Chapter 159


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Chapter 159 – The Mansion of the Death Lord

If we were going to visit, we might as well do it through the front door.

I looked over this building that probably housed the Death Lord.

It was a grand building of stone. The entrance had two people standing next to it.

「…it’s big.」

「Yeah, I had no idea that there was a building like this in my region.」

「Well, it’s on the edge, so it’s no wonder.」

Cruz shook her head.

「No, it’s strange this big building’s here and no one noticed.」

「It probably took a while to build and required a lot of materials.」

「You’re right, Vi-Vi.」

「I thought I knew pretty much everything going on in my region…」

Cruz looked regretful.

I patted her head.

「Well, it’s the Death Lord’s building. It was probably built with magic.」

「Yeah, if so, then it could have been built right away. No need to worry over not noticing.」

「And it’s the edge of your region. The materials were probably brought from somewhere else.」

After looking here and there, Cruz turned to me.

「Okay, let’s go!」


Since we weren’t going to fight for now, Femm shrunk to smaller size.

From there, as we got closer to the entrance the guards stood at attention.


I stopped and smiled at them.

「We’d like to speak to the owner of this place.」


「The Death Lord is living here, right?」

「How did you know?!」

The guards looked shaken.

They probably thought we didn’t know and were a bit shocked they couldn’t fool us.

There was no doubt now that the Death Lord was here.

「An almost god-like entity informed us that the Death Lord is here.」

I kind of exaggerated, but it was Timi I was talking about.

It was no joke though, Timi was a big deal.

「Are you thinking of becoming a disciple as well?」


I didn’t know how to answer that question.

Cruz whispered to me in a low voice,

「What does that guy mean?」

「Um, like convert to their god…」

I had to explain what they meant by becoming a disciple. It also meant that we had to worship the reaper.

Both of these guards were probably disciples as well.

「Yes! We’ve come to become disciples!」

Cruz said, happily.

I guess she thought this would help.

We came here to find a way to cure my cursed knee.

There was no way would become a disciple of the death god. But we still had to act the part.

「Is that so?」

「Wait here, please.」

The two guards said and then nodded to each other.

They talked a bit, and then one entered into the building.

Vi-Vi leaned over and asked.

「A disciple of the death god…does that mean they have a religion?」

「Certainly seems like it.」

「Maybe you should make your own, Al?」

「No, no thanks.」

「Really? Too bad.」

There’s nothing to be disappointed about.

It would be really hard to manage a religion.

After a while, the guard returned.

「You have been given permission. You may enter.」

「Thank you very much.」

I gave my thanks and we started to enter the building.

As we came closer, both men said,

「Wait a second!」

「What is it?」

The guards looked at us and said,

「Do you think you can bring in the dog and cow too?」



They both stared at Moofy and Femm, who were walking in as if it were obvious.

These guards were pretty normal for followers of the reaper.

「They want to become converts as well.」

I said, and the guard stared at Moofy.

「The cow does?」


「Moo moo!」

Moofy answered him happily.

The guard then looked at Femm.

「And the dog too?」

「Of course.」


The guards looked confused.

They then said..

「But…it’s a COW.」

「But it’s for your great master. Don’t you think animals can be followers too?」

「Maybe, but there’s a dog too!」

「It’s just a proof of how great your master is that…」

After talking it over more, we came to the decision,

「You may pass.」

「Moo moo!」


So Moofy and Femm came in with us.

We entered and I lightly touched the walls and door opening.

「There’s no magic in these. I guess a follower of the death god doesn’t use the power of magic.」

「But, there is something strange here, even without the magic.」


If Cruz said so, then there must be something.

Maybe there’s some unknown power of the death god used though.

The inside was quite dark. The opening hall was large and there was hardly any decoration.

There were three men standing inside. The middle man, who seemed to be running the place, spoke,

「You’ve come to become disciples?」

「Yes. We’d also like to make a request from your lord…」

「Please let us meet him!」

Cruz bowed quickly and said this.

He ignored her and looked over at Femm and Moofy.

「And these animals are your offering? That’s quite considerate.」



Both Femm and Moofy were surprised.

I quickly stood in front of the two beasts.

「No, they also came to be disciples…」

「Hm? Not offerings?」


I took out a bag of gold for him to see.

「But we have prepared alms in a separate way.」


The guy took the bag of gold and bowed deeply.

「A laudable offering. The master will be pleased.」

「Would you let us meet him?」

The fellow slowly shook his head.

「Don’t think that you can meet the master so easily.」

「Wha? Why not?」

The fellow paid no attention to Cruz’ question.

「If you really want to meet the master, there is a trial you must endure.」


This is going to get tedious…



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