Chapter 181


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Chapter 181 – Yureena’s Worry 2, Electric Boogaloo

Yureena was about to jump on me…her face was so close.

「Yureena! Too close!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

I had pulled back, but Shiggy was looking at me with sparkling eyes.

She had probably thought this was really fun.

「Yureena, what are you saying? I don’t understand…」

「Why not?! It makes sense, right?」

「Why not ask Cruz?」

「I would…but she’s a girl.」

For a royal to have a descendant meant that you had to have a man and a woman.

I knew that, but this was really going to be an annoying experience. I could feel it.

「And there’s one other thing!」


「I already told him that I had a lover.」

「What? Without telling me?」

「I’m SORRY! It was so spur of the moment, I had no other choice!」

I guess I had to apologize to her if she begged like that.

「Okay, I get it…」

「Thank you.」

She smiled again in that cute way of hers.

「So what kind of guy is he?」

「I don’t really know. After I was introduced, I told him I had a lover and refused.」


「But he kept bothering me. He told me he wanted to meet whoever it was.」

It seems that she didn’t really hate him as much as rush to get married.

I know how she felt. She was still young.

「You keep calling him the son of the assessor, but what’s…what’s his name?」

「Um…I…forgot…I was introduced, though.」

「You can’t remember? This really sucks…」

「But, but…they set me up so fast with him I CAN’T REMEMBER!」

「So fast?」

She nodded.

「Yes. I was going to show Cruz something at my house, so I had Cruz come with me.」


「So as I was showing her around my library, the old man called me…and told me to leave Cruz behind.」


「So then the old guy introduces the son. And then he says you should definitely marry this young man now.」

「That IS fast.」

「You can’t believe it, right? And so I quickly said that I have a lover already.」

「Yeah, well, I’d refuse in a position like that too.」

「RIGHT?! So then the guy said “Let me meet him”…」

「Holy crap.」「Moo」

Moofy was watching us as Yureena explained everything.

Moofy probably felt the stress of the situation too.

「So, I was thinking of getting back to Cruz, and the running away, but the guy was already chosen to help Cruz…」

「So the assistant of your family’s son was now helping Cruz.」

「So Cruz was like, can I help? Thanks and all.」

「She had no idea what’s going on.」「Wuff.」

Yureena was petting Femm with her left hand.

Petting a beast really reduced stress. I knew how she was feeling.

「What did Cruz say about the engagement?」

「She was outside of the library when they told me, so she has no idea about it.」

「I see.」

I thought Cruz at least knew why Yureena was in such a bad mood.

「So since the guy was following me around, and the father was saying he would come with me too…I said I have a date to go to…」

「What a disaster.」

「That’s why, so they wouldn’t like me, I started acting like a total bitch.」

「Well, you did act really tough.」

Yureena did shout 「HOLD IT」at both the father and the son.

I was thinking it was weird that she was mean to someone in Cruz’ crew, but now I understood.

But, I thought if she really wanted to be hated, she acted a little too proper.

I thought, while petting Shiggy.


「You sleepy?」


Shiggy was about to sleep.

Seeing this, Yureena stood up.

「Sorry for telling you this, this late at night.」

「Don’t worry about it.」

「I know it’s a bother, but please help me.」

And saying that, Yureena got ready to leave the room.

「Ah, Yureena. Maybe sure you get your stories straight first.」

I said to Yureena before she left.

If that guy shows up again, and everyone else doesn’t know this is an act, it’s going to be figured out.

She had to set the story straight with everyone else…and that was going to be tedious.

「Leave it to me, Al!」

Yureena stuck her bulging chest out in pride.

After she left, Femm said,

『Tough being a human.』

「Yeah. Being an adventurer’s not that hard, but being a royal is.」

『You’re not going to tell her to marry?』

「I’m not her parents.」

『I guess not.』

And I was also way out in the country.

If I wasn’t, I’m sure some fathers would be approaching me about marrying their daughters.

Especially those rich guys without titles. They’d do anything to get themselves into the royal circle.

『Is Cruz going to take this hard?』


「Cruz is cute, has her own land, and is a marquise. There are plenty that wouldn’t mind being related to her.」

『And Luka?』

「She’s popular too…」


As I said that, Shiggy had fallen asleep.

She was so cute.

So I slept right next to her.

「Ok, sleep.」

『Me too.』


Femm balled up next to the pillow.

Moofy put her snout on my stomach…still heavy.

And I rubbed Shiggy’s head as I fell asleep.



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