Chapter 179


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Chapter 179 – Yureena and Gang in the Capital

Cruz saw me and ran to me, waving.

Her chest was enormous, but it was because Chelnobok was riding inside her outfit.

「Al, what a coincidence!」

「Not really.」

「That reminded me, you said you were selling meat?」

Cruz asked of me, smiling.

Then she saw the sweets that Millet was carrying.

「Ah, those look so good!」

「They’re souvenirs…」

「Oh…that’s nice…」

Cruz was totally ready to gobble them down.

But the sweets were for Collette and Moofy.

I mean, they were sweets from the capital. Cruz had no reason to get them as she lived in the capital.

If Cruz wanted to have some, she could buy them herself.

As we were talking, Yureena approached us.

「Did you sell all the meat?」

「Thanks to all their help. It was a good sale.」

「Well, great!」

There were several behind Yureena. They might have been Cruz’ bureaucrats.

Cruz didn’t just have bureaucrats around her region, but had some in the capital as well.

There were a lot of organizations and things to do in the capital, so she had bureaucrats for those as well.

One of them was looking at us sharply.

He looked smart and from good birth.

「Madam, who are they?」


「Hold it!」

Cruz was about to explain everything. However, Yureena turned and shouted at the bureaucrat.

「I’m very sorry.」

The bureaucrat backed up obediently. Yureena continued to glare at him.

Seeing Yureena that serious made her look a bit scary.

I whispered to Cruz,

「Hey, what’s up with Yureena?」

「No idea. She’s kind of pissed…」

「You don’t know?」

Yureena was pissed for some reason that Cruz didn’t understand.

「So, did you figure out the way to tax that temple?」

「Yeah, no problem!」

「Good to hear. When are you going to visit?」

There was a transfer circle from Mulg, after all.

She could go there today without waiting if she wanted.

「Hm…maybe tomorrow. Chel wants to go too.」


A small voice issued from Cruz’ chest.

Vi-Vi looked at all the bureaucrats and asked,

「Are these your folks, Cruz? There’s a lot of them here in the capital!」

「Half are from Yureena, though.」

「Yureena’s that rich?!」


Yureena’s family were always rich.

She became a member of the hero’s party not because of her family.

Even with a name for herself, I was the only one with a father that was a knight.

That’s why you could consider Yureena and Luka both came from very great academic families.

Yureena’s family name, Linmia was the trade name of a large business owned by her family.

The Linmia group has a very “rich” history. They have more money than most titled royals.

「Yureena is a very rich lady.」

「Wow…you can’t tell by looking.」

「I thought she looks like one.」

Vi-Vi and Millet seemed to have differing opinions.

Just then an older gentleman came to Yureena and started talking.

「Madam, we should…」


「Yes ma’am.」

The old man stood and closed his mouth. Yureena did seemed pissed.

I said so that only Cruz could hear me,

「She’s really rough on her followers…」

「You think?」

「She was mean to the young guy too.」

「But that guy’s under me, Al.」


This was weird. The young kid didn’t even follow her, and it was strange she scolded him.

「Yeah, she’s just in a bad mood.」

「Even so…」

It was strange.

「Cruz, let’s go.」

「Ah. Okay. See you later all.」

After that, Vi-Vi and Millet exchanged words with them and Cruz was on her way.

As they left, Yureena whispered to me.

「I’ll tell you later.」


There was a reason for her acting like that, I guess.

After that, we bought treats for Cruz, Yureena, and Luka too.

Then we headed home.


After leaving the storage shack, Moofy galloped up to us.

She was hurrying at full speed.

「Moo moo!」

「Okay okayokayokayokay」

Moofy was grinding her nose into my belly.

I rubbed her head.

「You can do that to me, okay, Moofy?」

「Moo mooo!」

Maybe because Moofy sensed Vi-Vi’s jealousy, she then turned and did the same to Vi-Vi.

Vi-Vi grinned and pet her too.

「Gee Moofy.」

Then Collette came running.

「Old man!」

「Were you a good girl?」

「I’m alwaysth a good girl!」

I patted her head.

Then Femm came up to us, wagging its tail slowly.

It had to look tough in front of the pack, and it was tough being a king, after all.

「Come here, Femm.」


Then Femm ran up, barking.

I rubbed Femm’s head, finally.

「We have souvenirs!」

「Wuff wuff!」


「Moo moo!」


For some reason, Shiggy was happy too.

Millet looked at her sister and the beasts and said,

「Souvenirs AFTER dinner, okay?」

「wuff」「mooo 」「ryaaa」

「I can wait, sthisth!!」

The beasts were all sad, but Collette was proud that she had patience.



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