Chapter 195


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Chapter 195 – Ancient Dragon Road Construction, Co. ©

Now Timi was easily plucking the trees from the ground.

Some of them she didn’t need to pluck out, just dig her finger into the ground and scoop it out.

「ryaa ryaa」

「Okay, I got it.」

Shiggy cried out loudly, and Timi responded happily.

Maybe Shiggy was complimenting her in dragon speech.

I was riding Femm and arranging the pulled trees into a stack.

This was so we could take them all back quickly.

Then Femm said,

『You should go ahead and cut them here.』

「That would be easy, but it would be harder to use them if we cut the bark off here.」


「If you cut the wood apart here, you can’t use all of the pieces.」

I took the wood that Timi had messed up and put them in the magic bag.

It was no problem doing that, as I just had to stuff the pieces in the bag.

『You can use those pieces for making a fire.』


『And you’re right that cutting up the wood here would be too much work.』

I asked Timi, who was busy magicking and plucking up trees,

「Timi, is your magic use okay?」

「No problem.」

「Don’t push yourself too hard.」

「I know. But using my human form actually takes up more magic than this.」

I guess it is hard to squeeze that huge dragon into a tiny woman’s body.

And Timi was doing that every day.

Those dragons must have almost limitless power compared to me.

「That’s really something.」

「Heh heh. I’m glad you like it.」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy mounted up between Timi’s horns and cried out happily.

「Shiggy, make sure you learn from Timi’s magic, okay?」


Shiggy said back, happily.

I couldn’t teach Shiggy dragon magic, after all.

She had to learn that from Timi.

In the afternoon, we finally made it to the other river.

「That was fast.」

「Heh heh heh.」

「ryaa ryaa」

Timi was proud of herself. Shiggy was crying out happily too.

「Okay, time to pick all this wood up.」

「Yeah, you can just put it on my back.」

It’s true the most effective way would just be to put it on her back.

However, Timi had wings there.

「If I do, won’t it fall off when you flap your wings?」

「It’s okay. I use gravity magic to fly. I can cast it on the wood, too.」

Timi said, as if it was that easy.

「That’s really something.」

「Alra, you’re making me blush.」

Anyway, Femm, the wood, and I all rode on Timi’s back on the way back.

Whenever the wood looked like it would fall, I would use magic to lift it back.

There was quite a bit of wood, so I thought it best to leave some for a second trip.

「Okay, let’s go.」


Timi lifted into the air.

There was no shaking. When she flapped her wings, it only shook a bit.

Timi said that her wings generated gravity magic that she manipulated to fly.

That must be why she can fly so effortlessly.

「Ancient dragons are really impressive.」

「Heh heh」


Timi giggled happily.

Shiggy tried to do the same as her, and hovered above her aunt.

Then she flew over to me. She wasn’t shaken up by the flight either.


She flew up and grabbed onto me.

「So you’re okay with her flying on top of you?」

「Yeah, just a second.」

Timi hovered a bit while Shiggy was flying over to me.

We approached the temple by air, and saw the people scrambling below us.

We came down quietly, and I stacked up the wood.

「It’s okay!」

「Everyone calm down!」

Cruz and the priest were running around trying to quiet the followers.

Timi really didn’t notice.

「Okay, another stack!」


「ryaa ryaa」


Femm was riding on Timi’s back, after all.

Femm wasn’t scared anymore. Femm was a huge wolf, after all.

We lifted back into the sky and I looked over at where the fields would be.

Moofy was happily yanking out trees.

And Vi-Vi, Millet, Collette, and the golems were working together to carry the trees away.

「Looks like they’re stacking the trees up too.」

「Yeah, and after building the houses, there’ll be enough to sell.」

「Great that we have a lot left over.」

After that, without any more problems, we finished lugging all the wood around.

「Now I have to prepare the trees for lumber.」


We all worked together to cut up the trees, even the ones that Moofy had done.

After seeing how I did it, Timi imitated me. But she did it still as a dragon.

She was huge, but she could manipulate the tiny trees very well.

「This is really hard!」

「You can see the small trees really well, though.」

「Really? Heh heh.」

She blushed again.

Shiggy was on top of Timi, watching everything she did very carefully.

Shiggy was probably learning from watching Timi’s magic.

「Shiggy, do your best!」


Shiggy looked confused.

After the tree cutting was done, next was making a road.

The road was now covered with root holes from the trees.

It would be hard on and a horse cart would take damage.

「We have to cover those holes.」


We rode Timi out to the new road.

After passing over the first river, we went hole to hole covering each one over.

I used my magic, and Timi used her claws.

「You’re pretty good at making a road, Timi.」


She seemed a little embarrassed by my comment.

Timi would do that any time you complimented her. Maybe because she wasn’t used to it.

After covering all the holes, Timi said,

「Should I burn up the rest with my flame breath?」

「Sounds great.」

If Timi used her flame breath, all of the small plants on the road would be burned.

So we tried that first.

Timi’s fire breath was so strong it made me nervous.

I had to stop the fire from spreading, after all.

I would have to use magic barriers and ice magic well to stop it.

So we took some time, and after a bit, we reached the second river.

「We used a lot of power getting here!」

「It was quite a work out!」

『Timi did, but you just used magic, Al.』

「Magic doesn’t jut take magical power away. It takes physical power too.」


Femm replied happily.

After that Timi and Femm both got smaller.

Timi wasn’t wearing her usual clothes. She was wearing overalls and a straw hat like Vi-Vi and I.

「You’re wearing the overalls too, Timi?」


Timi looked at me proudly.

She was using the most magic to have a human form with clothes.

And I wondered how she would change her clothes like that as well.

「I thought I’d put in some work like this.」

「I know how you feel.」

「rya ryaa」

「Do you want to wear this too, Shiggy?」


「I see.」

Then Timi said,

「Alra, where’s Shiggy’s overalls?」

「Don’t have any.」



They both seemed sad after hearing that.

「I guess you should ask Vi-Vi then.」


「rya ryaaa!」

After that, Timi and Femm drank from the river.

「Won’t you get sick drinking directly from the river?」

She had drunk as a dragon. But she wasn’t worried then either.

I was a bit worried about her doing it in human form though.

「I’m fine.」

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy and Timi now drank together.

After resting a bit by the river, on the other side of it, we saw a group of men approaching.



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