervous system.

This time she removed it early, so it had yet to really excrete anything.

I thanked Yureena and Vi-Vi again and went to the kitchen.

「You okay, old man?」

「Yeah, I’m okay.」

I stroked Collette’s head and she gave me a worried look.

Luka looked at the stone carefully.

「How is your study of the other stone going?」

「No real progress. It’s embarrassing, actually.」

Yureena said, but the church’s research is quite good.

If they can’t understand it, no one else could.

Then I asked Cruz,

「What do you think, Cruz?」

「All I know is that this one doesn’t feel as bad.」

「Hm, well I have no idea how they’re different.」

「I don’t know either, ladies. If you shuffled the two, I couldn’t tell which one is which.」

Neither Luka or Yureena know, and I didn’t either.

It was amazing Cruz could feel something.

Collette was poking it with her finger.

「I think it’sth pretty!」

Shiggy, Femm, and Moofy also sniffed it.

「What do you think?」

『It smells.』


I guess animals don’t like it.

I don’t know why Moofy said that. As if she was going to eat it.

Shiggy smelled it once and flew to me.

She looked scared.

「So our research into it is stuck.」

「Yeah, this sucks.」

Then the door opened.

「Shiggy! I’m back!」


Timi had come back.

Earlier than planned.

Shiggy flew to Timi’s feet.

「You’re so cute, Shiggy!」

「ryaa ryaa」

Timi picked the little dragon up and smiled.

「You’re back quick, Timi.」

「Of course, Alfredora. I hurried to see Shiggy.」

Timi rubbed Shiggy.

At the same time, she started to yawn.

「Are you sleepy?」

「Yeah, I haven’t slept since I left.」

「Are you okay.」

「Yeah, I’m just …zzzzz」

She fell asleep in the middle of the conversation.

Luka walked up to Timi, worried.

「Is she okay sleeping in human form?」

「Her feet might fall asleep.」

「I wonder if her body will work when she wakes up.」

「And if she falls asleep and transforms back, this house will be gone!」


We looked at each other, worried. Should I take her outside?

The house is surrounded by defensive magic.

Even so, the house would explode if she went back to dragon form.

Cruz shook Timi’s shoulders to try to wake her up.

「Timi! Timi! Can you sleep like a human?」

「Ah! Yeah…sure I can.」

She then handed over Shiggy to me.

Then she walked out of the house.

Then Timi turned back into a dragon outside the house.

「Speaking of…it…you had two…on top of your desk.」




Timi was already asleep.

Shiggy gently stroked Timi.

「Wow, I’m curious now.」


I was very curious.

But Timi is too tired.

I didn’t feel like waking her up.



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