Chapter 147


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Chapter 147 – The Disciple of God and King

A follower of the reaper could probably release the curse on my knee.

And Timi seems to know where to find one of those followers.

Yureena says, uneasily,

「But the reaper is an evil god. I don’t think any follower’s going to cooperate with us.」

「We certainly can’t just go and ask.」

Luka agreed with Yureena.

「Maybe if we ask him, he’ll understand!」

Cruz was positive as usual.

She’s way too optimistic. There’s no way someone like that’s going to help me.

We probably won’t be able to avoid fighting, and if we do fight, it will be as hard as fighting the Demon Lord.

Timi then said with a serious face,

「Even though it’s an evil god…in a way, that’s just what people call it.」

「But it’s a god that controls death, and makes zombies.」

「Gods literally operate on a different dimension than humans. Don’t you think humans might mistake the wrong for the right?」

Timi is an ancient dragon and the closest of all of us to a god.

Timi’s got a persuasive argument.

Even so, you’re talking about a black magician that could summon zombies as an apostle of the reaper.

It was good to be wary.

Timi gently rubbed Shiggy while saying this, and,

「ryaammm ryammm!」

Shiggy was lightly biting at Timi’s fingers.

It’s strange to think that Shiggy was as close to god as Timi was.

「All living things die. There’s no good or bad in it. Right?」

「True, but…」

Luka was uncomfortable at Timi’s words.

However, living things dying is natural and there really isn’t evil in it.

That was true.

「It’s exactly as Timi says.」

「Just as I expected for you Alra…you understand quickly.」

「Well, even so, since he has zombification, that’s what makes the reaper evil.」Luka said.

「Zombies are supposed to teach us the horror of immortality. It’s a lesson from god.」

「What does that mean?」

The reaper does not allow immortality. So he punishes those that try to transcend it.

And that is through zombification.

「But you don’t become a zombie because of your own feelings right? It’s because someone forces it on you…」

「There are many that exploit the god’s magic. The god of magic’s skill is used for slaughter, for agriculture, used for anything.」

「Yeah, but…」

「If you can think of how to use it for evil, you can use it that way, right?」

「I think you’ve made a huge misunderstanding. Basically, these Gods don’t care what goes on among those in this world. If the number of immortals began multiplying, maybe…」

That may be true. Even though we killed the Demon Lord, his god of magic didn’t face us.

On the contrary, I used magic against him and nothing stopped me.

And I had no interest in becoming the magic god’s disciple as well.

At least that’s how I remember it.

It might be that the Demon Lord lost his god’s blessing.

And the reason might be that he started worshiping the reaper.

「Mpph mphhh」

As I was thinking seriously, Moofy began munching on my fingers.

I rubbed her head as I thought it over.

Moofy wasn’t a zombie, but it was a skeleton once.

Did the reaper allow that to happen?

Or maybe since she was a sacred animal, it had something to do with god?

While I was thinking it over, Luka asked Timi,

「So how do we know where the Death Lord is?」

「There’s a magical tool back at the dragon throne that will find him. I think that Alfredora can use it freely since he has the dragon seal that will open the treasury.」

「That’s convenient.」

「It was used once to search for the Dragon Lord. It can find other gods as well.」

「Dragon Lord?」

「Yes, divinely protected by the Dragon God, and it’s closest follower.」

「Higher than a duchess?」

「Yeah, and stronger too. If the Dragon Lord comes to the throne, any royalty would quickly come and swear loyalty to him. Then, he makes whatever proclamation he wants to the ancient dragons.」

「Quite a lot of power.」

「Of course, because he’s the one with power over all ancient dragons…lately, his position has been empty though, about a thousand years.」

New information about the beast kingdoms.

Luka’s eyes glimmered as she jotted the information down.

It’s amazing that the ancient dragons see a thousand years as “lately.”

And that the king of them was chosen by a god.

「A king chosen by god is really something.」

「I thought it was normal. The Divine Right of Kings, right?」

「You mean that god assigns those who become king?」

「Yes, I thought that was normal among you humans as well, isn’t it?」

Upon hearing Timi’s words, Luka nodded.

Luka also knew about the ancient lore.

「It’s true that from the ancient times people believed that god chose the king.」

「Yes, a sacred god choosing a sacred king, a magic god choosing a magic king, a death god choosing a death king, a dragon god choosing a dragon king, and so on.」

「So, is Cruz a sacred king?」

「There’s no way this human world would allow her to be called a king. That’s probably why they refer to her as a hero.」

「Eheh heh heh.」

Cruz blushed.

Then I asked Vi-Vi and Vallimie,

「How is a Demon Lord chosen?」

「Pretty much whoever’s the strongest.」

Vallimie answered.

「Does it have to be a follower of the magic god?」

「Yeah. And there are a lot that just call themselves one. There are a lot of guys calling themselves demon or magic lords. But if the magic god chooses one, that guy becomes the one.」

「But he has to being a follower?」

「Well, not so much that as the fact he has to be very strong in the type of magic of the god. Like, if you go against him, he crushes you with it.」

So it seems that being strong is the most important.

Femm huffed in a snort,

『The same with magic wolves. The strongest is king.』

I guess understanding that was easy enough.

「Do you think a follower of the magic god that’s lost his support from the god could change to the death god to keep his position?」

「Can’t say it’s impossible.」

Then Timi spoke with a quiet tone,

「It could happen.」

「You think it could, Timi?」

「Yes, because if he got weakened then those below him would overthrow him. And once overthrown, he’d be dead. He must have needed a plan.」

「Even if he didn’t stop being a follower of the magic god, he had to have a reason, right?」

「I don’t know. It’s impossible to know what a god’s will or thoughts are.」

「I guess you’re right.」

「Can an ant know what a human thinks? It’s the same as a god’s will.」

As I thought it might seem plausible, the story was still a crazy one.

Strange, unknown forces in the background of this world changing things.

「No one can know the thoughts of god. It would be a surprise if Cruz suddenly stopped being blessed by god, though!」


Cruz said. I bet she was under a lot of pressure being a hero though.

I should probably talk to her about it, though.

Luka then said to Cruz,

「It’s really strange that you’re the chosen one of god.」

「Well, having the one who killed off the Demon Lord simply be called a hero is stranger.」Timi said.

But it was easy to see why a god’s king could defeat a Demon Lord.

Just then, Cruz snapped her fingers as she remembered something,

「Ah! We heard a rumor that the Demon Lord is returning!」

「Yeah, you’re right.」

We did talk it over that he might have come back when my knee really started to hurt.

「If we can find where the followers are, then we can know if the Demon Lord will come back, right?」

「Of course.」

「That tool of the dragons sounds awesome.」

「Of course it is!」

Timi said, proudly.

「Ok, let’s go to the pole so Shiggy can ascend the throne.」

「ryaa ryaa!」

We stepped in the transportation circle, and transported to the pole.



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