Chapter 158


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Chapter 158 – Going to Meet the Death Lord

I got onto Femm, Vi-Vi got onto Moofy, and Cruz ran along with us.

Just like usual. With Shiggy inside of the pouch over my chest.

We ran about an hour before we rested.

It was important to take short rests. Especially the first one.

We had to check Cruz’ shoes, Moofy’s hooves, and Femm’s paws.

「You’re so fast Moofy and Femm!」

「Moo moo!」


They seemed happy about it and I was happy to be on this journey with them.

「Al, how much longer?」


I took the map out of my magic bag.

It was the magical map I had received from the dragon palace. I had to treat it carefully.

「That thing it huge!」

「Yeah, it’s the smaller version, but it’s still a precious item from the dragons.」

It was about one human tall and two humans long. It was hard to yank the thing out of the bag.

And it was way too big for out here in the woods.

Vi-Vi said,

「Can’t you fold that thing? It would take up less space if you could.」

「You can’t.」

「What a bother.」

Vi-Vi said, disappointed.

It was like fabric or like paper, made from a strange material.

It had some special magical matrix used that you couldn’t fold up.

You could roll it up, and if you tried, it immediate rolled itself up into a cylinder.

When you unrolled it, it unrolled instantly. There was no in-between.

It was convenient rolled up, but a bother to look at if you were traveling and looking at it.

「This thing wasn’t made for humans to carry and walk around with.」

「Yeah, but for an ancient dragon, the map fits nicely into their hands.」

「It probably is convenient enough for them.」

Cruz said, looking the map over.

「I really don’t understand how to read world maps in the first place.」

「It’s pretty rare to find one.」

「So this is Mulg, right? Where is the capital?」

None of the villages and cities were written on this dragon map, so it was hard to know.

I’m sure this map was made way before many of the cities and villages existed.

「Um, I think it’s here. And this is your manor, around here, next to this western mountain range.」


「And where’s Lindobal Forest?」

「Way over here.」

「Pretty far. So this is where the Demon Lord’s castle is?」


I’m glad I had Timi and Luka explain to me where everything was on the map beforehand.

That was I could explain where places were with confidence.

Cruz and Vi-Vi were looking the map over with a look of respect.

「I see, so that means that this Death God is in my domain?」

「Really, Cruz?」

「Yeah, here. Wait a second.」

Cruz then took a map from her magic bag.

It was a human-made map of her region.

「The Death Lord’s location probably here!」

「You may be right…」

The distances in the human and dragon maps were quite different. The way they were made was different.

It was hard to find where different features matched each other.

Even so, Cruz had pretty much done so.

「Good job, Cruz!」

「Heh heh, I memorized where everything is in my region.」

Cruz said proudly.

That reminded me that after Cruz had shuffled up her assessors, I did see her reading a map.

Maybe that’s why she knew.

「You did great, Cruz.」

『Strange for her.』

「Moo moo!」

「ryaa ryaa」

「Eheh heh」

Everyone complimented her and she seemed very happy.

「Cruz, what’s around this area?」

「Nothing. No villages…just the edge of my region.」

「I guess nothing’s better than something.」


Cruz answered happily.

It would be bad if there was a village nearby during a fight. And if there was a road, you never knew when a person would walk by and get wrapped up in it.

If we had to fight, we could do so without any interference.

「Moo moo!」

Moofy mooed, bit my sleeve, and pulled.

She wanted us to get going.

「Did you all get enough rest?」

「Moo moo!」

『I’m fine.』

「I can go anytime.」

So we stopped our break and continued.

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy was happy as well. She liked our quick speed.

After resting twice more, we came close to where the Death Lord was.

「There’s a building over there.」


「Let me check the map once more.」

I checked the map and there was one strong gray light shining.

Even though it was a huge map, it was of the world. Once you got close to something, you couldn’t tell the direction.

The Magic Lord red, the Hero blue, and the Death Lord black. Combine them and you get a gray light.

「I think he’s inside there.」

「Al, what do we do? Attack first? Blow up the building?」

Cruz was going too far again.

No, when we fought the great demon, I did blow away his castle first. She probably was impressed.

「No, we just came to talk, make a request.」

「I see. Then let’s go to the entrance.」

「All right.」

So we walked to the entrance as friendly as we could look.



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