Chapter 193


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Chapter 193 – Getting Ready to Make the Fields and Roads

We talked it over until night, got ready for work, and then went back to Mulg.

The priest made sure to watch the lumber being dried.

「Master! And others! Thank you so much!」

「No problem. See you tomorrow!」


Chelnobok said in spirit speech,


And just that.

We went back to Mulg and after eating, Vallimie said,

「I have the golems ready.」

「Oh, thanks!」

「Great job, sister!」

Vi-Vi complimented her sister, and Vallimie was a bit bashful.

Chel started to jiggle and said,

『Vawimmie, thanks』

「Don’t worry at all, Chel.」

And with that, Vallimie went over to pet Chel.

Chel, of course, jiggled around happily.

「PiGiii, PigGi」

Seems the blob really liked to be petted by a busty devil.

Then I asked her,

「What kind of golems are you bringing here?」

「Well, I thought I could lend 5 mithril golems.」

「Mithril? Thanks for sending the high class stuff.」

「I’d do anything to help!」

A normal golem could cover small things like lifting lumber and small stones, but it would lose power.

A mithril golem, though, could put a lot more power into it.

Millet was listening, and said,

「We can help operate the golems if you need help!」

「We can help too!」

It’s not hard for a normal person to learn how to operate golems.

Of course, golems weren’t made with that in mind.

Even so, since both Collette and Millet had learned magic, I think they could help.

That’s why I was happy to hear about the extra aid Millet could offer.

「That would help, but will Mulg be okay?」

「Sure, just leave that to the chief.」

Collette was hugging onto Moofy and said,

「Right? We can go together, Moofy.」


Moofy seemed happy about that.

I asked Cruz,

「Are there any carpenters or bridge-makers coming to that village anytime soon?」

「Well, I did ask the assistant to send them as quickly as possible.」

「So, a few days?」

「Probably. Some might show up tomorrow.」

There was no road connecting the temple to anywhere, too.

So it would take more than just a few hours.

「And the government planner guy?」

「Will probably show up with the carpenters and others.」

「I see.」

I guess we just had to do what we could until the help showed.

「So making fields and roads then!」


「Leave the fields to ME!」

「Moo Moo!」

Vi-Vi said proudly.

Moofy also stretched when she mooed.


It was breakfast of the next day. Before we went to the temple, Vi-Vi said,

「Al. I’ve been wondering for a while…」


「What’s with the get-up?」

「What do you mean?」

I always was dressed like a magician. It was convenient, easy, and you didn’t care if your robes got dirty.

「If you’re going to farm, you need THIS!」

Vi-Vi handed me some overalls and a straw hat.

「Well, it is very farm-ish.」

「I made it for you, Al.」

「Oh, well, thanks.」

I guess it was good for the task ahead.

She had made it just for me, so I felt I had to wear it.

After i put the overalls and hat on, Vi-Vi looked at me, completely satisfied.

「Yeah, fits you well.」

「Hey, I want one too.」

「If I have to…」

And as soon as Cruz asked, Vi-Vi took out another pair of overalls and a straw hat.

A little over-prepared.



Cruz was about to strip right there, but Vi-Vi grabbed her and took her back to a room.

She was changed in a flash, and then returned.

「What do you think, Al?」

「Looks good on you.」

「Heh heh.」

She looked very happy.

So we made our way to the temple.

Then we made our way out to the fields.

The priest was waiting for us, and bowed,

「The living areas are going to be around there, so place all the fields over there.」


Today, Vallimie came with her golems.

And Millet came with mine.

「Moofy, Millet, and Collette! Let’s plow!」

「Sure! Let’s start.」

「I will too, old man!」

「Moo moo」

Vi-Vi pointed out what to do, and we began clearing the fields.

It was good to have help.

The giant Moofy took care of uprooting the biggest trees.

Seeing this, Femm whispered,

『A lot more help than when we were at Mulg.』

「Back when we were making the fields, Moofy couldn’t talk.」

『Is that so?』


As we cleared everything back then, Moofy wasn’t able to get small.

When we started plowing, Cruz was finally able to translate and Moofy became small.

And Moofy couldn’t use spirit speech back then at all.

「Since we couldn’t ask Moofy to pull the trees up, I had to use magic.」


Moofy was busy now plucking trees out of the earth with her massive horns.

Tremendous power.

And in the case when it was very deeply buried, she used a magic bolt from her horns.

Then it would blow the roots away, and it was easy to remove.

「I guess we can then leave the fields to Millet and the others.」

Then Timi approached with a map in her hand and said,

「Where do you want the road?」

「Um, it would help if you could construct a road in that direction.」

「Got it!」

「Because of this map you made, I think the road will be made well, Timi.」

「Heh heh」

She blushed a bit, and then Timi said to me,

「Okay, Alra, Femm, Shiggy, come with me!」



「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy poked her head out of my pouch and cried out.

Then Timi approached me and put her arms around Shiggy.


「Shiggy, you can ride on your auntie’s shoulders.」

「ryaa ryaa!」

She put Shiggy on her shoulders, and started running.

She was still human form, but far faster than a normal human.

I jumped on Femm and chased after her.

「She really is fast.」

『Not even a dragon. But I won’t lose to her human form!』

Femm ran at full speed and we got closer and closer.

「You’re fast, Femm!」


And in a flash, we were at the river.

「Huff huff huff」



Timi and Femm were out of breath. They both had run as fast as possible.

It was quite an even competition.

Shiggy was happy, and flapped on Timi’s shoulders.

The wings hit Timi in the face, too.

「You’re really healthy, Shiggy!」


Timi still was happy about it.

And as they stood there breathless, we rested and drank from the river.



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