Chapter 167


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Chapter 167 – Fighting the Old Death Lord

There was one zombified great dragon in front of us.

It was a strong enemy, but no match for Cruz.

As soon as it noticed Cruz it opened it’s mouth.

But just then, Cruz sped up.

「I won’t let you shout!」


Before it could cry out with its breath, Cruz cut its head off with her holy sword.

「No need to finish it off!」


Even with a holy sword, one slice wouldn’t kill a zombie.

It’s head was off, but it was still flapping around.

You had to cut open it’s face. Then the arms and legs would just keep flapping.

Even it if was threatening to adventurers, it wasn’t scary to me.

「We’ll finish the thing off later.」

『It’s sad.』

As Femm kept running at top speed, we kept talking about the dragon.

It was very sad to be turned into a zombie.


Just then, Chelnobok cried out while on Cruz’ shoulder.

At the same time, it shimmered with light. It was a beautiful, blue light that lit up all around us.


The dragon zombie let out a little cry and stopped moving. At the same time, its body stopped moving too.

「What the?」


「It’s the right of the death lord. It can send the souls of weak zombies to the afterlife.」

Vi-Vi and Moofy looked lost as I explained it.

It was pretty much a Turn Undead spell.

The dragon wasn’t weak, but it weakened after being cut by the holy sword.

「Turn Undead is a spell that the holy followers use as well.」

「Yes, but this was a very strong ones.」

The Turn Undead the leaders at church used only worked on the weakest zombies.

It would be easier to just use offense magic.

But the Turn Undead that Chelnobok used was extremely strong.

It might be like the difference between the church holies and the holiness of Cruz.

「Awesome, Chelnobok!」


Cruz complemented the slime, and it shook in embarrassment.

Chelnobok was on Cruz’ shoulder as we plunged into the hideout.

Chelnobok shimmered again as we entered the hideout.

All of the zombies shined on by the light suddenly stopped moving.

These weak zombies all sunk to the ground and stopped. They were all soulless now.

「This makes it easy to run!」


With all the zombies down, Cruz had a wide swath to run in.

We just broke through all the zombies without missing a step.

Femm and I, Vi-Vi, and Moofy followed behind.

「The priest said the slime had low fighting ability, but with Cruz they’re unmatchable against zombies.」

「That dragon zombie fell over like a goblin.」

In an instant, we were deep inside.

There was a human undead standing.

『That’s him.』

「I see.」

His face was green, and his flesh was rotting.

It stood looking at us with an empty look.

「Be careful Cruz!」


When Cruz got within 10 paces, the semblance of the former death lord changed.

Cruz quickly jumped backwards. Then the former death lord let arrows fly.

And not just one or two, 10, no 100 at the same time.

「Immortal killer arrows! Don’t let them hit!」


The former death lord had shot those arrows without any indication it would do so.

They were very fast and countless.

There were those that flew straight and those that curved through the air.

Because they weren’t physical arrows, you couldn’t stop them.

If they hit the ground or were knocked away by the holy sword, they disappeared.

Of course, Cruz couldn’t get closer.

「Vi-Vi, Moofy, get back!」

「Got it!」

「Moo moo!」

As they backed away from the former death lord, zombies came to attack from behind them.


「Take this!」

I could hear the sound of magic charges being shot behind me.

I could also hear Vi-Vi spewing magic at them as well.

There was no reason to hold back my magic.

It would be impossible for Cruz to keep defending herself from thousands of arrows.

I put up a magic defense and sent it to knock down the immortal killer arrows.

『Leave the dodging to me.』


Femm quickly dodged the arrows shot at us.

Femm’s true ability was astounding.

It was an astounding magic wolf, but now a heavenly wolf, so even more impressive.


Chelnobok shimmered once again. But the former death lord didn’t stop moving.

In order for the Turn Undead to work, the slime would have to touch him.

I used the barriers to knock down the arrows, and when I had a chance, shot him with magical bullets.

But the guy would just attack with arrows again.

「This sucks.」

『No chance for attack!』

「I can’t get close!」


This must be the former death lord, then.

He would accurately shoot a large quantity of arrows at you quickly, over and over.

「I’ll knock them down!」


We got fired up again.

I’d just have to knock hundreds of arrows down over and over.

So I shot out hundreds of magic barriers.

Each of them were small and intercepted the ends of the arrows, destroying them.


I could hear the sound of hundreds of arrows hitting hundreds of barriers.

Cruz believed in me and plunged in. But she still couldn’t get close.

The former death lord focused on her with his arrows.

The number targeting her increased. I stopped them by sending more and more barriers her way.

As the former death lord was getting mixed up in the action, Chelnobok jumped from Cruz’ shoulder.


A blinding blue light shone…a full-powered Turn Undead spell from the true death lord.

Even so, no effect on the former death lord.

For a moment, though, the former death lord stopped and looked at Chelnobok in the air. In that moment, Cruz charged.


Cruz swung her holy sword with all her might. The former death lord was split into two.


Then Chelnobok jumped over and onto the former death lord.

It plopped down on his face, and shone a piercing blue light.


One word, and the former lord stopped moving.


Chelnobok breathed a lonely sigh of relief.

「Are you okay?」


Cruz hugged and picked up Chelnobok.

「If you two are done, come help us over here!」

「Moo mooo!」

We heard Moofy and Vi-Vi screaming at us.

「We’re coming!」


Chelnobok jumped back onto Cruz’ shoulder.

Chelnobok shone that beautiful blue light again.

「I should go too.」

『Is your knee okay?』

「I’m not pushing myself that hard.」

Femm ran, and while I was on Femm, I attacked with magic.

Chelnobok was effective and the remaining enemies were quickly gone.



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