Chapter 15


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Chapter 15 – The Mulg Village Hot Springs

Mulg Village…has a hot springs.

The one that most of the villagers use daily is a large hot springs in the middle of the village.

As I was on my way to it, the village chief called me over.

「Al…you can of course use this central springs, but there’s a far better one over here.」


The village led me away from the village.

「There are several springs near the village. There are those, also, that aren’t usually used by the villagers.」

「Why is that?」

「…well, the upkeep is a bother.」

「I see.」

「The previous chief got interested in making hot springs and made several. Except for the time when they’re cleaned twice a year, they’re pretty much all closed.」


The chief stopped and smiled at me.

「So… since we actually have too many hot springs. The villagers can actually reserve them for a small fee if they promise to take care of them.」


「And so, this here is my home’s private hot springs.」

There was a small, beautiful cabin, well-built and cared for, by the looks of it.

「Al, feel free to use it whenever you’d like.」

「May I?」

「Certainly. It was nice to reserve this, but I tend to always end up going to the central one. Since I’m the chief, it’s always good to be seen mingling with the other villagers.」

Being a chief seems like a difficult job. He probably has to bathe with a lot of people that tell him everything they want and has to stop fights from breaking out among the villagers.

「If you take a liking to it, you can pretty much reserve it for yourself. And, it’s no problem if Femm joins you.」

Then the chief left.

Because of the chief’s final words, Femm’s eyes started sparkling brightly in anticipation.

「Well, I’m going to get in. You wait here Femm.」


It was begging like a dog without using spirit speech, AGAIN.

「Okay, you can get in. But don’t go nuts and mess the springs up!」

『Of course not!』


Femm used the spirit speech so suddenly it jolted me. I looked at him and eyeing him up and down.

Femm and I were going in the hot springs.

Though it was one reason I came to Mulg, I hadn’t really used the hot springs. I just took a damp cloth and washed myself until now.

It’s just something that becomes a habit when you’re an adventurer for a long time.

「You get in the bath AFTER you wash off, okay?」

『! I, I know already!』

Femm was about to dive right in when my yelling stopped it.

I washed off my body, and then Femm’s. I thought Femm would run all over the place, but Femm just sat quietly.

After we were done, we got in the awaiting bath.



The hot water felt great. Femm looked pleased as well.

「Wait, don’t dogs hate baths?」

『I’m not a dog.』

「Then…don’t wolves hate baths?」

『I’m not a normal wolf.』

「I see.」




「It seems that the heat’s seeping into my knee.」

『No idea what that means.』

It felt good, even though it was summer. Winter must be even better.

I heard that Mulg Village gets quite cold, too. I wonder if there’s a hot springs near my bungalow.

After soaking a while, I started to get overheated.

「Okay, time to go.」

『A little more.』

Just then, I heard voices from the changing room.

「But a devil like me doesn’t need a bath!」

「Don’t say that! You’ll get dirty.」

「Hmph! I’m different than you low-lifes!」

「Wow, Sthub-Boss…」

「A devil has metabolism too…so if you don’t get in the bath you’ll smell like sweat and get grimy too, right?」

「I don’t smell!」

They were all making a lot of noise, two young girls and a magical one.

There must be some mistake.

『Why are you hiding?』


I motioned over with my head and Femm and I hid.

「Wow, Vi-Vi, you have such beautiful hair, you have to wash it, you know?」

「It’s beautiful even if I don’t wash it!」

「I can washth my own hair!」

I could hear the girls happily chatting among themselves.

「You! …for an elf, those sure are big!」

「What do you mean? Vi-Vi?」

「Shut up! I mean THOSE!」


「Sthub-Boss, don’t grab my sthisther’s boobies!」

What the hell are they doing? I had no idea.

I could only hear them. I wasn’t looking…I am a gentleman.

『Your face is red.』


Then…I guess I zoned out…it was probably the hot water.

I was thinking of cooling my head off with some ice magic when all the sudden,

「Old man! Femm too!」

Collette had found me.

「Kyaaa! Mr. Al?!」

「He came to assault our bodies, that pervert wizard!」

Vi-Vi appeared with a bath bucket, which she flung and hit me, straight in the head.

I have no memory of what happened after that.

Again, it was probably the hot water.

However, when Millet ran up to me, I remember seeing her two huge…soft…things and how her arm was pressing them against her body.

When I finally awoke, my head was on Millet’s knees in the changing room.

For some reason, all my clothes were already on.

「Ah, he’s awake!」

「What a disgrace! The lowest of the low-lifes.」

Millet still seemed happy. Vi-Vi, on the other hand, wasn’t.

Still both of them were flapping fans over my face.

「Sorry…thanks. Didn’t mean to cause trouble.」

「Old man, did you get too hot?」

Femm came from behind Collette and looked at me.

「Yeah, I think I did.」

It really sucks to be an S Rank adventurer… who happens to be defeated by a hot springs.

「Since this hot springs has the power of magic stones in a magic mine nearby, it might be that you simply got tipsy from all the magical power.」


I guess I didn’t get overheated, but overmagicked. It made a bit more sense.

Even so, getting this tipsy on magic doesn’t seem likely.

When I got up, Millet offered me some water.

「Old man!」

「What is it?」

「Millet put your underwear on you!」

After saying it, Collette bashfully laughed.

「…you owe her a big one.」


Femm’s face looked exasperated.

I left the hot springs, and the sun began to set. A wind, cooler than the afternoon’s, began to blow.

I closed my eyes while feeling the cool air and Femm licked the palm of my hand.



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