Chapter 168


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Chapter 168 – Healing the Knee

After defeating the former death lord and zombies, Chelnobok went over to touch the undead.

Since it was the new death lord, it could send away the souls trapped in the zombies.

And after that I looked around once more at my surroundings.

We were surrounded by walls, and it seems that we were inside a building much like a laboratory.

We just kind of stood there and stared at the former death lord’s corpse.

Cruz looked at his corpse and said,

「How did he become an undead like this…just like a…」

「Like a zombie?」

「Yes, but I don’t think a guy who was the death lord would just become a zombie.」

Cruz looked really worried.

There’s no way a death lord, if he wanted to become undead, would choose to become a zombie.

「But he looks like a zombie. His looks and his motions fit exactly.」


『He stunk like a zombie too.』


Femm and Moofy also thought he was a zombie.

So I asked Chelnobok.

「Chel. That former death lord…」

『…was a zombie.』

「He was going to make himself undead with powerful magic, though.」

『Maybe, made a mistake.』

「Does that kind of stuff happen? Even a death lord?」

『Can’t help it.』

I thought a bit.

「In other words, it might be that when he used that powerful magic to turn himself undead, he lost his status as death lord.」


「I see.」

The lord lost his following of the death god in the middle of his casting, and thus made an error in his magic.

It might have been that.

It was the perfect timing for a death god that hated immortality.

If that’s so, then it might be quite easy for a human to guess a god’s intentions.

「That’s disgusting…」


Vi-Vi and Moofy both looked at the dead body in derision.

We looked for any battle spoils among the zombies and burned the bodies.

Then we did the same with the former death lord.

We searched the building. It was quite a large one.

There was research tools in the middle and a mountain of materials.

『This was our temple’s』

「So he stole all of this stuff from you as well?」

「Why would he do all of that?」

Cruz said, confused.

From what the priest said, the guy just disappeared.

Then the lordship went to Chelnobok.

「Since he wanted to make a zombie army, the temple would be a bad place.」


「The religion wanted to use it for a different purpose.」

If you had zombies infesting the place, all the humans would leave.

However, it would be hard to maintain something like that with members educated in the religion fighting against you.

And zombies were hard to keep in groups. That’s why he probably went off somewhere else.

「Well, no idea why now.」

「Hmm…so this guy was researching zombies here?」

「Not so much zombies as all undead.」

「We should burn this whole place down!」

「Moo moo!!」

Vi-Vi and Moofy wanted the place burned to the ground.

『I think we need to study this place and our enemies.』

「Rya ryaaa!」

And Femm and Shiggy wanted to know more about the place first.

No, Shiggy might have just been making noise.

「Hm, Al…what do you think we should do?」

Cruz looked at me seriously.

This was Cruz’ domain. I think Cruz needed to make the judgement.

There was the thought we should probably burn the undead and the materials up.

And also that we should leave some to study. A difficult problem.

So I asked Chelnobok,

「Does the death god’s religion want to keep all this?」

『We do not.』

「I see.」

『It’s scary if someone uses this to attack us.』

I guess they really didn’t have much attack power.

I understood how Chelnobok felt.

「I guess we should probably burn all the materials and the building.」

「Maybe we should at least keep the most important materials though, Al.」

「In the Mulg storage shack? Or maybe Shiggy’s treasure room, at least.」

Then there was no way someone bad could steal it.

And if we needed to research something about it, it would still be there.

「Oh, I see! Then I leave that to you, Al. Then we burn the building.」

「Got it.」

I put the important materials into my magic bag.

「Just leave the burning of the building to my magic circle, Al!」

Vi-Vi then draw a magic circle all around the building.

It was quite big. And she was finished in a flash.

「Vi-Vi, I didn’t know you had gotten that fast.」

「Heh heh, of course.」

Vi-Vi puffed her chest out with pride.

The power of the magic circle was strong. The building was quickly consumed in flame.

Since it was contained in a barrier, the heat didn’t escape. It was like a large chimney.

After the building burned to the ground, Chelnobok bounced around and then touched my left knee.

『Alra…your knee okay?』

「It feels like it always does. But, it’ll probably hurt tonight after using all that magic.」

If I used a lot of magic, it would grow.

『Worrisome. Do best.』

Then Chelnobok began to shimmer. It was probably trying to heal me.

I was very thankful.

Seeing Chelnobok light up, Cruz nodded,

「The previous death lord went to the other word, so now the curse might be healed!」

『Do best.』

The light grew and the pain seemed to lessen.

The strange feeling in my knee began to disappear.

After a while, Chelnobok’s glowing seemed to lessen.

『How you feel?』

「Somehow…quite a bit better.」


Chelnobok blubbered and quivered.

Cruz then touched my knee lightly.

「Yeah, the horrible feeling from the old death lord has disappeared!」

「Oh! Al’s recovered?」

If so I was happy.

「Chel, thanks.」

I thanked it, and it seemed to bow.

『Not full recovery. Sorry.』

「But I feel a lot better.」

『Your knee. Soul is damaged.』


『Soul not easy to heal.』

「I see. I guess not.」

If you could heal a soul, then a zombie could be resurrected.

『But. No more stone after this.』

「That makes me really happy. Thanks, Chel.」


Chelnobok shook and quivered again.



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