Chapter 155


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Chapter 155 – A Change in Moofy

Even though Moofy was shaking, I wasn’t too scared.

It looked like the same thing when Femm became a heavenly wolf.

「Hey! Are you okay?! Moofy! Moofy!!」

But Cruz was scared.

I took my hand out of Moofy’s mouth, and checked her pulse and breathing.

Nothing strange.

「There’s nothing really wrong with her.」

「No, it strange with her shaking like that.」

Cruz made some sense.



Femm and Shiggy both woke up.

They both went over to Moofy and sniffed at her.

「Some change happened to her, just like when Femm changed before.」

「Ah…I see.」

「Can you sense anything, Cruz?」

Cruz had very strong senses as the follower of God.

It seems I’m a Magic Lord myself, but I don’t have a good senses.

I’m guessing that being the follower of God gives you those special senses.

She checked over Moofy just in case.

I petted Moofy as well.

While that was happening, Moofy’s shaking stopped.

「Mfff mfff」

Moffy started to sleep again. Sleeping after that? I though.

Femm also fell back asleep. I was relieved.

「Moofy. Mooooofy.」


Moofy’s eyes opened, but they jumped back and forth.

She looked around the room and then looked confused.


「Moofy, you were shaking. Are you okay?」


Moofy didn’t seem to remember.

Cruz crossed her arms after looking Moofy over.

「…magic cow?」


「Cruz, what do you mean?」

Magic cow. A magical cow beast was called one.

Just like you call a magical boar a magical beast.

Cruz was thinking that the cow became a magical beast.

「Um, well Moofy used to be a holy beast.」

「Yeah. You changed it over from being a skeleton.」

「Yup. But now I feel magical power from Moofy.」

And, though there are exceptions, usually magical beasts are weaker than holy ones.

If Moofy became a magical beast, that means it got weaker.

Too bad.

「Really? So it stopped being a holy beast?」


Moofy had no idea what had happened.

I thought it was sad, so I hugged Moofy a bit.

「Moo moo」

Moofy was happy with that and licked my face.

She might have changed because she was chewing on the hand of a guy that was up to become Magic Lord.

「If you hadn’t chewed on my fingers…」


She didn’t sense my regret, and kept chewing on my hand.

「Mmmpf Mffff」

「…too late. Now you can chew all you want.」

I guess there was a reason for me stopping Moofy from chewing on me before.

However, now she was a magical beast. There was no reason to stop her.

She could chew all she wanted now.

「Moofy became a magical beast after chewing on me like this…」

「Al, what are you saying?」

「What do you mean? She’s a magical beast now, right?」

「Mff mfff」

Moofy looked at Cruz and I and just kept chewing.

Femm looked worried and was licking Moofy’s back. Maybe to clean her hair.

Shiggy petted Moofy’s head with her tiny claw.

「Al…A holy beast just can’t become a magic beast….」

Cruz looked confused. It was just as she said.

However, most beasts didn’t have protection from either god.

「Moofy’s not a magical beast?」

「She’s still holy!」

「I see.」

If that’s so, then it might be better that she chewed on me.

I lightly pulled my hand out of her mouth.


Moofy looked upset.

I took Cruz’ hand and put it on Moofy’s nose.

「My hand might be worse for her. Let her chew on your hand instead.」


Moofy looked a little disappointed.

Cruz appeared resigned and let Moofy chew her hand.

「Your hand isn’t bad for her, Al.」

「But I’m the magic lord now. It would be bad for her to become a magical beast.」

「She won’t become one just by chewing on your hand, Al.」

「You think? But you said you could feel magic coming from her, right?」

「Yeah, so she is a magic cow.」

I didn’t know what she meant.

A magic cow is a magical animal that’s a cow.

「A holy beast, so a holy cow? In addition, magic, so a magic cow too?」


The first time I heard of that. Maybe she has some kind of magic knowledge.

「I thought it up now. Magic and a magic cow.」

「I see.」

So no real magic knowledge after all.

「Moofy’s just a cow that has both magical and holy powers.」

「I see?」

「Under the protection of God and the Magic God! Wow!」


Moofy just kept chewing on Cruz’ hand.

「Look, Moofy’s horns got a little bigger too.」

「Now that you mention it…」

I wouldn’t have noticed the change unless she mentioned it.

It wasn’t as big a change as when Femm turned white.

Then Cruz whispered, while petting Moofy,

「A mix of magic and holy sounds very strong…」

「Moo moo」

「Moofy, the strongest cow in the world.」


Then Cruz looked at me,

「That’s why I’m saying your hand’s not bad!」

She said, almost lunging towards me.

「I…I see. Well, that’s good.」

「Yeah! That’s why I can do this!」

She grabbed my hand, and stuck my finger in her mouth.

I jumped back.

「Cruz, that’s dirty!」

「No, it’s not!」

Cruz said as I took my finger from her mouth.

「A strong-looking Moofy with a mix of magic and holy…」

Cruz gazed at me.

「Moofy’s kind of like our child, right?」


「Yeah, we raised her together…like a manifestation of our love!」

「No, I think it’s somewhat different.」

I’m sure that Cruz didn’t really understand what “a manifestation of our love” really meant.

Just then I could hear a voice outside the door.

「What are you two TALKING ABOUT?!」

「Ah, Yureena.」

「I heard a commotion and came to the room…what’s this “a manifestation of our love” business?!」

「Al and our child…」


Cruz said what she said with a smile too. She really wanted to say that Moofy was like our child.

Yureena was VERY upset.

「Al and I have raised a manifestation of our love!」

She said, and bit down on my finger again.

Yureena moved like a flash, way faster than you’d imagine a healer would.



She yanked my finger out of Cruz’ mouth.

「Al! What have you done to her!!」

「I haven’t done anything…」


I tried to calm down Yureena, but she was livid.

While this was going on, Vi-Vi, Luka, and Millet showed up.

As they all stared at Cruz’ belly, I began explaining the change that happened to Moofy, but it took some time.



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