Chapter 180


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Chapter 180 – Yureena’s Worry

It was evening, and Cruz and the others came from town. Vallimie came too.

After dinner, we passed out the souvenirs.


「This looks delicious!」

「Yeah, you have good sense.」

「These treats look great!」


Collette and Cruz all looked happily at the treats we bought.

Yureena looked a bit confused, though.

「We were all in the capital though, it’s weird to get us souvenirs.」

「Don’t think too much about it!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Cruz started scarfing the treats down. Shiggy also started to eat away at them.

It was strange because you’d think Shiggy would realize that she was there when you bought them in the capital, and to save them for others.

Well, no reason to care that much about it. Yureena started to eat them too.

「Ah, these are good.」


For some reason, Cruz was acting proudly about it.

「Moo moo!」

Moofy happily took some treats as well.

From what Vi-Vi said, cows like sweet treats.

But this wasn’t just a cow, this was a holy-magic cow.

No matter how many treats this cow ate, it wouldn’t get sick.

Even so, Moofy slowly ate the most basic ones.

「Are those good, Moofy?」


「I see.」

Vi-Vi started happily feeding Moofy more treats.

「I know you usually eat meat, but can you eat sweet stuff?」

『You know it!』

「Ah, I see.」

I guess canines like sweets too. They like to be fed sweets after all.

I was wondering…so I gave Femm some of the simpler sweets as well.

「Wuff wuff!」

Femm ate them and looked at me happily.

「You want some meat?」

『You bet!』

I took out the lamb meat. Femm wolfed it down quickly.

Even though we had just eaten dinner, Femm was able to eat the whole thing.



Shiggy then tore at the meat from the side.

I knew Shiggy wanted to eat some, but Femm was looking at me like it wanted to eat it all itself.

Shiggy was trying to compete for the meat with a wild, magical wolf.

「Hey! Stop, Shiggy!」


I picked up Shiggy and let Femm go at the meat.

「Listen, Shiggy. You can’t just eat someone else’s food.」


But I knew what Shiggy did something strange like that.

When I gave food to the little pups, I put it in one bowl, and they all ate it together.

But grown wolves ate their own food with the consciousness that that was their own food.

So they aren’t the same as kids. That’s why she made the mistake.

So I told Shiggy how to be polite.

「Tell Femm you’re sorry.」


Shiggy said with a bow.


Shiggy said in return, and licked Shiggy’s face.

Seems like Shiggy was forgiven. What a nice wolf.


「wuff wuff」

Seeing Shiggy go through that, Timi said,
「It’s good she learned about that.」

「Maybe you should teach her the manners of ancient dragons too…」

「Leave it to me.」

Timi puffed out her chest.

Only Timi could teach her after all. I hope she does.


After that, I got in the bath and went back to my room to sleep, and Yureena came in.

She sat down on my bed.

Moofy and Femm both followed her to the bed and laid down.

「Hey, you said you were going to tell me something.」

「Yeah, listen, okay?」


Shiggy flew into Yureena’s chest.

She petted Shiggy, while continuing.

「I’ve come into a little trouble.」


「In the afternoon in the capital, you saw all those people I was with?」


Cruz had her followers, as did Yureena.

「The old guy was the head of them all. The kid with Cruz was just a bureaucrat.」


「Cruz just got that new assessor, right? That kid is the old guy’s son.」

It is true that she was looking for a new assessor after the old one was dismissed.

「So, did something happen?」

「Well, my parents are telling me I should marry that guy.」

I guess it was something I should congratulate her about.

But she looked really upset about it.

Because Yureena really liked Cruz…and after I thought about that…


「What does that mean?」

「Hey, relax.」


She suddenly quieted down. More than usual.

「So you got in a situation that’s hard to refuse?」

「That’s right.」

Yureena’s family was a very rich trading family. But it wasn’t always that way.

When Yureena became a viscount, that meant she had joined the royals.

The young fellow wasn’t well off, but he still came from a old family of politicians and bureaucrats.

He was just a baron, but he would continue in his father’s line.

「I see. So your family has the money, but you need to have the connections too.」

「Well, I guess, if you put it that simply.」

「So, why are you resisting by saying no?」

「Well, my family’s had a lot of things done for them by that kid’s family.」

「So if you refuse, your family takes it hard?」

「And since the father was friends with that assessor for a long time, he was happy that his son would take his place and marry me.」

「So your family’s stuck…that sucks.」

「But still, I said no.」

「Oh, wow.」

「But he won’t take no for an answer!!」

Yureena said, leaning forwards. Almost like she was shot.

She had a strange attractive power…unlike Luka or Cruz.

「Hey! Hey! Too close!」

「So, I want you to act like my lover! Al, please!」


Man, this is going to suck.



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      Yureena he notices, and thinks is getting too close…
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      Pretty sneaky move on her part; she can argue a legit reason for it when Cruz, Millet, Luka, Vi-Vi, Moofy, Femm (who’s gender is still unknown…), etc., all get upset for reasons that will, of course, elude Al.

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