Chapter 18


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Chapter 18 – The Result of Devil-Style Livestock Production

Femm was barking and growling at the cow near the stable so the cow wouldn’t stomp through the middle of town.

Looking at it closely, I could finally judge how big it was. Its weight must have been about 100 times of a normal cow.

Millet hurded away the other cows to safety while shouting,

「Mister Al! The cow got huge all of the sudden!」

「There should be a limit to how huge it can get…」

I looked in shock over at Vi-Vi.

She wasn’t just being mischievous in plumping the cow up this huge…she was proud of it!

「Heh heh, three whole days. Every day I came out here to care for the cow, I improved this magic circle a little more.」

「And, this is the result!?」

I saw when Vi-Vi put out the magic circle the first time. From what I saw, that one was about half power or so of this one, judging by size.

I guess if you add onto a magic circle, it becomes like this.

Vi-Vi thought that would help, but now she’s put everyone in danger.

『What do we do?』

「Well, I don’t really know…」

Femm asked as I looked over at the village chief.

The village chief looked at me while calmly saying,

「We have to make meat of it.」

「May I?」

「We were planning to kill it and pack it next month anyway.」

Mulg Village’s main agricultural product is livestock. Slaughtering and packing cow meat for delivery is an everyday thing.

The chief was a bit sad about it.

「However, if we take the meat to the village raw, it’s going to rot. And if we try to dry the meat, well, there’s so much of it that the workload is impossible.」

「If that’s so, leave it to me. I am a wizard, after all.」

「Can you really do something?」

The chief’s face brightened up.

「Yes. If I can conjure up some storage magic, then it is possible.」

「That would really help.」

Since I had permission from the man who decided what to do with the cow, the chief, I got ready to dispatch the cow.


Maybe the cow knew what I was planning, so it let out a frightful cry. I pitied it, but there was nothing I could do.

「Stop right there!」

Vi-Vi suddenly ran and stood in front of me.

「Moofy didn’t do anything bad TO YOU!」

Seems like she named the cow…Moofy.

Then Millet screamed,

「The cow’s name is HACHI!」

It seems that Vi-Vi just gave the cow her own name without asking.

「The cow’s done nothing wrong, but…」

「Look at how cute Moofy’s eyes are, you BASTARD! Are you going to kill it?!」


「You BRUTE!」

「Well, you had some beef stew yesterday, right?」


Vi-Vi thought about it for a second.


She looked up at the cow now with the eyes of a pet’s owner. The trap that any kid on the farm falls into.

「I know how you feel, but…」


「But, at this size, the cows going to eat the whole forest in a few days.」


Vi-Vi had no response.

「If the cow tips over, half the village will be destroyed.」

「I guess you’re right, but…」

Millet had finished moving all the other cows away and now approached Vi-Vi with understanding words.

「Vi-Vi…I know it’s sad, but there’s nothing we can do.」

「Uh…okay…I understand.」

Vi-Vi walked up and stroked the hoof of the giant cow.

「Sorry, Moofy…this is all my fault.」

「It’s not your fault, Vi-Vi. This cow’s meat was designated for delivery.」

It was about to get packed a bit early, but I still tried to calm Vi-Vi by saying that.

「Don’t let it feel any pain. Please.」

「I know.」

I created a magical spear and shot it straight through its brain. The cow slumped straight downwards with a thud.

Then I bound the cow’s body with a magic net and used a magic knife to drain its blood and begin slicing it apart.

「Chief, is there a large area I can use for this?」

「Ah! Right over here.」

In the place the chief indicated I used a magical explosion to form a large hole.

I etched a magic circle around the whole, making the insides larger with storage magic. I had improvised a magically-enlarged bag in the ground.

This bag looked limited if you looked at it from outside the hole, but the inside could expand as large as needed.

It would be VERY expensive if you were to buy something like this.

Putting no-status-change magic on the hole, and the price gets even higher.

This hole had storage magic, size expansion, and the insides didn’t change status.

I put all the meat inside. Then I solidified all the dirt I had exploded off the hole into a magical lid.

「This meat won’t go bad for a year.」

「It can hold for that long?!」

「Yes, it’ll be fine.」

The villagers that had been watching suddenly ran up, ecstatic.

「Wow, great job Al!」

「We need to finally grant you permanent residency!」

「With Millet…」

They were all chattering away.

「Old man!」

Collette jumped out of the crowd.

「Oh, what is it?」

「Old man! I think you sthould marry my sthisthter!」


Femm was running around my legs.

「Ruff, ruff!」

It was drooling profusely and whipping its tail back and forth.

Give me some meat! It’s face said without speaking.

「Ok, I get it.」

Then I asked the chief,

「Chief. Sorry to ask but…」

「Sure, you can give it some.」

I asked if I could take some meat for Femm and the others, and the chief cheerfully agreed.

Femm jumped up and down gleefully.

In the midst of all the happy commotion,

「Rest in peace, Moofy.」

Vi-Vi alone was bereft.



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