Chapter 156


Translator: ranzan

Chapter 156 – Tough Looking Moofy, a Mix of Magic and Holiness

After simply explaining what change Moofy had gone through, we all went back to bed.

It was late at night. I could explain more later.

It was the next morning. I took everyone in my bed to breakfast.

Vallimie and Timisoara were there as well.

Yureena, looking worried, ran up to Moofy.

「Moofy, are you okay?!」

「Moo moo」

Moofy was healthy looking as usual. She nudged Yureena with her snout.

Vi-Vi rubbed Moofy, looking worried.

「Hasn’t changed that much though.」

「Yeah, doesn’t look much different in the morning sun either.」

Luka also looked over Moofy seriously.

The change in the beast probably got her very interested.

Cruz looked at everyone proudly.

「Moofy was magicized!」


Luka looked confused.

Luka didn’t know what “magicized” meant, but, oh well. Cruz had made it up last night.

Cruz puffed out her chest.

「Yeah, magicized! Al did it to Moofy!」

「Did it?」

Cruz was hard to follow, like usual.

So I explained.

「I think Cruz is trying to say that the Holy follower can holicize things, just like the Magic follower can magicize things.」

「I see…」

「She thinks that while she was a holy cow, she also got some kind of magical protection as well.」

「He’s right! Her looks haven’t changed much, but I can feel magical power off of her!」

Cruz was really excited.

But Luka wasn’t completely satisfied with this.

Timi went over and petted Moofy.

「I see. It is true that her magical power changed since yesterday.」

「You can tell, Timi?」

「Yes. Holiness. Magic. I can feel both powers.」


「I don’t know what than means. But I don’t know if it’s wrong.」

Timi said, and Cruz huffed,

「She’s tough looking Moofy, a mix of magic and holiness!!」

「You said that last night too, Cruz.」

「Yeah! The strongest cow, Moofy!」

「Moo moo!」

Moofy huffed too. You could see she was really fired up.



Moofy jumped on top of Shiggy.

Shiggy puffed out her chest too.

「Cute…you really are cute, Shiggy.」

Timi said.

「You’re sthuper, Moofy!」

Collette said, and hugged Moofy.

Then Collette jumped up on Moofy’s back.

Collette and Shiggy then danced around.

「Wait, Moofy, did your horns get bigger?」

「Moo moo?」

「Yeah, it seems her horns got a bit larger.」

「Moo moo!」

Moofy reared up to show off her longer horns.

Millet came over to pet her.

「Moofy, it doesn’t look like you changed much, though…」

「Sister, look! She got a bit darker colored too.」

「Maybe because of the light?」

「Hm? Maybe…Moofy, did you get darker?」


Collette was saying that Moofy got darker.

However, Millet didn’t seem to agree.

「A holy AND magic cow, wow!」

「A magic cow is a magic beast thought. Don’t get the two mixed up.」


Luka chided an excited Cruz about it.

Vi-Vi then also petted Moofy.

「Moofy, can you use magic now?」


Moofy looked confident.

Maybe we should see. And so that’s what we did.

We went outside before we ate breakfast.

「Wuff wuff」



The pack of magic wolves came over after noticing that Moofy had changed.

The little pups walked up and started sniffing Moofy excitedly.

I guess the wolves noticed that Moofy had changed as well.

「Femm, does Moofy smell different?」

『Yes, more like you, Al.』


Kind of weird being told something like that.

We walked a bit to an open area.

「Moofy, use some magic.」


Moofy stomped a bit.


「Don’t push yourself too hard.」



Magic balls began to be generated between Moofy’s horns.

She shot them over and over and they slammed into the ground and exploded.



「Mooo moo!」

Moofy looked at us proudly.

She was able to do this before.

But then, she could only shoot one and it wasn’t that strong.

「The strongest cow, Moofy!」

「Mooo moo!」

「Magically Holy Moofy!」

「Moo Mooo!」

「The manifestation of Al and my love, Moofy!」


Saying that Cruz went up and hugged Moofy.

「You can call me mama from now on…」


Vi-Vi got between Cruz and Moofy.

「Don’t get everything mixed up, Cruz!」

「Huh? But it’s like Al’s her father and I’m the mother, right?」


Vi-Vi hugged onto Moofy.

「If Moofy’s got a mom than it’s clearly ME!」


「Moo moo」

Seems like Moofy is getting popular.

She was happy to be so beloved by the others.

I was glad.



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