Chapter 175


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Chapter 175 – Selling Meat Meet and Greet

During dinner, everyone ate together as usual.

Then afterwards, we all cleaned up, when Luka asked,

「What’s the wholesale price for that meat in the capital anyway?」

「Hm…Don’t know, really.」

「Strange that you don’t know either, Luka.」

「I know how much beast meat is, but just normal cow? No idea.」

I guess it was normal for Luka not to know. Anyone but a meat seller wouldn’t know.

Hearing this, Yureena said,

「I don’t know the wholesale price, but I know how much it is if you buy it from stores.」

「Does the church buy meat?」

「We prepare it for the poor, and the priests and nuns eat quite a bit of it too.」

So I asked what the price was to buy meat on the market from Yureena.

Of course, this would be higher than the wholesale price.

「Maybe the church should buy directly from us?」

「It’s a good idea, but I don’t think they should.」

Luka refused Vi-Vi’s idea flatly.


「You need a license to buy and sell meat.」

「How lame.」

Then Luka explained.

Big buyers and sellers in the city had to jump through hoops, unlike selling in the country.

Then Luka said, seriously,

「Al, if you’re asking the wholesale price, that means you’re going to go sell it, right?」

「Yeah, after the survey, the town has to pay taxes somehow.」

「Well, you could sell it in Cruz’ region, where there are less rules, or the capital where the rules are strict. You’ve thought of that, right?」

Millet nodded after hearing Luka say that.

「She’s right…」

「You can sell some to me, Al.」

Vallimie said.

「Sure, no problem, but…do you need meat in Lindobal forest?」


「For Rai and Doby’s food?」

Rai was her tiger, and Doby was her great dragon.

Both of them were her favorite beasts.

「Yeah, that’s one reason…but that’s just a bit of what I need. Actually, I can sell it to local villages.」

「Hm, what do you think, Millet?」

「After we find out the price, sure…」

After hearing that, Vallimie said with a smile,

「I think I can give you a good price for it.」

「The area around Lindobal forest was the Demon Lord’s old area. I guess good meat is in need, huh?」

「Because the Demon Lord didn’t have much livestock. The humans that moved in there afterwards probably really want some meat to eat.」

Vallimie said that because the devils in the region usually could feast on the meat of magical beasts.

However, all the humans that now moved into the area didn’t like the taste of magical beast meat.

「Even if they wanted to eat the meat, don’t they live far from you? It would take a lot to carry it around.」

You’d need a magical bag to carry around all that meat without it rotting. And that would require her buying a very expensive bag.

So, that would make the meat expensive.

But it would be a good chance for Vallimie to do business.

「Well, Vallimie, how much do you want?」


Now Millet was negotiating with Vallimie. It was her job, after all.

They eventually came to a conclusion.

Vallimie would buy 20% of the remaining meat of Moofy.

「Deducting the amount that the village would need, that would leave 50% of the meat left to sell.」

「Yeah, now let’s see what the price is in the capital.」

「That’s a good idea.」

As we talked it over, Millet was doing calculations.

「Well, with the amount that Vallimie bought, we can do something about the taxes levied on the village.」

「So, I guess we don’t have to hurry with the rest, right?」

「Well, we have to get all the consumables for the winter before it hits.」

It seems that we’d sell to the same person that the village sold all of its crops to.

This salesman usually came to buy directly from the village.

He had been doing it for quite a long time.

After we were done talking about selling in the capital, Cruz asked.

「Al, how was my assistant doing?」

She had gone to the manor while he was here.

After she had dismissed the assessor, Cruz’ region was left in a difficult position.

The assistant had to do the old assessor’s job, and someone was asked to cover the assistant’s job.

The assistant had to do a job that an assessor usually had to do.

「He looked fine. Maybe a bit tired.」

「I see…I hope he’s okay.」

「He won’t go back to the manor for two day. He’s traveling through the woods.」

「Okay…I guess I should do my job too.」

「I thought about asking him about Chelnobok’s religion, but he looked so busy, I didn’t.」

「They’re all busy now. I think I should do the temple’s taxes myself.」

Cruz said with a serious face.

「Can you do that, Cruz?」

「If I do well, I think I can…」

Then Yureena said, strongly, while grabbing onto both of Cruz’ hands with her own,

「I’ll help you, Cruz!」

「Thanks! Please do!」

「Can you do it, Yureena?」

Yureena looked at me, a bit shocked,

「I’m the head of a church, right?! I have a lot of things asked of me.」

「Don’t pressure them, okay?」

「I won’t! How rude!」


「Don’t worry about it, Chel.」

Yureena said, proudly.



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