Chapter 170


Translator: ranzan

Chapter 170 – Staying in the Temple

The priest drew us back before we left to return home.

「The sun has already fallen, so please feel free to stay here tonight.」

The trip back to Mulg was three hours with Femm and the others at full speed.

We weren’t in a hurry, and we didn’t want to travel at night.

Also, it seemed the priest and Chel wanted to spend time together before they parted.

With that in mind, we decided to stay.

「This is your room, Alfredora.」

「Thank you.」

「And your room, Miss Vi-Vi, is…」

They had an individual room prepared for each of us.

It was normal, of course, but in a way if felt high-class.

「You’re here, Moofy.」


『Don’t need one.』

It seems that Chel had prepared one room for all the beasts.

But both beasts refused it.

They wanted to sleep in my room.

「Won’t the bed be cramped?」

『We don’t care.』

「Moo moo!」

However, Vi-Vi grabbed on to Moofy’s neck.

「Moofy’s staying with me!」


That’s fine too? Moofy’s face seemed to say as she went to Vi-Vi’s room.

After Vi-Vi and Moofy had disappeared into the room, Cruz came up to me.

「We really exercised a lot today.」


「Let’s go to sleep and wake up early, and go back to Mulg!」

「Sure, but, Cruz…」


「Why are you getting in my bed?」

Cruz was already getting into my bed as if that was natural.

I couldn’t let my guard down.

Femm, on the other hand, didn’t seem to notice at all.

「It’s hard for me to sleep alone in an unknown place.」


「I’m not lying, Al!」

I really didn’t care, but this wasn’t my bed back at the house.

This bed was a lot smaller.

「Don’t you think this bed’s too small for two people?」

『You’re going to end up on the floor, Al.』

「Why do I have to end up on the floor?」

Femm made a large yawn.

「Come on Femm, move over a bit.」

『I guess I can’t stop her.』

Femm said, while moving out of the way.

It was still a tight fit, but I didn’t mind.

It’s normal that you’re stuck in tight sleeping spaces like this as an adventurer.

I got in the bed with Femm, and Cruz touched my knee.

「How is your knee, Al? You used a lot of magic.」

「Feel’s fine. Only hurts a bit.」

「It’s probably because of the death of the former death lord and Chel’s dispelling of the curse.」

「I think so too.」

She rubbed my knee again. Shiggy did so as well.

Shiggy wasn’t just cute, but kind as well.

「If your knee heals, will you finally come back to the capital?」

「No, I was thinking of staying hidden after killing the Demon Lord off.」

I had been on death’s edge for 20 years as an adventurer, after all.

It wouldn’t hurt anyone for me to rest. I had been thinking that for a while.

「Also, it would become public that I’m the new magic lord.」

「I see.」

Cruz had stuck by me because she had a healing effect on my knee.

I thought it was really helpful.

「Thanks, Cruz.」


「Because you keep this damn stone in my knee from growing, that’s why you’re always around me, right?」

「No, I mean, it’s fun to be around you!」

But now the stone had stopped growing. I think now she didn’t need to stick by me anymore.

Maybe it was time for her to go back to her work as hero.

「…hey, Cruz, about your work…」


Cruz was already sleeping. She was holding on to Femm.

Shiggy was rubbing her hair.


Femm looked at me, with a bit of a troubled face.

I gave Femm a look of “hang in there” and then went to sleep.


The next day, we had breakfast and then went home.

After breakfast, the followers of the death god called me over to Vi-Vi’s room.

「Look at this!」


「What did she do?」

The followers and Chelnobok were confused at what she had made.

But I knew what she made right away…a magical transfer circle.

「This happens to be…」

Vi-Vi explained it so they understood. I hoped they didn’t get angry with her for making it without asking.

「Vi-Vi, you just can’t make that without asking…」

「No, we’re happy she did!」

「Yes, yes, I put a magic defense circle here as well.」

Cruz puffed out her chest in pride.

Chelnobok jiggled a bit. Maybe it wanted to say something.

It spoke in spirit speech.

『Thank you.』

「We’re all very thankful.」

「Yeah, and we have security too. So please don’t come through the circle without telling us first.」

「It’s still very helpful.」

The priest and others would have to register with the town security before the came through.

Because of that, it would take a bit of time.

We explained that they had to keep it a secret, and about our security.

The priest listened very carefully.

Then we prepared to return.

After finishing with that, the priest handed Chelnobok over to us.

Cruz took the slime in her arms.

「I’ve got you, Chel.」


「Please take care of the master.」

「Sure. Leave it to me.」

The priest looked a bit loathe to part with the slime.

Vi-Vithen turned to him and said,

「When we get back to the village, and set the circle, we’ll come right away.」

「I see, then we won’t be apart for too long.」


We left the priest and headed home.

The priest bowed over and over. We could leave this temple in his hands.

Femm ran quickly back to Mulg.

Femm had run a lot since yesterday.

We went home from the temple.

It was through the way we had gone to defeat the zombie dragon. And past the way we had gone to the former death lord’s hideout.

It was quite a tougher path back then.

「All that running you did yesterday…are you tired?」

『I had a night of sleep, so I’m fine.』

「Moo moo!」

Seems like Femm and Moofy were okay.

Way stronger than horses would be.

「Thanks, but don’t push yourselves too hard. We’re not in any rush.」


『I know already!』

Then I looked at Cruz.

Chelnobok was riding on her shoulder as she ran.

「Are you okay, Cruz?」

「I’m fine. I haven’t exercised much lately, so it feels good.」

「Don’t push yourself too much either.」

「I know.」

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy looked happy as well.

She always liked it when we were going fast.

As we ran along, I looked over at Chel on Cruz’ shoulder.

I had no idea how a slime was feeling.

So I decided to talk to the slime and see.


『What it?』

「Let’s practice spirit speech.」

『Let me see if you can do it.』

『I wonder if can do it.』

『I’ll show you how.』

「Maybe I can do it to, it’s not that difficult of magic.」Cruz said.

『I’ll do best.』said the slime.

So we practiced our spirit speech as we returned to Mulg.



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