Chapter 185


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Chapter 185 – Vi-Vi’s Special Ability

I ran over to Vi-Vi as she passed out.

I was glad to see she didn’t wet herself.


Femm was obviously worried after doing what Femm did to Vi-Vi.

Then Chel, Shiggy, and Moofy also surrounded her.

「Are you okay, Vi-Vi?」



「Ah! …I’m fine!」

Vi-Vi reawoke, and folded her arms as she sat up.

「I guess it’s hard to take a howl like that.」

「Well, it is a magic wolf king’s. It’s not easy to take. Even most strong adventurers couldn’t take it.」


Femm looked a little embarrassed, and barked softly.

「Well, I’M THE FIFTH OF THE FOUR SUB-BOSSES. I can’t just be useless any time something howls!」

「I wouldn’t worry about it.」

It seems she’s pissed at passing out every time something howled at her.

It’s not that I didn’t understand how she felt, but I was sorry that all the enemies we faced lately were so strong.

「Well, you don’t see dragons very much. Just don’t worry…」

「What are you saying? How many times do you think I’ve fought one, Al?」

I had no way to respond to that question.

Just then, Timi ran up to me.

I noticed that she had disappeared pretty quickly just a moment ago.

I bet she took off as a dragon, but then quickly returned when she heard the howl.

「ryaa ryaa!」

「Oh, Shiggy! Happy to see auntie back so soon?!」


「I see.」

Timi said, picking Shiggy up.

She rubbed her softly, and said,

「Hm, are you trying to strengthen against magical howls?」


「It’s a psychological strength. It might be hard to develop.」

「I guess so…」

But Vi-Vi looked a little sad.

Seeing this, Timi put her hand on Vi-Vi’s shoulder.

「Yeah, it’s normal, but you have me. Don’t worry.」


「But if I train you, it’ll be hard! You want to train?」

「I will!」

Vi-Vi looked pretty satisfied with Timi’s offer.

Then she looked around her.

「Yeah, but here is a bad place. Let’s go to the pole, Vi-Vi.」


Timi started walking to the magic circle shack.

「You going now? It’s already dinnertime!」

The sun was going down. When it does, usually Cruz and the others, including Vallimie would arrive.

Then it was dinnertime.

「Well, at least the gist of things.」


Timi and Vi-Vi kept walking to the transport circles.

「Alra, you wait here.」

「Huh? Why?」

「Because you don’t need this training. You could resist one of my roars if you needed.」

「Yeah, but I’m still curious.」

「I know how you feel, but you should wait.」

Timi said abruptly.

「Okay, be careful.」

「Hm, well don’t do something dangerous.」

Saying this, Timi held on to Shiggy, and went with Moofy and Vi-Vi to the pole.

After they left, Femm said,

『Timi’s being very careful.』

『If Timi roars at Vi-Vi, she’s totally going to drain her bladder.』

「You’re probably right…」

『That’s why she said not to follow her.』

「I guess so.」

Femm was right about that.

Femm had thought it out.

『She even was a little shocked when you looked like you’d follow her.』

Femm looked at me a bit disappointed.

So I said to Femm,

「You don’t want to go?」

『I’m a magic wolf, so an ancient dragon’s cry means nothing to me.』

「Is that so?」

I remember Femm being quite afraid.

Especially when Shiggy’s mom Jilndora cried out, Femm freaked out.

Its tail was between its legs, and it threw up.

『Why are you looking at me like that? You have something to say?』

「Nah, not really.」


It was true that Femm looked really scared of the ancient dragons.

But, Femm didn’t pass out…Just fought while shaking a lot.

「I think you’re really strong, Femm.」

『What does that mean? Is that sarcasm?』

「No…not at all.」

Even though Femm looked full of resentment, I still petted it.

It took two hours until Vi-Vi and the others returned.

By then Cruz, the others, and Vallimie had returned.

「Moo moo」


They were riding on Moofy, and Vi-Vi looked pretty worn out.

She was holding Shiggy in one hand, patting it with the other.

Vallimie ran out quickly to her sister.

「V…Vi-Vi! Are you okay?」

「I’m fine…」

Vi-Vi said, trying to put on a smile.

She looked very tired. It must have been hard training.

I asked Timi,

「What did you do?」


「Then I won’t ask. Is she okay?」


「Are you going to keep training her?」

「For a little longer.」

Hearing this, Vallimie said,

「You’re pushing Vi-Vi too hard!」

「She’s not pushing me too hard, sis.」

No one should stop Vi-Vi if she wants to go through with it.

「Don’t push yourself too hard!」

「I know, sis!」

Then, Vi-Vi smiled.



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