Chapter 176


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Chapter 176 – Getting Ready to Sell Meat

The next day, Cruz and Yureena and Luka all went to the capital.

They all had to learn about how to tax a religion.

「Leave it to me. I’ll learn how to do it.」

「Thanks, Yureena.」

「You can ask me anything!」

Yureena said, happily. She grabbed on to Cruz’ arm, and smiled.

Luka looked at the two and smiled with a cringe.


「You want to come, Chel?」

『I go.』

Chelnobok jumped onto Cruz’ shoulder.

After all, Chel was the top of the religion. It wanted to learn too.

After Cruz and the others left for the capital, Timi said, while Shiggy was sitting on her arm,

「Alra, do you want to go and sell some meat with Sighisoara?」

「Sure, I do.」

「So, to the capital?」

「Because it’s a lot of beef. And they can handle it easier.」

「And with a magic circle connected, it’s easier to go there.」

As Vi-Vi and I explained, Timi nodded and said,

「Okay, then, I shall go as well.」

「Fine, but do you have work back at the palace?」

「Not today. Let’s go to the capital, Shiggy!」

Timi said with a puffed out chest.

She just wanted to be there with Shiggy.

There was no reason to refuse. So I asked her to come along.

Before we went, Vi-Vi and I put on a disguise.

It was the masks that Cruz had given both of us.

「Old man and sthub-bossth, wow!」

「Are we that big a deal?」

「Yeah, you’re so cool!」

「Moo moo!」


Collette and Moofy and Shiggy all yelled happily.

Timi looked at me, impatient.

「I want a mask too! Have any left over?」

「I don’t have one, but I’m sure Cruz has some.」

「Hm…I see. So, do they sell them at the capital?」

Timi asked, leaning forward.

We might not be able to buy one in the capital. At least, not in a normal store there.

「I wonder. We might have to ask Cruz.」

「I see…too bad.」

She looked quite depressed. I felt a little sorry for her.

So I took off my wolf mask and gave it Timi.

「You want to put mine on?」

「Hey, can I?」

「Sure. I’ll put the fake beard Millet gave me.」

「Really? Then, thank you?」

Then she put the wolf mask on.

「What do you think, Shiggy? I’m a WOLF!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

「Yeah! Yeah!」

Shiggy and Timi both looked at each other happily.

While watching, I put my fake beard on.

If you think about it, I was the only one that could cast preservation magic onto the meat to keep it from rotting.

It wasn’t realistic for me to do that while I was wearing a mask.

I’d have to take the thing off if any store would buy the meat I was selling.

So having the fake beard was a way better method of getting the meat sold.

So I stuffed the beef into my magic bag, and we were off.

It was Millet, Vi-Vi, Timi, Shiggy, and I. Collette was a kid, so she was left home.

Before, Collette had come with us, so it was hard to leave her alone.

This time we’d get home before dinner because of the transfer circle.

「Do your besth old man!」

「Watch over the village for us.」

「Yesth sthir!」

We saw Collette off as we went to the magic circle in the storage shack.

Like usual, Moofy tried to join us.

「Moo moo!」

「You’re going to help watch the town, right?」


Moofy seemed shocked. But she would stand out too much. There was no reason to bring her unless there was a fight.

Moofy tried as hard as she could to bite my sleeve and drag me back.

She really wanted to go.

Then Femm spoke to Moofy, saying,

『Of course, Moofy, you’ll stand out too much.』



「Just stay here and watch the village.」

「Moofy, let’s play!」


Moofy still looked depressed, but Collette was stroking her fur.

『I’m going with them, so you’re going to have to watch the town, Moofy!』

Femm said to Moofy.

「No, you’re staying here too, Femm!」


Femm looked at me like he couldn’t believe it.

「But…a wolf will stick out too much in the city.」

『I look like a dog.』

「You always say you’re not one!」

『That’s not true…』

Femm was saying it looked like a dog, but that was too much.

It would stick out even more than a grass-grazing cow. Way more.

Collette petted Femm, and said,

「Play with me too, Femm.」


Collette went off with Moofy and Femm.

The looked back from time to time, lonely, as they walked away.

「Sad to leave them here.」

「We’ll buy them some souvenirs.」

「I guess so…」

I’ll buy Femm some delicious meat for it to eat. Moofy would be happy with anything, but I’d have to think a bit.

So we were off to the capital.



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