Chapter 148


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Chapter 148 – The Throne of Dragons

We were headed to the pole through the transport circle.

Luka and Yureena had rested from work and came too.

「The palace of the ancient dragons! I can’t wait!」

「Y…yeah. Me either.」

Luka seemed really excited to make the journey.

Cruz was a bit withdrawn as she seemed a bit nervous.

Vi-Vi and Vallimie also decided to come along.

「We have to make some kind of security for this transfer circle as well.」

「Sis! I’ll help you as well.」

Vallimie and Vi-Vi were really interested in the place as well.

「Mooo mooo!」

「Wuff! Wuff!」

「ryaa ryaa」

The beasts were ready to go as well.

The polar north. A hard place for even a group of humans to reach.

It was a place that no human could live.

Since everyone was so anxious, Collette felt the same.

「I want to go too!」

「Collette, don’t be hard-headed!」

Millet stopped her, because she had common sense.

There was no way for a 5 year old to go to somewhere dangerous like the pole.

「But you made usth all lunch!」

「W…well… Here’s everyone’s lunch.」

「I know you made one for yoursthelf because you wanted to go with them!」

「I…I was going to eat it…myself.」

I guess Millet was intent on going as well.

There was no doubt about it.

「I wanna go wanna go wanna go!」

「Don’t be stubborn!」

「ryaa ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy started imitating Collette’s temper tantrum.

Flapping her wings while rolling around on the desk. Cute in a way.

「If you say so, Shiggy. Do you want to go, Collette?」

Say so?

What did Shiggy say? Now I’m really curious.

「Can I go too, Timi?」

「Both of you can. Is that okay, Millet?」

「We won’t be a bother?」

「You don’t need to worry about that.」

「If so, then please.」


「ryaa ryaa」

Collette and Shiggy both looked very happy.

After that, we headed to the transfer circle.

「Let’s go.」


All of us transported to the pole.

Cruz then shouted,

「It’s too cold! Way too cold!」

「It’s way too cold here.」

It’s been a while since anyone was here, so it’s become very cold.

Timi said, with a sad expression.

「The pole is the coldest place because the sun is so low.」

Luka explained. She was a science lover.

Cruz looked confused.

「The sun is low?」

「The sun doesn’t rise high in the sky. Because of that, the amount of heat from sunlight is low.」

Luka drew it out on her memo and explained.

It was easy to understand if you looked at it.

「Also it’s day for many days in a row, and the same with night.」


Luka chatted on about it, but her lips were turning blue from the cold and she was shivering.

Well, everyone was.

『It’s cold.』

Femm even said so.

「Moo moo」

「ryaa ryaa」

On the other hand, Moofy and Shiggy didn’t really mind.

「Maybe I should do something to protect from the cold…」

「Wait a second.」

I was about to use magic, but Yureena stopped me.

「Your knee might start hurting again.」

「No, it’s fine. It won’t use that much magic.」

「Not that again. You said that last time and the stone still grew inside you!」

「Well, you’re right, but…」

Yureena was right, after all.

I guess I should stop from using too much magic.

「Let’s go back and get some clothes that will help us.」



Luka suggested so and Millet and Collette agreed.

We left Timi there and returned to the town to prepare.

「I never knew it would be that cold.」

「Of course it’s cold, Yureena! I thought you weren’t dressed for it.」

Even though Luka said so, she wasn’t dressed the part either.

We hurried and put on some more clothing to keep the cold away.

「Perfect weather for you though, Femm.」


「What did you think, Moofy?」

「Moo moo」

「Perfect for you though, right Shiggy?」


Cruz took out some fabric for the beasts to wear.

And the fact it perfectly fit these four-legged creatures was strange.

Femm and Moofy’s coverings were those made for horses.

They both were smaller than horses though, so it was a bit hard to put on.

Shiggy’s outfit was something that could go on a stuffed animal. Cute.

「They all will work fine, but the outfit Shiggy has fits perfectly!」

「Eheh heh. Guess I was prepared this time.」

Why the heck did she have these things prepared? No idea what Cruz is thinking.

So with these clothes on, we went back.


「It’s so hot!」

Cruz and Yureena shoouted.

It was super hot.

「Moo moo!」



Moofy and Femm looked like they were in pain.

On the other hand, Shiggy was happy. She flapped around as if nothing was wrong.

Timi then approached us.

「You all looked cold, so I turned on the heater.」

She said, proudly.

「Ah, thanks. But, I thought you said this place won’t work unless Shiggy ascends the throne.」

「Of course Shiggy has to be here for the place to work, but I can turn on a heater at least.」

「I see…」

With that said, we all took our winter clothes off.

「Femm, Moofy, and Shiggy, you want these off?」

『Take it off.』



Seems like the two wanted them off…but not Shiggy.

I quickly took the wear off the two beasts.

「You really don’t want me to take this off?」


Seems like Shiggy liked what she wore.

Seeing this, Timi said,

「You look cute in anything, Shiggy.」


「Aren’t you hot, though?」

「Sighisoara is tough against anything!」

Timi said proudly.

But it would be better to be cool then tough.

「Let’s take this off, Shiggy.」


Shiggy was obedient as I took the clothes off her.

With the clothes off, it was a little hot, but not too hot to bear.

With that being said, Timi adjusted the heater.

We all were finally okay, so we looked around the room with the transporter.

「It’s so huge!」

「And the ceiling is so high!」

「There’s not a building this big made by humans.」

Cruz said with an impressed tone.

I guess it was a place that ancient dragons could live in though.

It was a room big enough to fit the village in.

「If one room is this big, then the palace must be huge.」

「What a place!」


Millet and Collette were impressed too.

The walls and ceilings were made with some unknown materials.

Then, after looking around, Vi-Vi said,

「Impossible to draw a defensive circle…」

「It’s too big. To defend this room the circle would need to be huge! Impossible.」

Vi-Vi and Vallimie both said, giving up.

「Don’t worry about defense. Once Shiggy ascends the throne, this palace has its own magical defense system.」

「I see. We just need to protect the circle in Mulg, then.」

「Please do, Vi-Vi and Vallimie.」

Timi said, and they both nodded.

Then Timi grabbed and hugged Shiggy.

「Okay. Time to take you to the room with your throne.」

She showed us around, and entered the room where the ceremony would be held.



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