Chapter 164


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Chapter 164 – The Slime-Lord

Slimes have a blubbery look to them, but they’re a strong magic beast.

They have no set shape, so they’re strong against physical attacks. On top of that, they’re strong against magic.

Depending on the type they can use acid, poison, and so on as a weapon. It’s not easy to kill them off.

A C-Rank adventurer will basically run if they see one.

A B-Rank party, if not prepared, shouldn’t attack one either.

A death god-ish slime jumped out and in front of us.


It said loudly.

I bowed deeply to it.

Even if it was a slime, it was a death lord. You had to pay respect.

「Death Lord, the first time we’ve met. I am Alfred Lint…」


「…I mean, Alfredora Lint. It’s a pleasure to make you acquaintance.」

Shiggy was ticked off that I didn’t use Ra.

The Death Lord said,


「…the master states his happiness to allow you to meet him.」

The priest was interpreting.

The slime used a terse and unfriendly tone that looked unlike its appearance.

And the priests seemed to be able to understand the slime too. Wow.

「Are you using spirit speech, death lord?」

「PiGGi PiGgi!」

「…no, well, there’s no need to, the master states.」

So I faced the priest and asked,

「Wait, are you sure you’re not using spirit speech with the slime?」

「It’s not spirit speech. I am the lord’s follower. After becoming a follower, you may speak using something like spirit speech.」

I thought it was strange that Cruz and I as Holy and Magic lords couldn’t speak to our followers like this death lord could.

No, maybe we could, we just never tried.

Thinking that over, I looked over at Moofy.


I had no idea what Moofy just said.

But since Moofy was under Cruz’ influence as well, it might be somewhat different.

I looked at Cruz.

「Can you use it, Cruz? I mean, Moofy and Femm are both under your influence.」

「No. I have no idea what they’re saying.」

「Is that so?」


Maybe it’s something we have to practice.

That reminded me that the one that told Moofy to shrink from her giant size was Cruz.

She was able to transmit what she was thinking to Moofy without having to use spirit speech.

「There may be a way to speak to one’s followers after all…」

I thought about it, and tried to correlated it to the present situation.

It was important for the death lord to communicate to its followers.

「I will create a separate magical way of communication like spirit speech.」


So I spread a spell of spirit speech over all of those there, including the priests.

Spirit speech wasn’t very difficult and didn’t use much magic either.

Then I used the opportunity to introduce myself again.

「I am Magic Lord, Viscount Alfred..ora Lint. And this is…」

「And I am the Holy Hero Marquis Cruz Conradine!」

「And I’m a lord-less Vi-Vi Lindobal!」

The priest unconsciously said,「huh?」Probably thought we weren’t that big a deal.

His face began to turn pale, and he started to shake.

If it upset him that much, I was sad that I kept it a secret from him.

The death lord gathered itself up into a blubbering stance.

『A holy hero!』

The slime said happily.

I couldn’t guess its age, but it had a very young voice.

Even so, it spoke nowhere as proudly as when the priest translated for us.

Maybe the priest mistranslated to make the lord seem much stricter and severe than it really was.

The slime turned to Moofy and Femm,

『You’re fluffy!』

『I am the heavenly wolf, the king of the magic wolves, Femm!』



Shiggy emerged from my pouch and said.

「This is Sighisoara. A duchess of the ancient dragons.」


「ryaa ryaa!」

The Death Lord blubbered again.

It was either scared or excited.

No way to tell from looking.


「The master’s name…」

The priest explained to us. The slime’s name was Chelnobok.

I bowed once again to Chelnobok.

「Great Chelnobok, I’ve come to ask if you know how to remove this curse placed on my knee.」


This really was the death lord. It knew by one look.

Guess this wasn’t your ordinary slime.

「Yeah, the former magic…I mean…Demon Lord shot me with it when he died…」


It was shouting PigGi even through spirit speech.

It wasn’t surprising as Femm and Moofy sometimes did it too.

Chelnobok bounced over and touched my left knee.

It felt cool.

『Feel better?』

「I…really don’t know.」


Chelnobok blubbered again.

The priest again explained,

「The master only recently became death lord. The previous death lord happens to be the previous Demon Lord as well.」

「So are you saying it can’t heal it because it was the previous death lord’s curse?」


I could feel that Chelnobok was sincerely sorry by the way it said that.

Just then, the priest turned and bowed deeply to Cruz and I.

「I’m very sorry about earlier!」

「Hey, no problem.」

「If I knew that you were the Magic and Holy lords, I would have never forced you to do that task.」

「Well, we were the ones that kept our identities secret.」

「…I know this is a bit much, but I have a request.」

He bowed deeply again and again, and then got on his knees.

「Hey, you don’t have to…」

「No! If I don’t, you won’t know how I really am feeling!」

The priest had no intention of raising his head.

Even though Cruz was trying to pick his head up, he remained stuck to the floor.

「Could you get rid of the previous Death Lord for us?」


Chelnobok squirmed next to the still prone priest.

Getting rid of the previous lord must also be Chelnobok’s will.

「Let us hear the details.」

I said to both Chelnobok and the priest.



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