Chapter 183


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Chapter 183 – A New Village and Road

Now that the tax amount was set, we went to see the place’s treasury.

The tax didn’t turn out to be that much though.

「Quite some treasury.」

「Thank you. Most of it is the previous death lord and the Demon Lord’s.」

Shiggy seemed excited as she was flapping her wings away.

Behind her Chel was bouncing around.

「Shiggy, don’t touch it.」


I think Shiggy knew not to, though.

As this was happening, Yureena said,

「There’s no town or village around here, so how do you all live like this?」

「Our followers have to travel to buy and sell for us.」

「Quite some trouble.」

「Yes, yes it is.」

Then, the priest turned to Cruz,

「I have a request for you.」

「What is it?」

「We were thinking of building a village here…may we have permission?」

「…please tell me the details.」

And so the priest did.

The death temple was really a quiet religion, but many others might see it as evil.

And, depending on the region, some might come to fight them.

While listening, Yureena nodded.

「I see, so that’s how it is.」

「Yes, so we’d like to have a place where our followers can flee too.」

「Ok, I see now…」

Cruz said with a serious look.

Then, she looked at me.

「What do you think, Al?」

「Sounds okay, I guess.」

「Is that so…」

「What do you think?」

「It’s fine, but I’m not sure how much money it’s going to cost me.」

It took money for things like roads and villages.

She was probably worried about whether her domain had enough money to fund it.

She looked quite pensive compared to usual.

「Marquis, don’t worry about that.」

「W….why do you say that?」

「We’re planning to pay with our treasury. And the believers themselves will provide the labor.」


Cruz again thought it through.


Chel jumped onto Cruz’ shoulder.

The little blob had pretty good jumping power.


「You want them to built it too?」

『Yes. We can help people in trouble.』

「I see. What about you, Yureena.」

「I think it’s fine.」

「I see.」

Cruz then though it over some more.

「Why don’t you ask my opinion!」

「Moo moo!」

Now Vi-Vi and Moofy were complaining to Cruz.

Femm was still just sniffing at the treasure.

Shiggy was on Femm’s back, flapping away.

「Well, then what do you two think?」

「Okay, well I think it’s perfectly FINE!」

Seems that Vi-Vi really didn’t have an opinion that differed from anyone.

So, there was no reason for her to speak out in the first place.

Even so, Vi-Vi looked at Cruz proudly.

「I see.」

『It good.』


Cruz still seemed to dismiss their opinions.

While she was doing this, she patted Moofy’s head.

「Moo moo」

Moofy nuzzled Cruz.

Finally, Cruz looked at the priest.

「You have permission.」

「Thank you so very much.」

「However, don’t expect much money in support from my domain…okay?」

「I understand that.」

「I’m sorry I can’t offer much in the way of that.」

Cruz bowed her head, and the priest seemed to scramble a bit.

「No! Just the permission is far more than enough!」

「Well, I really DO want to help you.」

「Thank you again.」


Cruz rubbed Chel, on her shoulder.

The little blobbed jiggled as she patted it.

「Yeah, I think after this tax collection I can send someone to help you with planning this village.」

Aside from the construction of the village. There were many troublesome things, such as where to lay the road.

Such procedures fell under bureaucratic territory.

And the road itself was under her possession.

「Thank you」


Chernobok jiggled.

Then Vi-Vi asked.

「What kind of village do you want to make? Farming?」

「That’s right. That’s the plan.」

「Hm. If that is the case, I may be able to help.」

Vi-Vi looked at the priest, proudly.

The priest didn’t seem to understand, so I said.

「Vi-Vi is a soil improvement specialist.」

「Is that so? That helps a lot.」

「“Yeah. It ’s better to leave it to me.」

「I can also help. I can lend out my extra golems.」

「That’s encouraging.」

『Thanks, Wii-wii!』

It seems that Vi-Vi was difficult to pronounce for Chel.

It was kind of cute that the blob couldn’t pronounce things in spirit speech.

『I’ll help you. I’m good at catching mice』



The beasts were also enthusiastic.

「Thank you.」


Once again, the priest bowed deeply.



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