Chapter 187


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Chapter 187 – A So Called Special Training

After Anton’s party left, Millet approached.

With Collette.

「Old man, we’re here!」

「Mister Al, please teach us more magic.」

「Oh! Good to see you into learning it!」

I showed Millet some more basic magic skills.

Instead of learning new magic skills, it was better that she got used to handling magical force.

That was the way to better skill, I felt.

「We’ll start our magical exercises like usual.」

「Yes, sir!」

「Wow, I’ve really improved!」

I thought up these exercises myself, and they turned out to work pretty well.

You move your body, learn to circulate the magic, and bring life to the magical force inside.

Even though she said she was doing well, it is true that Collette had a lot of talent.

「I’m practicing all day and night, Mr. Al」

「Is that so?」

Seems like she practiced even when I wasn’t there to guide her.

She was a great student.

「Wuff, Wuff!」

Femm were side-by-side with Collette, doing something. Maybe Femm was planning on joining our exercise.

There was no way Femm could use the same movements though, Femm’s a wolf.

Maybe I should think up something for Femm too.

With the basic exercise over, I thought about some basic magic to teach.

「How about spirit speech?」

「Spirit speech? Like how Femm speaks a lot?」

「I wanna usthe it, old man!」

「Hm, well the way you do it is…」

As I explained, Millet and the other’s listened to my explanation.

Femm started to snort.

『I can do this too, you can ask me anything.』

「Thanks. If I can’t remember something, I‘ll ask you.」

Femm said to Millet and wagged its tail.

But it wasn’t Femm’s turn.


Femm looked confused. It must be thinking.

After a while, Femm said.

『I want to use fire magic.』

「Ah, so you can cook meat? 」

All the magic wolves loved cooked meat.

I guess they’d all be happy if Femm learned fire magic.

By the way, Millet and Collette had already learned the basic fire spells.

As I taught this to Femm, the two girls reviewed.

And after a while of studying,


Femm learned to spit fire.

Then Femm looked at me with a proud face.

「…just like a heavenly wolf.」


「Never thought you’d learn THAT quickly.」

「Great job, Femm!」

Collette hugged Femm, and Femm looked proud.

Femm used to just be able to shoot a magic bolt, but this time it was the same, but with fire.

Seems Femm had learned how to change the magic.

However, if you didn’t have the sense for it, that would take time.

「You have a lot of sense for magic, Femm.」


「Next is water. Until you learn water, you can’t use fire without me around.」


A good answer.

You have to learn water magic with fire, or else you set things ablaze.

So I taught Femm water magic until the sun went down.

Vi-Vi arrived back from the pole with the others, and so I finished my magical training.

Shiggy came flying from the storage shack with the transfer circle as well.

She flew over, happily trying to get back into my chest pouch.

「ryaa ryaa!」

「Were you a good girl, Shiggy?」


Shiggy rubbed her head into my chest.

If you think about it, this is the first time she’s spent a day away from me.

When she hatched from her egg, she would always cry if I was separated from her.

Now she was older. I was happy, but a little lonely.

「Good job, Shiggy.」

I petted her head.

「ryaa ryaa」

「What is it?」


Shiggy buried herself in the pouch, probably enjoying the attention.

I patted her body from outside of the pouch.

Then Timi approached, I asked,

「How was Shiggy? Was she good?」

「Yes. She’s always so cute and well behaved.」

「I see, good to hear.」

It’s important for Shiggy to spend time with another ancient dragon to learn about their ways.

I knew that Timi would be taking Shiggy to the pole more and more from now on.

As we were talking to Shiggy, Vi-Vi, riding on Moofy, approached.

Vi-Vi looked TIRED.

「Moo moo!」

Moofy ran up to me, and nuzzled me.

「Good job, Moofy.」


Then I asked Vi-Vi,

「How was the special training?」

「Well, I think I can take a lot more now.」

「I see.」

I reached up and patted Vi-Vi’s head.

She looked tired, but she didn’t look like she just gave up.

「Don’t push too hard.」

「I’m FINE.」

Vi-Vi flexed her small arm.

As I patted her, Timi said,

「She really has grown. She probably can take the cry of a large magical beast now.」

「A large one? Like a great dragon?」

「I think she could.」

Quite an improvement. If she can take that, then she’s going to be okay.

「You think there’s a beast she couldn’t take?」

「Like an ancient dragon?」

「I guess there’s no stopping that, right?」

Only humans in my party could probably take that and walk away from it.

「Some improvement.」

I said, as I patted her head once more.



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