Chapter 163


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Chapter 163 – The Followers of the Death God

As we approached the building, the guards at the door approached us.

「Ah, you guys are okay.」

「We were worried you guys had run into real danger and wouldn’t come back.」

「I guess that zombie dragon was scary.」

They probably thought that we had seen the dragon and turned away and come back.

It made me happy that they were at least a little worried about us.

「Thank you for your worries.」

「We thought that the priest should have changed his task for you, after all.」

「Yeah, he shouldn’t be asking you to do impossible tasks.」

The guardsmen said, then Cruz puffed out her chest,

「It’s okay! We killed the thing!」

「Hm? What?」

「The dragon zombie!」

The guardsmen looked at us and each other with squinted eyes.

「Girl, no need to lie.」

「Yeah, you can’t lie to that priest.」

「Just be an adult about it and admit to him that you couldn’t fullfil the quest.」

「I’m telling you, IT’S DEAD!」

They didn’t believe her, and she puffed her cheeks out in anger.

The guards were now mocking her.

「Sister, I won’t say anything if you just…」

「Look, HERE!」

Cruz took a high great dragon fang from her bag.

It was huge, as long as Cruz’ leg.

「What’s that?!」

「It’s huge!」

「Right? It’s the huge fang of the dragon we just killed.」

「Is it real?」

The guards stepped forward to touch the fang.

I think they finally realized the thing was real.

Then they looked regretful.

「I have other fangs and claws too. The scales were already rotten so we couldn’t get those.」

After she pulled out those to show them, it was clear the guards believed her.

They both bowed.

「We’re sorry for not believing you!」

「Don’t worry about it.」

「We just though no one could just beat a dragon zombie.」

「Well, we’re thankful you were so concerned.」

「The priest will be very happy to see you.」

The guards saw us in as we entered.

They didn’t say anything about the beasts this time, either.

As we entered, the priest came to see us.

「That was quick!」

「We defeated it, so please take us to the death lord!」

Cruz said as she showed him the dragon fang.

He looked it over seriously, and then his underlings did.

「Yes, this is the dragon’s fang…」

「But the fact that you took care of it so quickly means…」

The priest and his underlings were both shocked.

But they both nodded in acceptance.

「I guess you really are quite the adventurers!」

「You really did a good job telling these were the real thing, boss.」

「It was not my power, but the power of my god.」

The priest said with a proud face.

Then he looked at us and nodded again.

「Excellent job. My master will be pleased.」

「Please take us to him.」

「Hm, okay then. Come with me.」

He said, turning, and walking away.

It was a bit anti-climactic for him to agree that quickly, however.

「Wonder what he’ll look like.」

「I wonder too!」

「Moo moo!」

Cruz, Moofy, and Vi-Vi were quite interested.

Femm and Shiggy were just quiet. They probably didn’t care.

After walking a while, we arrived in the deepest room.

「My master is in there. Please take care not to offend.」

「Leave it to us!」


Cruz replied happily.

Moofy stretched out and looked confident.

The priest looked at the two a bit worried.

「Are you two really okay?」

「They’re fine! We’ll make sure they don’t offend anyone.」

「Please do not. Can I have your word?」

The worried priest then brought us all into the final room.

The room was quite large but dim. There was only one window.

And in the back on top of a small platform, there was a bamboo blind.

「Master. We have some new followers.」


No answer.

Whoever the master is, was behind that blind.

「These fellows are very strong adventurers. They completed the task of eliminating the dragon zombie.」


Still no word. The priest now looked a bit confused.

「Um, but…」

「… . …」

「…I see.」

Somehow the two were having a conversation.

However, it was one that we couldn’t hear.

It must have been some kind of spirit speech.

「You will now see the form of my master. However, you may not speak of it outside this place.」

「I understand, but…」

I had no idea why the priest was saying this.

It must be because the followers were kept away from meeting whomever this person was.

That way, they’d be jealous of one another, making pointless friction between the followers.


「Whoa! That surprised me!」

「What the?」

Vi-Vi and Cruz screamed, surprised. I was quite shocked myself.

The death lord was a light-blue translucent blob. It was big enough to put both arms around.

We watched the blob bounce forth towards us.

「It’s a SLIME!」

「And a pretty rare slime too. I’ve never seen one like this.」

「I bet Luka would want to know more.」

「You all are…rather carefree about all this.」

Vi-Vi said, looking quite lost.



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