Chapter 171


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Chapter 171 – Away for a Day

It was past noon when we saw Mulg village again.

I continued teaching Chelnobok spirit speech as we ran along, and it didn’t take long.

We also took a long rest.

「Chel, that’s Mulg village.」

『It’s beautiful…』

「And that building is my house.」


Chel said in an excited spirit speech.

I wasn’t using spirit speech though.

It seems that Chelnobok was mastering the spirit speech though.

「Even though it’s a simple magic, you mastered it quite quickly.」


Chelnobok jiggled in glee.

「It did communicate with your followers in some kind of spirit speech…」

「I guess Chel can master spirit speech easily because of that, right?」

「Maybe. It’s the same type of magic, after all.」

「I see.」

Cruz looked pretty impressed, and patted Chelnobok, on her shoulder.

「Also, spirit speech is an easy magic. It shouldn’t be hard for Chel’s follower either.」

「So I guess I can use it?」

「If you practice, probably.」

「Then I will.」

『I’ll teach you, so do your best!』

「Moo Moo!」

All the beasts tried to encourage Cruz.

「I’ll practice too!」

『Do your best!』

「ryaa ryaa」

Chelnobok encouraged her too.

Shiggy also jumped from my pouch and shouted encouragement as well.

Just then, I could see the door of my house wing open.

It was Timisoara’s human-form face peek out.

「Was that Sighisoara’s voice?!」

「There’s no way you could hear that.」

「Timi, that’s the fifth time sthince this morning」

Millet and Collette were both trying to calm Timi down.

Timi looked around and then spotted Shiggy.

「Ah! Sighisoara!」

「ryaa ryaa」

Timi ran out to us at an unreal speed.

Her face was so serious, it was a bit scary.

「Ah, hey. Timisoara…we’re back.」

「W…welcome back. Sighisoara, are you okay?」

We said our hellos quickly. Timi patted Shiggy’s head.

She probably wanted to hug her, but she was inside my pouch.

She may have wanted to yank the dragon out of my pouch.

「Sighisoara. So cute today as usual!」


She rubbed cheeks with Shiggy.

Then Shiggy patted Timi’s head. Funny to see.

We all walked back to the house with Timi.

「Old man.」

「Welcome back, Al.」

Collette and Millet ran out to us.

I patted Collette’s head.

「We’re home.」

「Who is this?」

「It’s a slime!」


It seems the two girls already were taking to the slime.

They acted completely different from Timi, who didn’t really notice it.

「Let’s not stand out here; let’s head inside.」


「Are you ready for lunch?」

「Not yet…」

「I’m ready, though.」

Millet said, and Vi-Vi’s eyes sparkled.

「Thank youuuu! I’m sooooo hungry!」

「I’m hungry too!」 Cruz said.

「Moo mooo!」

Femm was the only silent one. Femm probably didn’t want to complain in front of the other magical wolves.

However, Femm was wagging its tail.


We explained what happened about Chelnobok to Timi, Millet, and Collette.

While I was doing this, Vi-Vi went out to make a new transport circle, and soon came back.

「So this Chel is the new death lord?」

『Nice to meet you.』

「It’s a secret though. If someone heard about it, Chel might get abducted.」



Millet and Collette both nodded with serious faces.

Timi patted Shiggy again. She stuck by her ever since she returned to the village.

「So the death lord is a slime…」


「Did something happen to you, Timi?」

「We had some guests to the dragon palace. Ancient dragon viscounts and marquises. They brought some gifts.」


「You don’t have to worry, Shiggy. I took care of all the tedious greeting and so on for you.」


「Yes. I know. I’m your aunt, after all.」

Timi really was close to Shiggy.

As this was going on, Luka and Yureena returned home.

「You’re home early, ladies.」

「We thought we should hurry back, so we left early.」

「She and I ran back just in case something bad had happened.」

They were worried about whether we had to face the death lord in battle.

I was thankful, and I explained to them everything that had happened.

「So the death lord is this slime?」

「That’s weird.」

『Nice to meet you.』

The same reaction as Timi. I guess no one expects a slime to be a death lord.

Then, Yureena touched my left knee.

「Your knee?」

「It’s fine now, thanks to you all.」

「You used magic yesterday, right?」

Yureena said, and then magically checked my knee.

「Yeah, no stone this time.」

「How’s the pain?」

Luka looked over the knee and asked with a worried expression.

「Hurts a little. But not so much that I can’t take.」

「I see.」

「Chelnobok said that the immortal killer arrow hurt my soul, so I’ll never recover from the pain.」

「That’s horrible…」

Millet said, after hearing that. She continued,

「…but, you probably won’t have to deal with that stone again!」

「That’sth great, old man!」

「Yeha, thanks. I don’t want you to worry.」

「Let’s have a big dinner in celebration of the healing of your knee, as well as Chel joining us!」


Chelnobok jiggled happily after hearing that.



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