Chapter 173


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Chapter 173 – Deep into Autumn

Cruz went on her own way to take care of business.

Then I returned to my business of working as a guard again.

「Nice to be back guarding again.」

「Been through a lot, lately, Al!」

Vi-Vi said while scratching on the ground again.

Vi-Vi had gone to the death lord’s temple and back again this morning to test the magic transfer.

Then she set security in place to make sure the circles weren’t abused.

She looked like she was just playing around, but she was seriously practicing her art.

「You’re right, Vi-Vi.」

The weather was nice, but the sun’s glow wasn’t strong. There was a pleasant autumn breeze.

I looked over at the fields. Since the crops had been hauled in, there were few villagers going out to the fields.

Maybe they were doing something to finish off the harvesting process.

「I know that we harvested the potatoes from the fields…but we didn’t help the others.」

「Yeah…but we were busy.」

Shiggy and the other beasts were running around the cleaned fields.

They were all having quite a time.

Femm joined with them, looking like the one in charge of it all. Femm was quite a close observer.

「It was kind of sad that we didn’t get to help any of the villagers work in the harvest.」

「Well, we pulled in a lot of potatoes. I don’t think we need to worry!」

「You’re right!!」

I suddenly noticed that Millet had approached.

Collette was following her.

「Al and Vi-Vi, you’ve done a lot for the village!」

「Well…I guess so.」

「Plus, you put those golems to work that Vallimie taught you to make.」

That it true.

I guess we did serve a good purpose.

「Old man! I worked the golem mysthelf too!」

「Good job, Collette.」

I patted her head.

Collette and Millet continued to practice their magic.

Even though making a golem was hard, operating them wasn’t.

「Moo moo!」

Moofy came up behind Collette.

Moofy had helped the villagers. She was good at carrying around loads of crops for them.

She was quite popular with the villagers because she could carry so much.

「Moofy, are you done working?」


Vi-Vi asked, and Moofy answered happily.

Chelnobok was riding on Moofy’s back. There was nothing for Chel to do, though.

They were just walking through the village together. Almost like Chel was Moofy’s pet or something…or the other way around.

「Good job, Moofy.」


I patted Moofy’s head and she rubbed up against me.

Then Collette did the same.

「Moommph mmooomphh」

Moofy started to munch on my hand again.

「You really like doing that, don’t you, Moofy?」


She was already made magic, so she could chew away all she wanted now.

「Why don’t you chew on me, Moofy?」


Vi-Vi asked, a bit jealously.

Moofy had chewed on Cruz and my hand before. Maybe a holy or magic hand tastes better.

Vi-Vi put out her hand to Moofy.


A bit taken aback, Moofy sullenly went over to chew on Vi-Vi’s hand.

「Eheh heh」

「Mmpph mphh」

Vi-Vi seemed really happy about it.

As this was going on, the village chief walked up to us.

「Chief, we’re sorry we didn’t get to help with hauling in the crops.」

「No, the golems were a tremendous help. Thank you.」

Then the chief looked over at Moofy and Vi-Vi.

「Thanks for helping to move so much around, Moofy.」


Moofy replied, with a mouth full of Vi-Vi.

「So…I have a request for you, Al.」

「What is it?」

The chief looked over at Moofy a bit.

「We need to sell some more meat.」

「An easy task.」

There was still a LOT of meat left over from Moofy, after all.

「We need money to pay off those taxes.」

「Yes. But there will be a re-evaluation, although I think we should sell the meat in preparation for that.」


「And we also need money to buy goods for the village.」

Just as before, we would need to go to the town, or maybe to the capital.

We could just instantly go to the capital and back through the magic circle though.

「Wuff! Wuff!」

Just then, Femm barked at us from the field.

A few magical wolves came out, some carrying the little pups.

Femm had bit down on Shiggy’s wing, and was running straight at us.


Shiggy was happy about it for some reason.

When Femm made it to me, it spit out Shiggy at me.

I grabbed onto Shiggy and asked,

「What is it?」

『Someone’s coming!』


「Who is it?」

『Someone with no dangerous smell.』

But still, the wolves had moved the pups away from the entrance, just in case.

A very smart magical wolf king.

「I guess I should put Shiggy in my pouch.」

「ryaa ryaa!」

So Shiggy crawled in. She stuck her head out to watch.

After a bit, I saw a group of about 10 people walking to the village.



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