Chapter 184


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Chapter 184 – Field Magic Circles

After the tax assessment and consultation about the village and roads, we returned to Mulg.

It was late in the afternoon.

When we left the storage shack, two strange people in dragon masks were standing there.

And there were two people. One big, one small.



「ryaa ryaa!」

The two dragon masks were silent.

Once Shiggy noticed them, she jumped from my pouch and cried out at them.

「Timi…what are you doing? And the other is Collette, right?」

「You really ARE something, Alra. You knew right away.」

「Great job, old man.」

The only person that would do something like that other that Cruz would be Timi.

And since Cruz was in the temple with me, it had to be Timi.

Also Collette’s the only one that small.

「I went to the capital this morning and bought the mask Shiggy wanted.」

「Hm…good job.」

Cruz approached and touched it’s head…she looked impressed.



Shiggy got on Timi’s shoulder and she stroked Shiggy’s head.

「Pretty good to find something that rare.」

「Yeah, Tolf found one as soon as I asked.」

Timi seems to have used my connections right out of the gate.

It was kind of annoying, and I was a bit worried.

「How much was it?」

「Well…I’m pretty sure it was…」

Timi told me the price.

It was a decent amount. Enough to buy a mithril shield.

「It cost THAT MUCH?」

「But it’s very well made, and we haggled for it.」

「Is that what happened?」

While Collette was wearing a mask, she jumped onto Moofy.

「Moo moo!」



Chel was also happily bouncing on Moofy.

Then Timi said, watching.

「I’m glad that I bought two.」

「Heh, heh, thanksth missth…」

It would be better not to buy them at all, but I wasn’t going to say that.

「They’re nice…wish I had one.」

Cruz was jealous.

After playing a bit, Cruz then headed to the manor.

She had to inform the assistant about the tax collection order of the temple and the creation of a road and village.

As Cruz left, Vi-Vi said,

「I’m going to work my hardest to」

「What are you going to do, Vi-Vi?」

「Draw a magic circle on the field! I said I would after harvest.」

I remembered her saying that now.

She told me that she couldn’t draw them when crops were going on the field.

「I remember you saying that now.」

「Yeah, help me, Al.」


I reported it to the chief and then started drawing the magic circles.

I have seen her do it many times, so I could do it as well.

「It’s really amazing.」

「Good job old man.」

My “followers” Millet and Collette were quite impressed.

I guess them knowing that it was impressive magic meant they had grown in magic themselves.

It was a very varied and complex magic circle.

「Are you going to study magic circles too?」

「I think it’s too hard for us, Vi-Vi.」

「Yeah, itsth hard.」

「It might be too early to teach magic circles like this, but I could teach you an easy one.」

Vi-Vi said, and Millet’s eyes lit up.

「Please, teach me!」

「Sthub-bossth! Sthub-bossth!」


She nodded happily.

「Moo moo」

Moofy was also huffing away next to Vi-Vi.

「What? You want to learn too?」


「Okay, I guess I’ll TRY to teach you too.」

「Moo moo!」

Could a cow like Moofy really draw it though?

I really wanted to see a cow draw a magic circle.


Shiggy said in a soft voice.

She was staring at the magic circle from my shoulder.

「Are you interested too, Shiggy?」

「ryaa ryaa」

She cried out as if she was interested.

I guess I’d have to teach her too.

By evening, we were done drawing the magic circles.

It had taken Vi-Vi and I quite some time to draw them.

Also, Collette took off her mask because her head was getting hot.

Femme also showed up, expecting we had finished with the drawing.

『Time for me to howl.』



Everyday Femm would howl to keep monsters and beasts away from the village.

Moofy, Shiggy, and then Chel gathered around Femm.


Femm opened its mouth and breathed in. Beside Femm, Moofy was doing the same.

I couldn’t tell if Chel was breathing in. But it was jiggling.

「Wait a sec!」



Vi-Vi stood right in front of Femm.

Femm looked a bit surprised.

「Ok, Femm, hit me with your howl!」


Femm was surprised, she was daring Femm to howl at her.

Femm looked at me, confused.

「What are you doing, Vi-Vi?」

「Hmph! I’ve been hit with a lot of howls recently during fights.」


A normal monster can’t put magic into it’s howl.

But magic beasts can, sometimes very strongly. Dragons and magic wolves, especially.

And for some reason, we encountered a lot of magical beasts. The magic howls we were hit with happened often.

「I thought I should get used to it.」


I know she was right, but she probably will only end up wetting herself.

「Okay, come on! HOWL!」


Femm seemed to look at me, asking if it was okay.

I just nodded to Femm.


Femm clearly held back, not howling too strongly.

Vi-Vi was quite surprised.

「Come on! That’s not how you howl!」

「Not enough!」

She said, taunting Femm.





And the whole group howled at her.

And…she fainted.



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