Chapter 191


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Chapter 191 – Making Roads

Of course, when you’re making a village, roads are important.

You have to think about what communities you want to connect to.

So Cruz took out a map and spread it out.

「Okay, let’s see. Where should we make a road to?」

「Yeah, maybe that’s a good idea.」

Cruz traced her finger from the temple’s location all the way to her manor.

It was in the center of her realm, after all.

And there was also a large town in the vicinity as well. About 10,000 people.

「And maybe here to?」

「I see. I have no idea about these things, so I’ll leave it to you.」

If you connected to another realm, there were a lot of regulations and it was just a mess.

That’s why she wanted to make the roads inside her own realm first.

I looked at her road plans while asking,

「There’s a mountain around here. Do you need a tunnel? Or a way around? You can make a mountain road too.」

「A mountain road’s fine. I know you could just blow a hole through the mountain, but the upkeep is too much.」

「I guess you’re right.」

Then Vi-Vi said, while looking at the map,

「We probably should make a bridge over the river too.」

「Yeah, but we probably need someone skilled in that to come and help us first.」

I thought I could just cut some trees, strengthen them with a magic circle, and somehow make a bridge.

But if it ever broke or was swept away, it would be trouble. Best to leave it to an expert.

「Moo mooo!」

As we were talking, Moofy approached and nudged me in the side.

She probably wanted to get straight to farming.


She was huffing away.

She REALLY wanted to start.

「Have you decided where the fields go?」

I asked Cruz and the priest.

「Um, I was thinking of building the houses first, and then placing the fields.」

The priest said with an apologetic expression.

Cruz had the same opinion as the priest.

「It’s already autumn. And planting’s not until spring.」

「Save it for later, then….」


Moofy looked quite sad.

Then Vi-Vi, while rubbing her, said,

「No! Spring’s too late! We need to place magic circles to improve the land now!」

「You’re right…so then where do you recommend?」

Cruz asked, and Vi-Vi began with her advice.


Moofy was listening intently.

So I called Moofy.



「Come here.」


I then patted Moofy and said,

「They have to decide where the buildings will go, and then after deciding the fields, we’ll start on making them. Tomorrow at the earliest.」


「So let’s start making a road!」


Moofy seemed to understand.

I called Cruz and the priest over,

「In order to start the road, can I start cutting down trees?」


「Al, I’m making a road in that direction, so could you thwomp through it please?」

I couldn’t understand what sound word she was trying to say, but she pointed in the direction she wanted it done.


「Moo mooo!」

I took Moofy and headed to the location. Femm came along.

And Shiggy was sleeping inside the pouch.

Shiggy was still a baby so she still had to have her nap.

「Moofy. Get big again. We need to start cutting trees.」


She replied, and became huge as a small hill.


She mooed and it seemed like the skies shook.


I could hear a scream arise from somewhere.

It seemed that Cruz would take care of you-know-who for us.

「Moofy, over here.」


Moofy dug her horns into the bases of trees and plucked them from the earth.

Just then,


She lifted them away and into the sky.

After that, she looked over at me, with a look of, “Is this okay?”


「Wow! Moofy, don’t push yourself too hard!」


「Leave the pulled trees to me. I can move them to the side. Then you can pull them all back.」


So Moofy went along, pulling trees out like dandelions.

I rode Femm, and used magic to stack the trees while covering over the root holes.

Moofy and I combined power to pull the especially big trees out.


Just then, a magic bear emerged, but seeing how huge Moofy was, it ran.

『It’s bad there’s so many around here.』

「Well, they’ll just run if they see you two.」


Femm was happy to hear it scared bears away, and wagged its tail.

「Moo moo!」

Moofy was very happy. She was happy to be big again.

And maybe she hadn’t exercised recently.

「Moofy, if you want to be big, you can anytime.」


「Of course, not in the house or in the village, though.」


She continued on through the forest, and we came to a river.

We had planned to make a bridge here.



Both beasts drank away at the water.

They were thirsty from all the work.

I jumped off of Femm.

「Let’s take a rest!」



The huge Moofy laid down with a THWOMP.

She then looked over and ate off the tree branches near her.

Even if she laid all the way down, her huge mouth could still reach them.

After that, she seemed to go to sleep while still chewing the leaves.

「After this rest, back to work!」

「Mo mooo!」


After I said that, they both replied happily.



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