Chapter 178


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Chapter 178 – Buying Bundles

After completing those purchases with no problem, we went to buy what was needed.

Millet asked Tolf,

「Is there a store that we can buy daily things needed for the village around here?」

「When you say “daily things” what do you mean?」


Millet explained the necessary good and amounts.

Tolf listened to her seriously.

「Well, I can have all those things prepared for you, if you wish…」

「Oh…thank you very much!」

Now, Millet and Tolf negotiated the price.

Vi-Vi, Timi, and I just sat there and watched.

「He can sell a lot of stuff, huh?」

「It’s the capital. And a big store!」

This store could sell small amounts, wholesale, and deliver.

That’s why he came over to us from selling small things when he saw us.

Timi then said with a depressed tone,

「…no dragon mask here though.」

「Well, probably no demand for one.」

「If they don’t have a dragon, they could at least have another wolf one.」

As we were talking, a clerk came over.

「Everyone here with viscount Timisoara, if you would like tea, I can definitely…」

「Yeah! We’d love some! Alra and Vi-Vi too!」

Timi pulled us both along into the back room.

There was a table with tea and candies. What a great boss. The candies looked great too.

And Millet was already sitting there with Tolf.

「Millet, are you done already?」

「Yes. It turned out really well.」

Millet looked very happy. Tolf smiled as well.

「Just want all my customers to be happy.」

「And we want to get along with you.」

「Yes, that would make me happy.」

I don’t think that Tolf was saying this out of simple benevolence either.

We were friends of the legendary hero Cruz, the head of the guild, Luka, and the great healer, Yureena.

Furthermore, the great dragon viscount, Timisoara.

Of course a businessman would want good terms with us. Nothing wrong with that.

Timi sat down and started nibbling on the candy.

I guess since she was so highly born, there was no reason to hold back.

「Hm, this tastes great.」

「I’m glad you like it.」

「Do you want some, Sighisoara?」


Shiggy emerged from her pouch, and flew onto the table.

I watched while eating and drinking tea. And the candies were quite good.

There was also a simple cake, made from the finest ingredients.

「Is it good, Shiggy?」

「ryaa ryaa!」

「I see.」

Shiggy was chomping down what she could, while Timi happily watched.

Tolf was a bit surprised upon seeing Shiggy.

「He didn’t think that Timi was hiding a dragon in her clothes.」

「So who is this?」

「Yes, this is my niece, Sighisoara.」

「Your niece, Sighisoara? Nice to meet you.」


Shiggy said as she crammed more in her mouth.

「Sighisoara is thanking you for the delicious treats.」

「I’m glad she’s happy.」

Timi was translating from what she just thought Shiggy said, again.

「Shiggy is a duchess. So I’m representing her for now.」



Tolf was surprised, and Shiggy bowed once to make sure he understood.

I mean, she may not have known what we were saying, but she was thankful for the treats.

After a while, the workers prepared all the goods while we were being entertained.

I stuffed them in my magic bag and paid Tolf while thanking him. Then we left.

And Shiggy got back in my pouch, so Timi was a bit sad.

「I’m glad all this was done so quickly.」

「Good job, Millet.」

「We should bring back souvenirs.」

We had promised to bring back some for Moofy and Femm.

We couldn’t forget them.

「Femm’s going to want meat.」


「Maybe we should buy enough for all the magic wolves.」

Millet was looking around. She was probably looking for something good to buy.

「No, Femm said we shouldn’t be feeding the wolves without good reason.」

「You’re right…I guess it’s hard then.」

Vi-Vi said, with crossed arms.

「Kinda weird to sell and then buy meat, too. Maybe chicken?」

「That reminds me, what meat does Femm like, anyway?」

「Maybe great dragon meat?」

Timi was right. Femm did say great dragon was good meat.

But there was still great dragon meat in the storage shack.

「How about goat meat?」


We didn’t need to buy a whole goat…just a lump of meat.

「Buy some sweets for Collette too.」

「And something sweet for Moofy!」



I didn’t know why, but it Vi-Vi said so, then so be it.

So we bought several different types of cookies.

And with souvenirs in hand, we headed back to the village.

「Ah, it’s you Al.」

We met Cruz and Yureena near Cruz’ palace.

They were walking with several people that I guess were following her.



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