Chapter 151


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Chapter 151 – The Dragon’s Treasury

After that, all the ancient dragons returned home.

I thought there would be a banquet, but it seemed that there was none.

I was very nervous. All those dragons together were quite scary.

I could beat one of them, maybe even two.

But there was no way I could go against 20 of them at once.

I was surprised that Femm didn’t wet himself.

「You’re doing great, Femm.」




Femm was frozen up. But Femm tried to act like it was tough all the same.

It was better when Femm was relaxed so I petted it to make it relax.

「Moo moo!」


Moofy and Shiggy both drew closer to Femm.

Moofy licked Femm. Shiggy hovered in the air, and tried to pet Femm.

Anyway, Moofy didn’t seem scared about anything.


After a while petting Femm, it seemed to come back.

It relaxed a bit and then I turned to Timi and said,

「A duchess has 20 servants? I thought there weren’t many ancient dragons.」

「There’s enough to take care of all of the royals. There’s even more that are ordinary citizens.」


「They live in places unseen by men. It’s not our fault you can’t see us.」

Then Luka, very interested in the conversation, said,

「What kind of places are those that men can’t see?」

「Well, places like the deep ocean that would crush humans. And places where the air is so light that humans can’t breathe.」

「Any others?」

「This pole. And the moon in the sky.」

「What, the moon?」

「Yes. Pretty much in any place where humans can’t exist.」

It’s pretty rare to find a place where humans don’t exist.

「Also, Timi, it seems that the ancient dragons also understand what Shiggy is saying.」

「They do.」

「What does that mean in dragon language?」

「She’s still a baby so she doesn’t understand human language. But she knows what the conversation feels like, which is enough.」


Just then, Shiggy flapped her wings.

「ryaa ryaa」

「What did she say?」

「Rub my head.」

It was a very simple meaning.

So I went over and rubbed Shiggy’s head.

「I want to learn the words of dragon speech, but…」

「Even if you did, it’s impossible for a human.」

Timi said flatly.

I was hoping to do my best in learning it, so I was a bit shocked.

「Why is it impossible?」

「The audible range of humans and ancient dragons are different. There are sounds that the dragons speak that humans can’t hear.」

「Is that so?」

「There are also sounds that humans can’t speak.」

I guess it was impossible. I was disappointed.

Cruz then said with a smile,

「We were on our way to see that magic-god sensing thing, right?!」

「Let’s make our way to the treasury.」

Luka breathed out heavily. She sounded really interesting in seeing the place.

「Yeah, let’s go to the treasury.」


「Come on! Come on!」

Luka and Cruz were jumping around.

Timi led us to the treasury.

「ryaa ryaa」

「Moo mooo」

「Let’s go Moofy!」

Shiggy jumped in my pouch and cried out happily.

Collette happily rode Moofy. Moofy was happy to have a person on her again.

We walked a while and then arrived at the treasury.

The treasury portal was much more elaborate than the other doors. You could tell there were layers of magic defense all over the door.

「Looks tough.」

「Just how you’d think an ancient treasury would look.」

Cruz and Yureena were obviously impressed.

Cruz touched the door and turned to us and said,

「Al…you could break this right?」

「It would be really hard.」

「Sure you could.」

Who the heck did Cruz think I was?

It was impossible for me. There’s such a thing as too hard.

「No, no…it’s really hard. The door looks really strong and there are layers of magic defense all over it.」

「Is that so? If you can’t break it, it must be really tough.」

Then Timi said to Cruz,

「Let’s not talk about dangerous things like that.」

「Heh heh, sorry.」

Then, with a touch of the finger, Timi touched a place on the door.

「Alra, touch your seal to here. While your fingers are on it.」


「ryaa ryaa」

I rubbed the happy Shiggy’s head while touching the seal to the door.

Without a sound, the door slowly opened.


「So beautiful!」

「This is unbelievable!」

「What the…」

Collette and Millet were surprised by the gold and silver.

Yureena and Luka were surprised at all the magic devices.

In the very middle of the room, there was a huge mountain of them.

「This is way bigger than the treasure of the Demon Lord.」

「Even all the royalty in the world doesn’t have this much!」

Vi-Vi and Vallimie were impressed as well.

「What do you think, Alra?」

「Well, I guess…it’s kind of scary.」


「If you used these for magic tools for evil or in the wrong way.」

Timi nodded, satisfied.

「Just what I’d expect from you Alra. No real emotion, but a cool and calculated analysis of the place. I see why my sister trusted you.」




Shiggy jumped from my pouch and flew around.

「Shiggy, don’t mess with anything.」

「ryaa? Ryaa…」

Shiggy looked disappointed but flew back to me.

She probably wanted to mess with the magic tools.

All of the treasures here were Shiggy’s, but there were probably dangerous ones.

When Shiggy grows up, she could then find out which ones to use, but not now.

On the other hand, Cruz gleefully reached out to grab the magical devices.

「Cruz! Don’t touch that!」

「Ah! Oh…okay…」

She was definitely going to touch them. You couldn’t let your guard down with her.

Luka wouldn’t touch them, but you could tell she was definitely interested.

「Timi! Timi! What does that one do?」

「This one…well, first, let’s find the one you’re looking for.」


Timi started rummaging around for the right tool after explaining to Luka.

「I know it’s around here.」

After looking around a bit, Timi came back.

「I found it, Alra.」

It was a rectangular map twice as long as it was wide.

And it was big. The height alone was as tall as a grown man.

「This is a map of the world?」

「Yup. And this map contains all the islands on it in picture form.」

「Wow, that’s something!」

There was no map like this in human society.

It looked like an ancient dragon had flown very high and drew the picture from above.

Luka, and then all the others gathered around the map.

「This is small for an ancient dragon to use, though.」

「We have a bigger one though. This is the smaller version.」

「I see.」

「I thought it would be easier for you humans to use this one.」

Timi began explaining the use of the map.

「The size of this map is pretty much correct, but distances between places aren’t so be careful.」

「I see…so how do we use it?」

「Well, if you let magic flow through it, you can see where the followers of the different god’s locations light up.」


Then, Timi let her magic flow into the map and three places lit up.

「Wow, three places lit up!」


Cruz sounded really happy to hear that, but Timi then looked puzzled at the map.

「What is it?」

「Hm, by color, you should be able to tell the god’s follower…but…」


「First, the black one is the follower of the reaper, and the death lord is…」

Luka then whispered,

「Isn’t this location…in our kingdom? Close to Mulg?」

「It is…this is different than the map I usually use, but it’s definitely around there.」

「It’s just as Luka and Alra said. It’s not that far from Mulg.」


It was actually quite close. A good mistake for me.

I didn’t want to make a long trip in order to meet whoever it is.

It made me happy the guy would be close.

「Timi, Timi, what’s this light yellow one?」

「The light of the Destruction Lord. He’s not moving much, but something may happen soon.」

「Destruction Lord?」

「The follower of the god of chaos and destruction.」

This god was quite well known. In order to encourage development, he used his powers to destroy already existing civilizations.

Also known as the god of chaos.

「It’s light because it’s not doing much…then what’s this bright purple one, Cruz?」
There was a bright purple light near the pole. This had to be where Cruz is.

Just like Cruz. Brighter than the reaper’s follower too.

But, Cruz then said in a low voice.

「…the holy light is blue, though.」

「So, why is it purple? Maybe the dragon king?」

「The dragon king’s not purple. It’s gold.」

「So then who is the follower that’s colored purple?」

「…the holy follower is blue. And the lord of magic, formerly the Demon Lord…is red.」

Timi said, looking me in the eyes.



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