Chapter 166


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Chapter 166 – Headed to the Old Death Lord’s Hideout

We heard that the place of the previous death lord was several hours walk from where we were.

He had made a hideout and surrounded himself with a zombie army.

Hearing this, Cruz took out her map.

「On this map, you’re saying it’s here?」

「…let me see.」

The priest looked a bit lost.

It seems that he really couldn’t read the thing.

Outside of traders, adventurers, and warriors, other trades really never had the need to read them.

「This is the capital. And this is Mulg.」

「Huh? Mulg?」

Cruz pointed and explained, but the priest still looked a little lost.

He didn’t know the capital, and of course, didn’t know Mulg.

In the middle of Cruz’ explaination, Chelnobok bounced, and got on the map.

『It’s here.』

One part of its body became slender and pointed to one place on the map.

「Chel, you can read a map?」

『I can read it.』

And Cruz didn’t even have to explain where the capital or Mulg was.

She didn’t even show where we all are now. Even so, Chelnobok knew it.

Must have been able to read one already, quite some slime.


「Mo moo!」

「Excellent, master!」

Cruz patted Chelnobok again, and Moofy poked it with her nose as well.

The slime shook…I guess it was embarrassed.

Then Cruz asked me, excitedly,

「Is this my region?」

「I guess so. All of this is the border region.」

I said, as Cruz ran her finger across the map.

「Lot of weird stuff in your territory.」

「Eheh heh.」

As we discussed this, the priest then spoke with a worried countenance,

「Um…that means, you’re the ruler of this area?」

「Yes, I am!」

「I’m very sorry about never contacting you ahead of time.」

「Don’t worry about it.」

Cruz kept on smiling.

「So I’ll come to levy taxes later.」

「Please be kind about it…」

The priest seemed taken aback.

After that, we made our way to the ex-death lord’s place.

The priest said, while seeing us off,

「I said that I might be able to cure the curse of the previous Demon Lord if I beat this guy, so I was thinking of accompanying you as well.」

「Oh, is that so?」

That is true that the old Demon Lord was under the old death lord.

That’s why Chelnobok said that curing the curse would be difficult.

「It’s so kind of you to take this up without being promised a cure, magic lord. Thank you.」

The priest bowed deeply again.

Weird being called the magic lord. Kind of embarrassing.

「If someone helps me, then I can help others.」

「How honorable.」

「And please stop calling me magic lord. Someone will come for me.」

The priest grinned.


「It’s a secret.」

「Of course.」

We headed out without the priest. Chelnobok jumped into a pouch on Cruz’ chest and rode with us.

As we left the building, the guards called out to us.

「Hey, are you going home already?」

「We have a task to do.」

They looked at Cruz, confused.

「What? Ma’am…」

「What is it?」

「Your boob…ah, nothing…」

Because Chelnobok was riding inside, her breasts looked like they were massive.

It did look really strange, but the guards just let her go.

「We’re on our way!」

「Be careful.」

The guards watched us go, and we were off.

After we walked a while, Femm went back to its larger size and we all took off.

As we sped up, Shiggy stuck her head out of my pouch.

「ryaa ryaa!」

「She really likes fast speeds.」

『Then I’ll run even faster!』


Shiggy flapped her wings. She was very happy.

Femm looked proud and sped up even more.

Chelnobok stuck it’s slime-head a little from her pouch.

I had no idea where it’s head was in the first place.

「Even though you have no eyes, you can see, Chelnobok?」

『I can.』


Seems that it could see. I wondered what kind of sight it had without eyes.

「What does your sight look like?」

『All of me is an eye.』

「I see. So your whole body is an eye? That means you have no blind spot.」


I wondered what it was like to be all one eye.

It’s convenient to have no blind spot, but then you’d never be able to relax.

As we talked about it, after running a big longer, we smelled a foul scent.

On a path that should take hours walking, Femm’s speed made it seem quite short.

「It stinks!」

「This is smell pollution! I have to do something as this region’s ruler!」

「It’s unfortunate, but fortunate there’s no town or roads here.」

「If there were people here, there’d be a petition to deal with the problem.」

「You’re right.」


Chelnobok was now on Cruz’ shoulder blubbering.

Maybe it was scared, or maybe excited. Or maybe it was just…shaking.

You can’t tell much about a slime.

After we ran farther, the smell got even worse.

We saw a tall wall and a zombie great dragon.

The wall must be surrounding the hideout, with the dragon as lookout.

I guess the lord actually thought of some defense.

「Al! What now?」

I glanced at Femm and Moofy.

They were running well, but it would soon be hard to run in this stench.

「All the way to the lord! Kill all the zombies as we break through!」

「Got it!」

Cruz answered and we sped up even more.



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