Chapter 201


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Chapter 201 – Not Enough Wood!

The priest showed the bridge-builders and the manor workers around the building and the site.

It seems that they’d be staying in the temple for two to three days.

I asked Vi-Vi,

「Will it take longer to dry the wood?」

「I think it’ll be fine the day after tomorrow…」

「The day after tomorrow…」

「We can’t rush something like this. You can’t rush a building if you want it to last long.」

Vi-Vi was right.

We shouldn’t rush the buildings.

Cruz was listening and said,

「Can we borrow some wood from Vallimie?」

「Hm? You want to borrow some?」

「We can exchange it for the wood we dry later.」

Cruz didn’t have a bad idea.

「But, we haven’t gotten permission from her yet.」


「If you ask my sister, I think she’ll let you!」

「Yeah, but she allowed us to use her golems, it’s a bit too much to ask more.」

「We shouldn’t ask too much.」

Cruz said, but Vi-Vi folded her arms and replied,

「Let my sister decide that!」

「I guess so…」

「Just wait here!」

「Moo moo!」

Vi-Vi took off, and Moofy took off following her.

She noticed Moofy behind her and with one jump mounted her.

They went through the magic transport to Lindobal forest.

「And there she goes.」


Cruz looked over at where the fields would be.

Chel and Shiggy were playing out there.

With Timi.

「Shiggy’s having fun.」


Shiggy was digging a small hole in the place the fields were planned.

「ryaa ryaa」

「piggi pigGi!」

Chel was trying to imitate her.

But there was no way a blob like Chel could dig a hole.

Then I asked Cruz,

「Shouldn’t Chel be with hidden in your pouch?」

「Maybe so the believers couldn’t see it?」

「Yeah, I don’t know much about religious systems, but it might be disrespectful for the blob to be out there digging at dirt.」

The followers had definitely taken notice of Chel.

They were watching the blob play around with the other beasts.

「I think they really don’t know that it’s the death lord.」

「I see.」

I guess if Chel’s hanging out with the beasts, no one would notice.

Maybe the followers just thought the blob was a follower of Cruz.

「Wuff wuff!」



Femm started digging as well. Maybe it wanted to show the others how it really looked.

Femm was way faster at digging.


「ryaa ryaa」


Since Femm was digging so quickly, the other two beasts stood and watched respectfully.

Watching Femm, Timi said,

「Watch closely, Shiggy!」


Timi then started digging herself.

She was in human form. She started digging with both hands like Femm.

「Wha…what are you doing, Timi?」

I said, without thinking,

I know she really wanted Shiggy’s respect, but this was too much.

Or maybe she wanted to compete with Femm.

「If you’re going to dig…then use a tool.」

「Digging holes is fun!」


「Let me in on that!」

Maybe because she thought it fun too, Cruz ran over to where the others were digging.

「Wha? Not you too, Cruz…」

Cruz and Timi were digging right next to each other.

Neither were using any tools. They were just using their hands, digging in the mud.

「ryaa ryaa!」


Shiggy and Chel looked very happy.

They all were completely immersed in digging in the earth where the trees once were.

「You’re fast Cruz!」

「You too, Timi!」


I think the best was Femm though.

Timi and Cruz were covered in mud.

After watching them a while, I heard,


「You called for me?」

And Vallimie had arrived, with a proud look on her face.

Next to Vallimie was the lion Rai.

「Rai, long time no see!」


I patted Rai’s head.

Then, Moofy and Vi-Vi appeared as well.

「Ask my sister, go ahead!」

「He doesn’t have to ask, I have enough wood as it is!」

「Thanks…but it won’t cost you too much?」

「Don’t worry. If I ever need help, I’ll ask.」

Vallimie said with a laugh.

「Cruz will be very happy to hear it. I’ll help with bringing the wood.」

「It’s taken care of. The golems are already bringing it.」

And from the temple, a line of golems carrying lumber arrived.

They had come through the transport circles, all the way from the forest.

「That’s a lot!」

「Heh heh heh」

「Yes yes yes」

「Moo mooo!」

Vallimie and Vi-Vi both looked at me proudly.

Then Moofy stepped up and tried to make the same proud face as them.



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