Chapter 160


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Chapter 160 – The Quest…or Trial

Then the fellow turned to me and said,

「So you are adventurers?」

「I guess you could say that.」

「I see. And you’re quite strong.」

「Well, yes.」

The fellow nodded to himself.

「It’s because this offering is quite a bit of money. An amount only a very good adventurer would give.」

「You have a good eye.」

「You saw that well.」

The two fellows next to this middle one praised him, but the fellow wasn’t that sharp.

I could have made it from other business. Some people do adventuring for a hobby too.

Sometimes you meet such people by chance.

However, not all rich adventurers are good ones.

「Very good! You discovered that we are very strong adventurers.」

「It was not that big of a deal.」

I was kind of pissed at how proudly this guy was acting though.

But I smiled and asked him,

「And if we are so strong, what task would you ask of us?」

「No, what I would call it is a trial.」

So basically he meant we wouldn’t get paid.

Well, that can’t be avoided. We’re the ones with the request.

「Understood. What is the trial?」

「Yes. There is a large mountain behind this building. There is a zombified dragon living there. I need you to destroy it.」


I knew this would be too hard.

Of course, it would be easy for Cruz and I. But it would be hard for a normal experienced adventurer.

The fellow was a bit taken aback by my slight surprise.

「Are you unable to do it?」

「No, I don’t think it’s impossible.」

「I, I see. Then please do it.」


After saying that, the fellow seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

He probably wanted to get rid of the zombie dragon but couldn’t figure out how to.

I wanted to say one thing to him though,

「Normal adventurers aren’t able to deal with zombie dragons, right?」

「You…maybe be right.」

「If we said we couldn’t, then what would you have done?」

「My master wouldn’t give you a task you couldn’t complete. That’s all I can say.」

「I see.」

I guess there might be another task waiting for us.

But the fellows underlings looked up at him with respectful eyes.

「Wow! It’s excellent that you know exactly what task to give by estimating their power!」

「That’s quite some power, sir!」

「It’s not my power. It’s the power of my master.」

「I see!」

We ignored their conversation and left the building.

Outside, the two guards looked unsettled and said,

「Did they tell you to do something difficult?」

「Just get rid of the zombie dragon a ways behind this building.」


They looked at each other in surprise.

「We won’t say anything about it, but maybe you should apologize, go back, and ask for another task.」

「What tasks does he normally give out?」

「Mostly goblin killing if they’re adventurers. If it’s farmers, some grown crops. Merchants are just told to go and sell this and that.」

「I see.」

The guards still looked quite worried.

「I bet the priest was quite angry, though. Because you let them in.」

「But we didn’t let…」

I guess that fellow was the priest there. I guess the level of priests are different in this cult.

There were very high positions of priests, and not so high ones as well.

I had no idea what services they performed for the death lord.

「That’s not true. The priest seemed very warm to us. Nothing for us to apologize for…」

Then the guards looked at Moofy and Femm.



「Ah, so you’re saying that us entering with these animals is what made him angry?」

「If that’s so, then maybe you need to apologize with us then.」

「Yes, as you two did let these beasts in with us.」

Seems the guards were quite nice fellows.

If we got in a fight with this cult, we’d let them go, alive.

「Thank you very much. However, you needn’t worry about us.」「

「Don’t take too hard a task.」

「No, no, we’re specialists at taking out dragons.」

「How stupid are you two? It’s a zombie dragon, no way it will lose to a human.」

The guards seemed to be worried about us and so started to lecture us.

As we walked away, they followed us with their worried looks.

「Don’t get yourselves killed!」

「Sure, don’t worry about us.」

And so we made our way behind the large building of the death lord. The road led up into a mountain.

「I guess we should climb this path?」

「We’re not that prepared, Al.」

「Well, if the zombie dragon attacks us, we won’t have time to get prepared.」

「That’s a possibility!」

Cruz ran along happily.

I was riding Femm, while Vi-Vi was riding Moofy.

And the quiet Shiggy finally looked out from the pouch.


「You did good staying quiet.」


Shiggy was smart, so she knew when not to come out and scare someone else.

「You think this dragon zombie is a great dragon?」

「It might be a lesser. Maybe some kind of earth dragon.」

「Hm. Which do you like Al?」

「I don’t like ANY zombie dragon. But a lesser is easier to kill.」

Compared to any other dragon, a lesser dragon was smaller and weaker.

It had hardly any magical barrier.

「I like earth dragons. The flying ones are annoying.」

「Makes sense.」

And as we were talking, we could smell rotting flesh.

That must be the smell of the zombie dragon.

So we ran quickly towards the smell.



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