Chapter 172


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Chapter 172 – God’s Will…and a Slime

Night came, and Vallimie came to the house as well. I explained everything to her over dinner.

After we cleaned the plates up, I asked Timi,

「Why did the death god choose some magician that was researching zombie magic?」

「No idea. One can never predict the thoughts of the gods.」

I guess Timi thought that there was no human that could understand the thoughts of gods.

Hearing this, Luka asked,

「But, the reaper won’t forgive those that seek immortality, right? That’s why zombies are made to scare humanity from pursuing immortality, right?」

「It’s a lesson that the reaper teaches to all.」

Vi-Vi said, and Vallimie nodded.

「It’s true we were told to kill the old follower of the death god that went against its teachings, right?」

Yureena mouthed the command that she had heard from me.

It’s true that we were told to「get rid of the man that had gone against the reaper.」

「In other words, Al, simply studying the magic of undead isn’t going against the teachings of the reaper, right?」

「I think you could say that.」

「But, once he turned himself undead seeking immortality, then he lost all protection. I guess that’s the most sensible way to think of it?」

I think Yureena had it figured out.

So I asked Chelnobok directly.

「Chel, what do you think?」

『Hmmm, no idea…』

「I see. You don’t know?」


Chelnobok sounded a bit sleepy.

During dinner, Chelnobok had happily absorbed the dinner that Millet had made.

Now it was probably full, and wanted to sleep.

Just like a human, basically. Kind of strange to think about.

Timi poked Shiggy with her finger, and whispered to herself,

「I’ll say it again…don’t think you can know the will of a god…」

「I guess so.」

「Thinking you can know what they’re thinking is disrespectful…in a way.」


「It’s rude to even think you know. It’s haughty for a human…no, even an ancient dragon to know what they’re thinking.」

Then, she looked at me.

And she looked at me seriously.

「Alra…You are strong. But arrogance leads to destruction. You must remember that.」

「I’ll take it to heart.」

Then, Timi smiled at me.

「Because, if you die, then who will raise Shiggy?!」

「ryaa ryaa」

「See? Even Shiggy says she doesn’t want you to die.」

「Is she really saying that?」

I guess that Timi really could translate what Shiggy was saying.

「Well…uh…yeah, at least that’s what it sounded like.」

「So you were just saying it?」

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy flew from Timi over to the table in front of me.

Then, Shiggy rubbed my hand with her claws.

I rubbed her head and tummy in return.


Shiggy said, happily.

As I was playing with Shiggy, Cruz asked Luka,

「Luka, what type of slime is Chel?」

「Uh, hmm. Blue, so a blue slime? Chel, do you have some special powers?」

『Don’t know.』

Chel jiggled a bit and said, so I told Luka myself,

「Chel’s very strong against undead. And I taught it how to use spirit speech today.」

「I see…」

Luka thought to herself, then she squeezed Chel with both of her hands.

「PiggIII piGGI!」

Chel said…I guess it was pleased.

Maybe something like a massage.

「There are different classes to slimes that you can tell by looking at them.」


「You can tell the class by seeing the color, like blue or green slime.」

Seems like the only differences were in the colors they had.

It was kind of funny that a slime itself had no idea though.

「What kind of abilities do the different slimes have?」

「Acid slimes, poison slimes, flame slimes, freeze slimes…and so on.」

After hearing this, Cruz said,

「A lot! I didn’t know that.」

「Other than acid and poison slimes, you don’t see many others.」

「Chel, can you use acid or poison?」

『Can’t use.』

「Can you use fire or ice?」

『Can’t use.』

「So…it’s just a blue slime.」

「JUST a blue slime?」

「Seems so.」

Luka said, and seemed to droop her shoulders.

「Maybe the previous death lord just had this blue slime as a pet or something?」

「That’s kind of weird…what do you think, Chel?」

『Mmm…he said I have high vitality…』

「I see…」

Luka said, satisfied, while nodding.

「So a blue LIFE slime!」

「What kind of slime is that?」

「It’s a blue slime with very strong recovery. Monster rank B.」

「A B rank? Chel’s pretty strong.」


Chel said, somewhat happily.



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