Chapter 169


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Chapter 169 – Priest and Slime

After taking care of the old death lord’s hideout, we went back to Chelnobok’s temple.

Chelnobok was riding in Cruz’ chest pocket again.

This time the guards didn’t say anything about how huge Cruz’ chest looked.

The priest was waiting for us inside of the building.

「W…why…Ah, first…」

The priest first asked, and then remembered that there were other believers around him.

He hurried to bring us into a room away from their ears.

「What happened?」

「We killed him.」

『Beat him.』

Chelnobok jumped out of Cruz’ chest pocket. It then jumped around on the floor.

Moofy then ran up to the slime. She started playing, pushing it around with her nose.

Femm poked at the slime with its front paw as well.


「Moo mooo!」


Chel, Moofy, and Femm were having a lot of fun.

Shiggy wanted to join as well, so she jumped out of my pocket.

「ryaa ryaa!」


Shiggy hovered in the air and then landed on Chel.

Chel jiggled happily.

The priest watched them with a smile.

「I see. It’s good to hear that the previous lord has been sent to the foot of god.」

「Cruz cut him up with her holy sword, and then Chelnobok sent his soul to the heavens.」

「Thank you very much. Such a load off my shoulders.」

For this religion, it was the god’s oracle that said the previous lord had to be destroyed.

It had to be done even if it cost lives.

He must have felt the pressure of spending days not able to fulfill the god’s will.

「The previous lord became a zombie.」

「Oh my…」

The priest was taken aback.

Even if he was the previous lord, it was unthinkable for him to become a zombie.

He probably expected the lord had become a lytch, spectre, or dragul.

I had thought so too.

「A punishment from god…I guess.」

「I don’t know. No one can know what the true intentions of god are.」

「If the magic lord says such, then it must be so.」

「Well, I never felt I was an agent of god or anything…」

「Me either, Al…」

「Did the previous death lord accept the oracles of the death god?」

「It seems he did not…」

Vi-Vi looked at us while petting Chelnobok,

「You’re a favorite of the death god, Chel.」


「You’re probably right.」

After that, we ate with the rest of the temple.

They were very appreciative of us.

The sun was setting when they brought us dinner.


「So, Chel, you eat the same thing as normal humans?」


Then the priest said,

「The master is able to eat anything.」


「From flowers to bugs…anything in between.」

『But food is good.』

It could eat anything, but it liked eating human food.

Edible and desirable were different ideas. Kind of like how humans could eat hydra meat, but no one wanted to.

After dinner, the priest came in and bowed.

「I have a request for you lords.」

「What is it?」

「Could you protect the master?」


The priest looked at Chelnobok, then bowed deeply.

「Yes. I don’t think the death lord should remain here.」

「Why? Shouldn’t Chel be here? Chel’s the chief after all.」

「Of course Chel is. However, we don’t have power to defend him. We couldn’t beat that zombie dragon, after all.」

That was normal. But they weren’t super weak.

However, they were in a lot less stronger position than Mulg.

「If another Great Demon appears, he may used the Master for his crimes.」

「That’s true. Even if Chel has low attack power, we can definitely use that talent of his with the undead.」


Chelnobok jiggled, probably out of fear.

「Al, what should we do?」

「I think it would be fun to live with Chel」Cruz said.

「What do you think, Chel? Are you okay leaving the priest?」


Chel thought it over. Its surface jiggled.

The priest used to be the fellow in charge of caring for Chel.

I wondered what kind of relationship they had, and didn’t really know.

Then the priest turned to Chel and said,

「You’re not too far from your believers in the village, you can see them anytime.」

『Hm, then okay.』

「I see. Well come with us to Mulg village then.」

『I go.』

Vi-Vi then asked the priest,

「Are you going to be okay? Isn’t the lord the highest rank here?」

「It’s fine. The master doesn’t have to be here.」

「The temple won’t split or something though?」

「I think it’s fine. The master won’t be so far away.」

If the temple was safe and Chelnobok wanted to come with us, I guess it’s okay.

So we decided to take him back with us.

Cruz was happy and so patted Chel.

「We’ll take care of you Chel!」


While she was petting Chel, she remembered something.

「Oh, I forgot about taxes!」


The priest looked down.

「Because this is a religious body the taxes are quite difficult.」


「Well, an assessor. I’ll send an assessor your way, so treat him right!」

The assistant was busy assessing taxes around Mulg and the assessors probably were too.

One reason it because the weight of the assessor’s luggage was heavy. An assessor was usually from a farming town as well.

It was hard for them to assess a temple as they spent time mostly assessing fields.

But still they would have to come.

「I see…」

「Relax, I’ll tell them that you’re not bad!」

「Thank you…」

The priest bowed deeply again.



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