Chapter 200


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Chapter 200 – Marquis Cruz

Femm and Timi had a fun run back.

We were back at the village in a flash.

「Al, welcome back.」

「You must be tired. Please rest. I’ll have some tea prepared.」

Cruz and the priest welcomed us back.

He had tables and chairs for us to rest in.

There were brand new chairs and a large desk.

They weren’t there this morning, so someone must have made it.

「These are made quite well.」

「Correct. Our followers who have crafting skills made them.」

「It’s nice to have it when you need a rest, or when we show everyone the plans for the village!」

Cruz said with a smile.

It was something that would increase the productivity of everyone.

We all sat down, and one of the followers brought us tea.

Femm sat on top of one of the chairs, and Shiggy stood on the desk.

「Thank you.」

「Yeah, thanks!」


The tea wasn’t just for me and Timi, but for Shiggy and Femm as well.

They brought us snacks as well.


Shiggy sniffed at the snacks. Then she reached out and grabbed a few and started eating.

「She’s really grown」

「Yeah. My niece is a faster grower than anyone. A genius!」

「Just a while ago I was feeding her by hand.」

「Because she’s a genius!」

Timi really didn’t understand what I meant.

I guess because she’s related to Shiggy.

Timi just patted Shiggy’s head as she ate.

Cruz sat next to me and drank some tea.

「Al, Timi. How far did you build the road?」

「Um, up to here.」

「That was fast.」

「Today it was Timi, yesterday it was Moofy doing the work.」

「Just leave the tree-cutting to me.」

As we were talking about the road, I remembered something important.

「Ah, Cruz, the bridge-builders and your staff, they’re almost here.」

「They came way faster than I thought.」

Cruz smiled, but then Timi frowned.

「They’re all good fellows, but that temporary assistant? That guy’s no good.」

「The temporary assistant?」

「The son of your assistant…」

「Why is he no good?」

Then Timi and I explained what had happened to him.

「He sounds like a loser!」

「Did you give him any authority, Cruz?」

「Yes. The assistant said he’d send his son, and I approved.」

I guess in Cruz’ position, she had to say okay.

Then Timi looked at Cruz and said,

「If you give him authority, none of these guys are going to enjoy their work.」

「I’ll make sure he doesn’t do anything bad.」


And while this conversation was going on, Vi-Vi approached.

Collette, Millet, Moofy, and Chel as well.

Moofy was back to her smaller size.

「Vi-Vi how were the fields?」

「Yeah, going well. Everyone is working really hard.」

「Moo moo!」

Moofy pushed she snout into me.

Chel was riding on her back.

「Moofy, good work!」

「Moo moo!」

I rubbed Moofy’s head.

「Piggi! PIGGI!」

「ryaa ryaa」

Now Shiggy was on top of Chel. She gave Chel some of the snacks she was eating.



Chel seemed happy to get some of Shiggy’s candy.

Watching this Vi-Vi and Cruz said.

「So how much longer does the road have to go?」

「It’s going to be long.」

「Sounds tough.」

Then I asked Vi-Vi,

「How much longer will you work on the fields?」

「Moofy was a big help. It won’t take much longer.」


It seems that the field would be complete before the road.

After our break, the bridgebuilders arrived.

There were the five, with the three workers from Cruz’ manor.

Cruz and the priest went over to greet them. I went with them as well.

「Thank you for coming.」

「We’ve been waiting for you.」

「Thanks for coming out to greet us. It’s nice to meet you.」

The bridgebuilders bowed their head. Then I greeted them as well.

「Thanks for your work.」

「Oh, you got here first?」

They were all surprised I was here already.

One of the bridge builders said,

「Oh yeah, something really crazy happened.」


「Yeah, we heard a very scary cry from behind us…」

「Ah, that…」

It had to be Timi’s.

「There’s no doubt it was a huge beast.」

「We couldn’t see what it was and some of us almost passed out.」


Cruz looked at them with a serious look. She was probably planning to kill whatever it was.

But Timi’s shout was directional.

That’s why the bridge-builders weren’t affected that much.

Even so, it was almost enough to incapacitate them.

It really showed how strong the ancient dragon’s cry is.

Then I whispered to Cruz,

「That was Timi.」

「Oh, was that it?」

She smiled again and looked at the bridgebuilders.

「It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.」

「Are you sure about that?」

「Yes, there’s no problem.」

「I’m glad to hear that, but…」

As we were talking, the manor workers recognized Cruz.

「Oh, a pleasure to see you, marquis.」

「You know who I am?」


「You have good memory since I’ve only been to the manor once.」

「Yes, I’m very glad you remembered us as well.」

「I met you last month and last week.」

「Yes, that’s right. Thank you very much.」

「I think that you were in the assessor’s office.」

「I was there until you told me to join the expedition.」

「Is that so? Well thank you!」

「I can’t thank you enough!」

As Cruz talked to them, they workers all shook her hand.

They remembered her, even though they only met her once.

I thought it was something.

The workers were so happy to see her, they were almost in tears.

「Just take it easy today. You’ll work tomorrow!」

「Ah, thank you!」

「There isn’t much lodging right now, so you’ll have to stay in the temple for a few nights. Sorry.」

「No, don’t worry about it at all!」

After they all heard Cruz’ conversation with them, they finally all knew who she was.

「Madam! We’re all honored to meet you!」

「To be able to meet a great warrior like you…my son will be so impressed!」

They were all quite nervous as well.

But all these engineers shook her hand as well.

「Thank you for coming from so far.」

「It’s our honor! We’re going to do our best to build those bridges!」

「Thank you!」

「Yes Ma’am!」

It seemed that all of these men were in excellent spirits.



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