Chapter 190


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Chapter 190 – Making a Village

After the next day’s breakfast, we all headed to the death temple together.

And by “we” I mean, Cruz, Chel, Vi-Vi, Moofy, and Yureena.

Of course, Shiggy too…inside my pouch.

「Okay, let’s go!」


Seems that Vi-Vi and Moofy were the most into the journey.

Vi-Vi had her overalls and straw hat on, ready to farm.

And there were a bunch of farming tools over Moofy’s back.

「Moofy, do you want me to put those tools in my magic bag?」

「Moo? Mooo!」

She was probably asking 「Could you?」by the sound of her moos.

「Sure, I have plenty of room.」


I pulled the mountain of tools off of Moofy’s back and into my magic bag.

Timi was waiting for us as we were about to enter the storage shack with the transport circles.

「Huh? You’re not going back to the pole, Timi?」

「No, I’m taking a day off today! Right, Shiggy?」

「ryaa ryaa!」

I didn’t know why Shiggy responded to her “right,” because everyday’s a day off for Shiggy.

But she still cried out happily.

「You want to come too Femm?」


Of course Femm did. You could see it in its eyes.

「Thanks, you’ll be a big help.」


Femm wagged its tail.

We went through the magic circle, arrived at the temple, where the priest was waiting for us.

「Good morning, everyone.」

「Sorry to keep you waiting.」

「No, we didn’t wait at all.」

So Cruz and the priest exchanged pleasantries.

Yesterday, Cruz and the priest had talked, so both sides knew we’d be here today.

That’s why Cruz said she had kept him waiting…because of her politeness.


「Welcome back, master.」


Chel jumped over to the priest’s shoulder.

Then we left the building.

Before we left the room, Chel jumped back into Cruz’ pouch.

I guess Chel’s “base” was at the base of Cruz’ chest.

If so, then Chel would be safe, and no one had to worry about it.

After we left the building, Vi-Vi asked the priest,

「Where are you going to make the village?」

「We were thinking of building it with the temple as the center of the community.」

「I see.」

Vi-Vi looked around her with a serious look.

She was probably trying to plot out where the fields would go.

Then I asked him,

「How many people are you planning to support here?」

「Around 300.」

「…quite a bit.」

Mulg had about 60 houses and 200 people. But this would be bigger.

That would mean even bigger land for fields than Mulg.

Thinking about this, the priest added,

「And it might get even bigger.」

「You may be right.」

There were places that oppressed this death cult.

If that increased, more followers would gather here.

「Are you going to put the fields inside, or outside the village.」

「We will have to decide on that.」


「Honestly, I’m new at this…I’m very sorry.」

The priest apologize, but most people have no idea how to make a village. No reason to take it to heart.

Then Cruz made a serious face and said,

「The fields are on the outside of Mulg, right?」


「So, maybe it’s more convenient to build them outside?」

「It would make the village easier to grow.」

「Yes. And since there’s a chance our followers might seek refuge here, growth is important.」

Vi-Vi bent over and looked over the soil.

「However, then wild beasts can get to the crops.」


「And then there’s the question of water use.」

「Water use?」

「Water supports human life, but it also is important for the fields. I think you should plan this village with water use in mind.」


Then Vi-Vi said to Cruz and the priest, still thinking this over,

「Is there a river nearby?」

「Ah, now that you mention it, over there…」

「How about a well?」

「There’s one that’s built into the temple.」

「Hm, so if we dig, we can find more.」

She said, and we headed over to the river.

「Vi-Vi, what do you think?」

「Well, it’s not a bad place to grow.」

「Glad to hear.」


She now put on a frown.

「What is it?」

「It’s not better ground than Mulg.」

「Because of magic stones?」

「Yeah, it’s close to the Demon Lord’s land. I guess there’s no helping it, but…」

Hearing this, Cruz said,

「But we could do livestock…」


「Vi-Vi, what about the magic stone refinement circles?」

「We could use those, of course. But their presence is very dense, so it might take years to get an effect.」

As we talked it over, we got an idea of where and what would go where and how.

We decided to surround the village with fields and livestock.

After the discussion, Femm reappeared after being away for quite a while.


And it was its huge size, dragging a bear.

Well, not just a bear, a magic bear.


Even the priest was surprised.

「Lot of magic bears around here?」

『Seems so. And there are normal ones too.』

So it seems that Femm had discovered there were quite a few in this area.



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