Chapter 189


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Chapter 189 – Conversations about Village Creations

After dinner, we were cleaning, when I said to Cruz,

「Oh yeah, Cruz. Anton and his sisters came by today.」

「Anton…you mean the siblings that came to find herbs, and almost died from five basilisks, Anton?」

「Yeah, that Anton.」

「So, were they search for herbs again?」

「No, I think they were searching around your domain to make sure taxes and so on were going down correctly.」

「Ah, you mean that?! The quest my realm put out to the adventure’s guild?!」

Upon hearing this, Luka nodded happily,

「I’m glad the right people got the quest. Now I can relax.」

「Quite a bit of work for a B-Rank party. Did you ask multiple parties to do it?」

「Of course. This is the first time I’ve done something like that, so it’s important to get it right. You can’t just entrust sucky adventurers with it.」

Luka was right, because as you went up in party ranks you got better and better people.

F-rank parties were usually half-filled with common hoodlums.

They never put themselves to work right, and a lot of times they get kicked out of the party or dealt with one way or another.

With a bunch of hoodlums, no quest is done successfully, and the party never goes up in rank.

Because of that, they get filtered out, so you only come to trust the higher ranks.

「You can trust a B-rank party, Al!」

Cruz said with a smile.

「If we asked a F-rank, they’d probably be fishing for bribes and there’d be some criminal activity, and the whole operation would go down the crapper.」

「There’s a reason they’re higher party rank.」

Vi-Vi whispered, with a healthier look now than after returning from that trial.

It seems that Millet’s delicious dinner had brought her back.

「Yeah, Al. It also seems the death temple has started working too.」

「Oh, making roads and a town?」

「Yeah, yeah. When I was coming back here, I stopped there to find out.」

After she was done at her manor, she had visited the temple.

I bet she was wondering.

「Good job, Cruz」

「Eheh heh.」

Cruz was happy to be complimented.

「Al, if you want, you can help them.」

「No skin off my back.」


Chelnobok shouted.

『T…thank you.』

Then it responded in spirit speech.

「Don’t worry about it.」


Shiggy was riding on top of the jiggling Chel.

Shiggy was beside me all throughout lunch, but now she was relaxing on Chel.

I had fed her and petted her, so I guess her lonely feeling had left her.

Timi gazed at Shiggy and said,

「You can ask them if they need help from me!」

「Thanks, Timi.」

「No problem. Seems that Chel and Shiggy are friends, after all.」

「ryaa ryaa」


Shiggy flapped her wings while riding Chel.

And Chel was bouncing as well, happily.

I guess the slime felt that Shiggy riding it didn’t hurt at all.

「I can help if they need good fields.」

「Yeah, we can make some!」

「Moo mooo!」

Moofy answered the sisters proudly.

Vi-Vi and Moofy had cleared the potato fields and had done a great job of it.

「You can help too, Moofy.」


Moofy was now stronger than several cows.

Smart, strong, and tough as well.

I noticed that Femm was sitting by itself, a little withdrawn.

Femm had a look like, what about me? On its face as it sat.

I know that Femm would help too. It was very good at getting rid of pests.

「I don’t have to make a forest or anything, so if I were to help…」

Vallimie said as she thought something over.

Then she said with a smile,

「Oh yeah! I can lend them some golems. There’s no doubt they can take over some of the work to make roads.」


「Thanks, Vallimie.」

So I asked Cruz, since I was wondering,

「That reminds me, Cruz, you said you’d dispatch a bureaucrat of yours over there, right?」

「Yeah, I said someone representing me would arrive, and they’re probably on their way.」

The magic circle network had to stay secret, so it would take some time.

「Can we do some work before the fellow gets there?」

「Sure…I’m the ruler, after all.」

「You sure are.」

But I was worried that whoever she chose wouldn’t butt heads with her.

「And I talked with my assistant when I was at the manor too.」

「About how to make a village?」

「Well, not so much that, but what could cause me trouble. Like any laws that I had to watch out for.」

Cruz was really becoming a serious girl.

Growing, and it was impressive.

「Also, I told him to get all the paperwork and so on ready.」

「And the work that’s to be done is all decided by you, right?」

「Me, Chel, and the priest.」

And saying that she put Chel, with Shiggy still on top, on her shoulder.


「ryaa ryaa!」

The two beasts cried out happily.

Yureena had been listening to all this, and finally said,

「Cruz, you’ve really grown…」

She was getting emotional, almost to the point of tears.

It was hard to imagine that all that potato-field clearing was only a few months ago. She really had matured.

「I guess duties make people grow into the role, as they say.」

Vi-Vi said, and then continued,

「When I became the fifth of the Four Sub-bosses, I had to grow too. A lot!」

「Is that so?」


Well, it seems that even Vi-Vi acknowledged Cruz’ change in maturity.

And Cruz was now definitely less of an airhead.


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