Chapter 161



Chapter 161 – Long Time, No Dragon Zombie

The stench of the zombie was getting worse and worse.

It must have been rotting for quite some time.



Femm made a small sound like he was about to barf.

Both beast’s smells were very good. They probably were much weaker to smells than humans.

「Are you okay?」

『Hanging in there.』


Moofy and Femm seemed to be doing their best.

I was happy, but I didn’t want them to push themselves too hard.

「Moofy. Do this.」

「Moo moo.」

Vi-Vi put a handkerchief over Moofy’s nose.

I don’t think it had much of an effect, but Moofy still looked quite happy.

「Femm, here.」


I didn’t think it would have much an effect with Femm, but I put a cloth over Femm’s nose as well.

Femm wagged its tail. It must be having some effect.


Shiggy cried out from her pouch.

I wondered how clear Shiggy could smell it. I was sorry for it if her smell was more sensitive than a humans.

I rubbed Shiggy over the pouch.

「Shiggy, hang in there, okay?」


「Do you want to wait here instead?」


Shiggy screamed once at me. I had the feeling she was saying no.

Then I said to Femm and Moofy.

「You can wait here if you want.」

「Yeah, Al and I will clear the dragon out quickly!」

『No need to worry about us.』


Very strong answers.

Just like a heavenly wolf and holy magic cow would make.

We found a large dragon after progressing a while through the horrible stench.

It was twice as big as Doby.

And it’s meat was falling off, and you could see bones here and there.

「This is…bigger than a great dragon.」

「Maybe a High Great.」

「A High Great Zombie?」

She didn’t seem rattled; Cruz just prepared her own sling.

It was a sling that tossed rocks using centrifugal force.

A High Great dragon was a great dragon that had much more age and experience.

Many creatures lose their power as they age, as do humans.

But dragons don’t have this type of aging, so their power doesn’t decrease with age.

Instead, they got stronger with age.

「I wonder if this high great dragon was changed to a zombie by the death lord?」

「I guess it’s obvious that it probably was.」

Even that great demon had changed great dragons into zombies.

It was hard to think that anyone less strong than that great demon could turn a high great dragon into a zombie.

Even so, it was true that the great demon had even turned Shiggy’s mother into a zombie.

And an ancient dragon is far stronger than a high great.

With careful preparations and correct procedure, someone other than the death lord could have done it.

So you couldn’t say ONLY the death lord could have done this.

「If the death lord made this zombie, then why did it send us with the task of killing it?」

「No idea. But someone other than the death lord may have made it.」

「But this is right behind his place. I don’t think he’d just let it happen.」

Vi-Vi said, while thinking over the problem in her mind.

On the other hand, Cruz got her slingshot set.

She was probably getting ready for this dragon to fly at her.

「Let’s think this over AFTER we’ve killed it.」


「Al, watch me kill it. Your knee’s going to hurt if you use magic, right?」

「Thanks, but if it’s dangerous, I can blow it away quick with my magic.」

「You’re fine, just watch me rock!」

And as she said that, she started swinging the sling around faster and faster.

Then she let fly with the rock, which was hard to follow as it was so fast.



The rock she threw bounced off of the dragon’s magic barrier. Seems the dragon had that on it too.

If it was a high great dragon, it had a strong magical barrier.

The high great dragon slouched towards us.

「Guess I got to use my holy sword.」

Cruz yanked her holy sword from her scabbard.

At the same time, she dashed towards the dragon’s neck and swung her sword.



The high great dragon stopped the holy sword with its fangs.

A few fangs exploded and fell to the ground, but Cruz’ sword didn’t reach the dragon’s neck.

And as Cruz was floating back away from the attack


The dragon cried out while spewing fire at Cruz.

It was fire breath that filled the air with a sea of blazing fire. But Cruz cut through it with her holy sword.

The fire then suddenly vanished.

It was the power of God’s holy sword.

「Hey! Wait!」

Maybe so that Cruz wouldn’t beat it this time, the high great dragon flew in the sky.

Cruz could only use her sling now to attack it.

「Maybe I should do something….」

「Moo moo」

As I was preparing my magical attack, Moofy mooed loudly.

And at the same time, she shot numerous magical charges at the dragon.

The first one broke the dragon’s barrier, and the second and the one’s afterwards pierced the dragon’s body.

The dragon fell to the ground, but still was moving a little.

It had no ability to fight, but because it was a zombie, it wasn’t dead.

「Vi-Vi. Can you burn it with fire?」


I turned around and saw Vi-Vi on top of Moofy, frozen there.

She was completely lost, no, she might be unconscious.


Cruz, Femm, and I all noticed at the same time that Vi-Vi had wet herself on top of Moofy.

I guess it would be hard for her to cast that spell right now.

「Uh, Cruz, could you finish it off?」

「Leave it to me!」

Cruz delivered the finishing blow to the high great dragon.

I bet the soul of this great dragon ascended to finally find peace in the heavens.



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