Chapter 194


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Chapter 194 – Construction with Timi

Femm and Timi got their breath back at about the same time.


「You’re good.」

Femm and Timi eyed each other.

They had competed to the most, and they acknowledged each other’s ability.

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy cried out too, while riding Timi’s shoulder.

Shiggy just like high speeds, after all.

「Okay, then, Alra. After we cross the river, we start knocking down trees?」

「Yeah, let me see the map first.」

「Look all you want.」

Timi handed over the map she was holding.

Cruz had scribbled in the direction of the road.

「Hm, so that means that we’re right here.」

「Yes. If we keep going, then we’ll hit this other river.」

This meant that the place we were making a road was between the two rivers.

The river that we were at wasn’t so wide.

The next one, however, would be. It was a wide river and it would be hard to make a bridge.

「It’s not so close that we could say it’s close, but it is a big river.」

「With this distance, it will take a day to clear all the trees between the rivers.」

「Don’t push yourself too hard.」

「I know already!」

「ryaa ryaa」

As I said this to Timi, Shiggy start crying out and flapping her wings again.

Timi, on the other hand, looked shocked.


「ryaa ryaa?」

「I have to get big now, okay?」


「You can ride on my head.」


Timi tried to appeal to Shiggy that it would be fun.

But Shiggy just looked confused.

「If you get bigger, do you think Shiggy feels different about you?」

「You think she does?」

「Because dragons are so much cooler than humans.」

「Yeah! We are! You have a good head, Alra.」

Timi stroked Shiggy’s head and said,

「You’re auntie’s going to get bigger. Just watch.」


Timi then suddenly grew to her massive ancient dragon body.

You could feel the air whoosh past you as she displaced the air. An immense power.

All the sounds around us hushed.

The animals, birds, and insects all fell silent.

Femm looked up at Timi and whispered,

『No matter how many times I see it, it’s an amazing power.』


I saw that Femm had quietly acknowledged her power.

No tail between the legs, not shaking, though. Femm had grown too.


「ryaa ryaa」

Timi and Shiggy cried back and forth to each other.

Then Shiggy flew over from my arm.

Shiggy landed on Timi’s head.

「Sighisoara. You were ready to ride on your aunt.」


And Timi looked happy…as the face of an ancient dragon can look.

Shiggy was impressed by Timi’s size too, as Shiggy patted Timi’s head with its claw.

「Alra. Femm. Let’s cross.」



Timi’s huge claw grabbed on to us.

And like usual, Femm’s voice cracked a bit.

Timi’s huge body then floated and rose. She quietly flew across to the other side.

「Okay, time to start work.」

「Just pluck them out. I’ll stack them to the side.」

「Thanks Al. Shiggy, are you okay on my head?」


「I see. Tell me if you want to change places.」

Saying that, Timi grabbed and plucked tree after tree.

Moofy had used her horns to clear the trees like this.

But Timi was using her strength.


「ryaa ryaa!」

Timi grabbed on a tree, and ripped it from the ground.

Seeing this Shiggy cried happily.

Timi’s claws were huge too, of course. She could pluck a human up like it was a blade of grass.

And so she could pluck more than one tree up at once.


「What is it, Alra?」

「With the way you’re grabbing the wood, aren’t you damaging it?」


Timi looked down at the trees she had pulled.

She had grabbed them so forcefully that they were cracked and warped.

「What crappy wood.」

「No, it’s normal wood.」


We were going to use the wood for construction. You can’t just crush it.

「A…Alra, what should I do?」


I thought for a second.

「How about your ancient dragon magic…can you do something?」

「Yeah…I can burn it…」

「We need to use the wood, so we can’t do that…」


It would be the fastest if Timi just burned a path,

And I could use my magic to stop the flame once it was done.

However, none of the wood could be used as lumber.

『You need charcoal too, though.』

「Of course. But in order to get that, you have to put the wood under special burning conditions.」

『Ah, I didn’t know that.』

You can’t just burn wood to make it into charcoal.

I heard it actually takes a lot of time and effort to make charcoal.

「I see. So maybe magic to soften the earth?」

「Hm…earth softening magic…」

Timi thought it over and said,

「Maybe if we mix a shock force with gravity magic, it would work?」

「Oh, that sounds good. If we use that, then the roots should be easy to pull.」

「Yeah, let’s do that.」

Timi’s magic was amazing.

With her right front claw she cast a gravity spell that lightened the earth around the roots, and with the left she shocked the ground.

The shock rippled through the ground quickly.

The amount and size of the shock was huge but limited.

Because of that you could see how far the shock extended to.

「Okay, ready.」

Timi said quietly, and plucked a tree between two fingers of her claw gently, like a dandelion.



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