Chapter 174


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Chapter 174 – Survey

As the group came nearer, I remembered I had seen the guy who looked like the leader before.

It was Cruz’ assistant. He was riding a horse.

In exchange for the assessor that was imprisoned, this assistant was doing the reassessment himself.

「Thanks for coming.」

「Ah, Mr. Al. I guess you really are guarding this village.」

The assistant came closer, and quickly dismounted.

Moofy quickly spit Vi-Vi’s hand from her mouth as the assistant approached.

Femm, on the other hand, stood at attention.

「Moo moo!」

「Moofy. Nice to see you again.」

The assistant rubbed Moofy, and Moofy was happy about it.

I then introduced the assistant to the unhappy-looking chief, who had just came near.

「Chief, this is Cruz’ assistant.」

「Why have you come to Mulg yourself?」

「Because the previous assessor was fired, right? We have to reassess this village for taxes, and we had no time to entrust the process to a new assessor.」

I explained politely to the chief for the assessor.

Since the old assessor had done some untoward work, he was now doing hard labor in a mine somewhere.

With the introductions completed, the assistant went to the fields to assess them.

Millet went along with them as the vice chief of the village.

Since I was just the guard, I stayed at the village gates.

Collette was behind me, watching everything going on.

「My sthisthter is really busthy.」




Collette grabbed Femm, perhaps lonely with her sister away from her.

Femm licked Collette all over her face.


Moofy, Shiggy, and Chel all started to play around her.

「Kyaa! Kyaa!」

Now Collette was running around too.

「You all want to play?!」

「Wuff!」「Moo moo!」「ryaa ryaa」「Piggi!」

「So what game do you want to play?!」

So Collette and the beasts all started playing together.

Seeing this, Vi-Vi said,

「Must be tough begin that assistant.」

「He has to take his employees around too, so he can’t use the secret magical transports.」

The circles were to be kept secret. On top of that, they were heavily secured.

The assistant knew about them and could use them, but with employees, he couldn’t.

So he had to ride a horse with them all in tow.

「Timi…might be hard to ask, but maybe we could ask Doby to carry them around.」

「No. I don’t think they’d like the feeling of flying.」

「Hm…I guess it is a tough job.」

Vallimie could ride her favorite dragon Doby way faster than a horse.

However, a normal person isn’t going to want to fly in the sky.

No one wants to fall and die.,

As we were talking about that, Collette and the other beasts started to play tag.

「Wait! Wait!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Collette and Shiggy were it, I guessed. Moofy, Femm, and Chel were running away.

If Moofy and Femm were running at full speed, they couldn’t be caught. So they were holding back quite a bit.

They knew how to play with a little kid.

「I wonder how fast Chel could go if it went full speed.」

「Probably not that fast.」

「I guess not.」

Just then, Collette caught Chel.


「You’re it, Chel!」


I guess she caught Chel and Chel was added to those that were it.

Now Chel was bouncing around towards Moofy.

「Whoa, pretty fast.」

「Yeah, Al. Probably faster than a person.」

Chel was way faster than I thought.

As the three its were running around, it seemed the survey ended.

The chief and the assistant’s crew all filed back together.

「Thanks. You were done quickly.」

「Yes, we knew where to look, after all.」

I was a bit taken aback at having to introduce Chel to the assistant.

「Have you heard anything about a new religion in Cruz’ region?」

「No, we haven’t seen the ruler for two days now. She hasn’t been by the manor.」

The manor was where the assistant conducted all the business.

I guess we could tax the death temple the next time around.

I guess Cruz was already considering one or the other.

「Is that so. Well, please be careful on your return.」

「Thank you. Please give our regards to the marquise.」

He then left in a hurry.

Still probably very busy.

After he disappeared on the horizon, I asked the chief,

「How was the taxation this year?」

「Yes, quite lower than last years.」

「Great to hear that.」

「It’s quite a big help.」

After hearing about the taxes, Vi-Vi said,

「Hm. Not that high, huh? Probably the true tax price.」

「Well, the old assessor had been squeezing these people dry.」

The old assessor was putting a high price on projected crop growth and sales as his normal amount.

Seems that value had fallen back to normal.

「So, Al, about the meat sales…」

「We’ll go to sell it tomorrow.」

「Thank you very much.」

In order to pay off the tax, I would sell some meat tomorrow.



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