Chapter 149


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Chapter 149 – Shiggy’s Ascension

We left the transport room and walked into the hall.

It was a hall, but also a place that an ancient dragon could pass easily. Very wide.

Luka again looked around with sparkling eyes.

「The ceiling is so high and the walls are so big! I wonder what this place is made of.」

「A strange material. Almost like a metallic pottery.」

I touched and examined the wall. The first time I had seen something like this.

Vi-Vi touched it too.

「There’s magical power in these walls.」

「It looks very strong.」

Timi was walking ahead of us and looked back after hearing our conversation.

「It’s true. They’re very strong. They have to withstand our very long lives.」

「I see.」

It’s true that getting hit by a dragon tail every once in a while would break a normal building.

Dragon life would take a toll on a normal building.

「Mooo mooo」

『M…Moofy, stop it!』

Just then, we heard Moofy sigh with relief and Femm quickly yell at Moofy to stop.

「What is it?」

「Moofy! Stop!」


Vi-Vi ran over as quickly as she could.

Moofy had her legs spread. She was about to pee on the floor.

The walls were so wide and the ceiling so high, Moofy might not have thought she was indoors.

「Moofy, you don’t have to mark your territory everywhere!」

「Moo mooo」

「The toilet’s over here.」


Timi dragged Moofy over to the toilet.

「That Moofy is dangerous sometimes.」

「Yeah, she tries too hard to mark territory now. And there’s no way she should do it in the palace of ancient dragons.」

『No, I think she just had to go.』

Cruz then said, while watching Moofy and Timi walk off into the distance.

「You think the toilet’s ancient dragon sized?」

「It’s possible.」

Moofy’s original form wasn’t as big as an ancient dragon’s, but it was still big.

That’s why Moofy was probably able to use their toilet.

However, there’s no way any of us probably could.

While I was thinking about that, Moofy and Timi returned.

「Moo moo」

「If you need to use the bathroom, please feel free to tell me.」

Timi then scratched Moofy’s head.

Not something that she usually did with the other beasts. So it was special for Moofy.

Luka then asked excitedly,

「What does an ancient dragon toilet look like?」

「Hm? You want to see?」

「Yes! I sure do!」

「Well, I’ll show you then.」

Luka researched monsters and beasts. Her curiosity was getting the better of her.

Timi then took Luka to the bathroom.

Luka was looking around anxiously at everything around her.

We might need to go sometime too. I guess it’s important to see what the facilities look like.

「I should take a look too.」

「Yup, me too.」

So we all followed after them.

Seeing this, Timi looked a bit confused.

「You guys must really like toilets.」

「Well, it’s not that we like them.」

「It must be huge! I wanted to just make sure we could use them.」

「I see. I don’t think you need to be worried.」

After walking a bit, we arrived.

It was a huge room. And it took a lot longer to get to.

If you really had to go, you had to get going right away. If you didn’t, you’d probably have an accident on the way.



「ryaa ryaa」

Cruz was super impressed. Shiggy was too.

It was huge.

「After you’re done, just push that level and the water will flow.」

「A toilet of an ancient dragon’s palace! With flowing water!」

Luka was impressed. She pushed the lever down with all she had.

It was weird to see a toilet that had flowing water. The only one’s I saw were those in palaces…and the one in my house.

「It’s not that rare. There’s one in Al’s house.」

「Well, his house is different.」

「I see. Well, the toilet for smaller people is over here.」

Timi pointed to a small building next to the toilet.

It was a bit strange to see a building inside a building.

There was a normal toilet located inside.

「For humans?」

「No, for when we’re shaped like humans.」

「I see.」

Then Luka asked Timi,

「Do you walk around here in human shape?」

「When we’re big we have to eat a lot, so this shape is better sometimes.」

「I see.」

It was a very practical reason.

If they stayed as hungry dragon forms for a long time, the living creatures around them would be completely destroyed.

But I was still a bit doubtful.

「But if you eat as a small human, and then return to larger dragon form, don’t you get hungry?」

「Yeah, I wanted to know too!」

「We’re fine. The change is magical, so it’s not just a physical change of mass.」


Luka scribbled down notes like crazy.

「Are you done? We have to get to the reason we’re here in the first place.」

「Oh yeah, Shiggy has to ascend the throne.」


We proceeded to the room that Timi had said Shiggy would ascend the throne.

The room had a throne that was a far ways deep into the room.

As we were walking towards it, Luka whispered,

「I know it’s obvious, but it’s a huge throne.」

「The materials too, orichalcum?」

「The base is orichalcum, but the throne is a mixture of alloys and magical stones. It was made so that nothing else was like it.」

Expensive as hell.

And deep in the throne room, we arrived a the room where Shiggy would ascend the throne.

It was smaller than the other rooms of the palace. But it was still huge.

In the middle of the room was something like a large pearl.

「Is that a magical crystal?」

「No, maybe something different.」

「It is a special crystal kept here from ancient times.」

That sounded quite impressive.

It seems that Timi didn’t know the details about it either.

Then Luka asked as she stared at it,

「This stone was refined to the highest purity.」


「Yes, why…no one knows how it was made, or what use it has. We don’t know even what power it has.」

「So you know nothing about it?」

「But, we do know know that it’s something really awesome!」

Luka was very excited.

Timi called Shiggy past all of us to the stone.

「Put your right hand here, Shiggy.」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy happily put her claw out to touch the stone.

「There’ll be a small shock, but keep your claw on.」


Shiggy pulled away momentarily.

When someone tells you it will hurt, you’re going to pull back. But even so, Shiggy was a baby.

「Don’t be afraid, Shiggy.」

「Hang in there, Shiggy!」


Shiggy was reluctant, but put her claw on the stone.

Quite a brave baby.

「Sighisoara, the magic will penetrate you. If it does not, then we must cut your palm and place the blood of the wound on…」


Shiggy firmly had her claw on the stone. She didn’t want to cut her claw. The pearl-like stone began to shine.


Shiggy cried out a bit.

Even so, she didn’t remove her palm from the stone.

The stone began to glow brighter with light.

Light began to fill the room.

「It’s over. This palace had now been activated by your presence.」


「Shiggy! Great job.」


Shiggy was at a loss for words.

It looked a bit sulkish as it gazed at us.



It was probably angry that it had been hurt.

I know how she feels.

I looked at her right claw. There was a bit of blood.

「It hurt, right? You did really well.」


「Great job, Sighisoara!」

Timi held and tried to squeeze Shiggy, but Shiggy batted her arm away.

Then Shiggy flew over and grabbed onto me and slipped into the pouch on my chest.

「S…Shiggy, what is it?」


「I think she’s a little angry, but she’ll be okay.」

「I guess that’s okay, but…」

Timi looked worried, but Shiggy would be back to normal soon.

Luka looked around the room and said,

「That ascension seemed pretty easy.」

「Yes, it’s the actual enthronement that needs a huge ceremony.」

「So the ascension is just like a registration?」

「Kind of like that.」

On the other hand, Collette reached up to pet Shiggy.

「You did great, Shiggy.」


Millet also petted Shiggy through my clothes.

「Good job, Shiggy. Do you want lunch?」


Shiggy poked her head out of the pouch. She must have been hungry.

And she seemed happier. It’s a great trait of hers that she doesn’t remain angry for long.

I bet she has all the qualities necessary to be a ruler.

She meekly allowed Timi to pet her again.

「Moo moo!」


The other beasts who smelled the food approached.

Femm and Moofy lined up next to Cruz.

「Okay, so lunch then?」


「The kitchen is over here!」

Everyone followed Timi with a happy gait.



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