Chapter 162


Translator: ranzan

Chapter 162 – After the Zombie’s Death

While Cruz was finishing off the zombie with her holy sword, I got my emergency set ready.

I knew this would happen, so I opened my magic bag.

The “emergency set” was really just a change of clothes for Vi-Vi.

「Al, I think I’ve sent the soul of this dragon away.」

「Thanks. Now help me take care of this.」

「Is this…oh, ok.」

I gave her the clothes, which she went to help Vi-Vi with.

「Moofy. Could you come over here?」


Moofy took Vi-Vi, still riding her, over to a hidden area.

Best to leave the ladies to this.


『That dragon screamed the hell out of her. Couldn’t avoid it.』

「Guess you’re right.」

The high great dragon screamed out magic with the fire breath.

Cruz cut it away, but there was no stopping the dragon’s magic cry.

Vi-Vi took it all.

「I’m glad she was on Moofy’s back. Moofy will keep her safe if she passes out.」

『But I think Moofy’s in a worse situation now with Vi-Vi on her back.』

I would have to wash Moofy’s back when this is finished.

「Femm, keep a look out.」

『Leave it to me.』

I asked Femm to watch for enemies, while I took the battle treasure.

It’s something an adventurer always has to do.

「Ugh…this rotten flesh is horrible. Not much to be found.」

『Are the scales rotten too?』

「Well, if the scales come off the body soon before it begins to rot, they won’t…」

『It’s mysterious.』

「Sure is. The meat rots, then the scales do, or rather, they start to fall apart.」

『Is it a magical effect?』

「Maybe related to the curse of zombification.」

As I said that, I continued to gather what I could.

The only thing worth selling were the fangs and the bones.

As I finished, Cruz, Vi-Vi, and Moofy returned.

Moofy happily nudged my back from behind.

「Moo moo!」

「Ah, Moofy. Thanks for watching over her.」

「Moofy really is awesome!」

Vi-Vi said, as she patted Moofy’s head.

She had already changed.

Moofy’s back was clean too. Cruz must have taken care of that.

「Seem’s I’m done with all the battle spoils collection…」

「Thanks. Should we burn the body?」

「Go ahead, Vi-Vi.」

Vi-Vi talked bubbly as if the whole accident had never happened.

If so, I’m not going to mention it, just forget it even happened.

Vi-Vi started drawing a magic circle to burn away the body.

「Even though the soul’s gone, if we leave the rotting body, it will have a bad influence on everything around here.」

『And if you eat it, your stomach will hurt.』

「A LOT!」

Both Cruz and Femm had eaten zombie meat before and remembered the meat making their stomachs churn.

It would be sad if other beasts around ate it and had the same effect.

「I’m done, Al!」

「Thanks, Vi-Vi! That was fast.」

「I’m glad I can rely on you.」

Vi-Vi activated the magic circle, and the body of the dragon was surrounded by fire.

The fire was quite strong. After only a moment the body was ash.

「Thanks, Vi-Vi.」

「An easy task. It would be sad to leave it like that.」

We buried the ashes into the earth, and then made our way back.

We returned to the building of the death lord.

「Now we finally get to meet the death lord!」

「It would be nice to…at least.」

「What? I think we’ll see him, Al. That’s why we were given that task!」

Cruz turned back to me as she said this, but her legs didn’t stop.

She smiled at me as she kept walking.

「Al! What kind of person do you think this death lord is?」

「What kind? Probably an old man.」

「Wha? A girl would be better!」

「Or maybe a devil!」

「Well, since you’re a magic lord, Al, maybe a devil can be a death lord!」

「I hope it’s not a demon.」


Demons and devils were totally different. A devil was just a kind of human, in a way.

But a demon was more like a magic beast in human form.

The difference between humans and devils was like the difference in a white wolf and a brown wolf.

The difference between humans and demons were the difference of a wild wolf and a magical one.

「If it’s a human it doesn’t matter what it looks like.」


Cruz walked along happily, sometimes swinging around a branch in front of her.

If she liked the stick she was winging around, there’s no doubt it would end up in her magic bag.

That’s why all of her junk keeps increasing.

As I was thinking about that,Vi-Vi whispered from on top of Moofy,



「Um, after you beat that dragon zombie…」

She was probably worried I noticed that she had wet herself.

I just acted ignorant.

「Did something weird happen?」

「No, I guess nothing did…nevermind…」

Vi-Vi studdered while she tried to blow it off.

「Al, do you bring changes of clothes around for other people?」

「Changes? If you ask Cruz, I bet she has some.」


「She’s got so much crap in that bag, I bet she has one for all of us.」

「I see.」

Vi-Vi looked at me with a relieved smile.

She probably thought I didn’t see the whole incident.

I thought that was fine.

And as she smiled at me in relief, I saw the building of the death lord off in the distance.



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