Chapter 146


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Chapter 146 – The Stone in my Knee’s Secret.

Sighisoara gently stroked Timi in her sleep.

I wonder if Shiggy knew how hard his aunt worked for her.

「You’re kind Shiggy.」


While Shiggy stroked Timi and looked at me, questioning. It was cute seeing such a small dragon trying to pet a huge dragon.

I was happy to be the one that raised this kind-hearted child.

Then Luka looked over the sleeping Timi, and said,

「You said you were curious about something?」

「Yeah, I’ll find out tomorrow.」


It seems that Timi might have been mentioning those stones that were removed from my knee.

The knowledge of ancient dragons is quite different from mankind’s.

And since they live so long, they have deep knowledge, one would expect.

I returned to my room while holding Shiggy.

Then I fell asleep.

The next morning, when I went to the cafeteria, Timi was there in human form.

Luka, Cruz, Yureena, Vi-Vi, and Vallimie were there too.

「Timi, are you okay?」

「Yeah, I slept like a rock.」


Shiggy flew over to Timi.

「Shiggy, my little cutie!」

「ryaa ryaa」

「Yeah! I’m okay!」

Timi was squeezing Shiggy’s cheeks. Shiggy was flapping away.

While watching this, I asked Timi,

「So sleeping’s important for dragons too.」

「If I get tired, I really need to sleep.」

「So you flew there and back without sleeping?」


「Sounds rough.」

Timi nodded.

Luka was listening and taking notes.

She probably wanted to get more recorded about these dragons.

Timi laid Shiggy on the table and started tickling her.

「I don’t need to sleep for a week or even a month, but I flew with all my strength.」

「I see. So your flight used magical power.」

「Yes, normal flight wouldn’t bother me, but high speeds can be very tiring.」

It seems she was rushing to see Shiggy again soon.

Then I asked Timi as she played with Shiggy,

「Hey, so you said something before you went to bed yesterday.」

「Yesterday? What did I say?」

「About these.」

I put the two star shaped stones on the desk.

They still looked really painful.

「Oh, THIS!」

「You said “You have those” or something before you went to sleep.」

「Yes. That’s the curse…of the reaper.」

The curse of the reaper…the first time I heard that.

Hearing that, Yureena looked confused.

「The reaper?」

「Yes, the god that controls death.」

I knew what that meant.

The reaper is feared and hated. It’s a god of evil.

Of course no one wants to die.

The creation of zombies is also part of the reaper’s system. It’s basically classified as the reaper’s magic.

Timi fidgeted with the stone as she said,

「This doesn’t feel like a strong curse though. Did a priest of the reaper put this on you?」

「No, the Demon Lord did.」

「Well, that’s a strange tale.」

Timi looked confused.

There was an immortal-killer arrow the Demon Lord shot at me when he died.

「What’s strange about it?」

「Isn’t the Demon Lord a follower of the Magic God though? The Death God and the Magic God are two different entities.」


「It’s strange for a disciple of God like Cruz to be able to affect the curse of the reaper.」

She might be right.

It’s like she can sanctify the Demon’s magic.

「I just got hit by the immortal-killer arrow that he shot.」

「Immortal killer. Sounds right. The name sounds like something from the reaper.」

「Sure does.」

Luka said while nodding.

One who keeps escaping the reaper is practically immortal.

The immortal killer was used to kill immortals so that the reaper could keep balance in the world.

「The Great Demon used the immortal-killer against Jilnidra; do you think he was a servant of the reaper?」

「I don’t think so.」

「Why not?」

「If he used a reaper’s arrow, my sister would have died immediately.」

「Is it that strong?」

「If he was a disciple of the reaper, it would be.」

If I thought how strong a disciple of God like Cruz was, it made sense.

Timi continued with a serious look,

「Well, zombification is also part of the reaper’s domain. It would be difficult for anyone to resist the zombification by a follower of the reaper as well.」

「I see.」

Shiggy was taken hostage from Jilnidora. Then she was made to stay in a magic circle and drink a potion.

That was all it took.

If the Great Demon was an apostle of the reaper, it would be impossible to resist zombification, no matter how big of a dragon she was.


Shiggy probably noticed her mother’s name. She looked around, confused.

I stroked her head.

Shiggy ran to me and jumped back in my pouch. She probably was a little lonely.

I then rubbed Shiggy inside the pouch.

「The Great Demon might have been an underling of the reaper, or something.」

「Then why did the Demon Lord use that immortal-killer?」

「No idea.」

「It’s a mystery.」

「I don’t know either!」Cruz said.

Everyone was completely confused.

Vi-Vi, who was listening quietly, said,

「Maybe he was one of the reaper’s army?」

「But he was a follower of demon magic, right? Is it possible for him to learn reaper magic?」

「Normally not, but I also don’t think it’s possible for a Demon Lord to be using an immortal-killer arrow.」Vallimie said.

「Yeah…I think so too…」

Timi said with a serious face.

「Maybe he lost his allegiance to the magic god, or the god removed his blessing?」

「Can a disciple lose a blessing like that?」

「Sometimes, if you go against the God’s will.」

Cruz heard this and laughed.

「I wonder if I’ll lose my blessing if I stop using my holy sword!」

「Why do you say that so happily?」

I had no idea what Cruz was talking about.

「I think you’ll be okay, Cruz.」

「Yeah, you’ll be fine.」

As Luka and Yurina said this, Cruz leaned forward and said.


「Because you do stuff that God would like!」


「You think?」

Cruz with no self-awareness…again.

She helped the weak, was merciful, and never held back. Regardless of the species, if it was zombified, she killed it.

Just as an apostle of God would.

Yureena hugged Cruz.

「You’ll be fine, Cruz.」

「Heh heh」

「Mmmph mpph」

Moofy was chewing on her hand again.

Moofy was consecrated by Cruz and became a holy beast, after all.

In a sense, Moofy too was like an apostle of God.

Luka, who was listening, said,

「So how can we cure Alra’s knee?」

「An apostle of the reaper might be able to fix it.」

「I see.」

Where the hell do you find a person like that though?

And since it’s an apostle of the reaper, it must be a very strong person.

They probably wouldn’t cooperate.

「I guess we have to catch a follower of the reaper then!」

It’s not going to be that easy.

Timi then said, thinking,

「Yeah, it sounds tough, but I think I know a place to find one.」

「What?! You do?!」

「I think…」

Seems that Timi knew something at least.

And that’s a huge step to fixing this damn knee.



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