Chapter 202


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Chapter 202 – The “Temporary Ass”

While all this was going on, Cruz noticed the line of golems with the lumber.

She stopped digging and ran over to us.

「Wow, you brought all that for us, Vallimie?」

「Yes. I was thinking of exchanging this seasoned lumber for some of your raw lumber.」

「That would help a lot!」

From that, she looked seriously at Vallimie, and said,

「Vallimie, I can pay you?」

「No need.」


「Yeah. I wasn’t planning to sell this wood for a while anyway.」


「Cruz. You’d help me if I needed help, right?」

「Sure I would.」

「So when I need something, you can help me.」

「Ok, thanks.」

After that, the priest came out. He had finished showing the working men around.

He then proceeded to that Vallimie over and over.

「Don’t mention it.」

But he kept on thanking her until she was blushing.

「Moo moo!」


Moofy walked up and rubbed her snout into Vallimie.

Then Rai did the same.

「Come on, you two.」

Then Vallimie rubbed their heads.

After Cruz came over, the beasts and Timi also walked over to us.

「ryaa ryaa!」

「Shiggy, you’re covered in mud!」


If Shiggy was going to try to rub me, I was going to get mud all over.

She flew onto my shoulder and rubbed her beak on me.

My face got covered with mud.

「Wuff wuff!」

The Femm started rubbing on me as well.

I was getting covered in mud.


Then Chel jumped on my head. I was glad I had the straw hat on.

「Heh heh heh. Al, aren’t you glad I got you those clothes?」

「Actually, I am.」

Vi-Vi looked at me with a proud smile.

「Oh well. I guess I need to clean off and take a bath.」


「You too, Chel!」


「Can I get in the bath with you?」Timi said.


「Hey, you don’t need to tell me no like that!」

I guess Shiggy had refused. Timi looked sad.

「You really want to take a bath with Alra that much?」


「I see…」

She looked over at me with a sad eyes.

I pretended not to notice.

While we were taking a break, Cruz and the priest were discussing the wood.

「So tomorrow we begin construction, right?」

「Yes. I hope we can get some very strong houses built quickly.」

「It’s important the help gets a place to sleep.」

After the discussion was over, Cruz came over to me.

「Al, can you help with bridge building?」

「Leave it to me.」

「Thank you!」

「You don’t need me to help with the houses?」

「We need your magic to help with bridge-making first.」

「You’re right.」

「I think the golems can help enough with the buildings.」

After hearing that, Vallimie said,

「You need me to loan you the golems?」

「It would help…can you?」

「Sure. I’ll just reduce my defensive golems to the minimum.」

「Thank you!」

The sun was going down, and we’d talk it over tomorrow.

「Well, time to go home.」

「Moo mooo」


Cruz took Moofy and Shiggy and prepared to go home.

I also got ready to return back to Mulg.

Just then,


I heard an angry scream.

The voice came from the temporary assistant and his older aide.

I told Cruz,

「That kid is the temporary ass I was talking about.」

「That’s him? He’s got a bad attitude.」

The priest, who was responsible, walked out to the assistant.

「What’s the matter?」

「WHAT’S THE MATTER?! What are you talking about?! Your workers are EXTRORDINARILY RUDE! I must PUNISH THEM! BRING THEM HERE!」

The older man was now yelling at the priest.

They were both filled with rage, but their pants were also filled with something else, so they stunk like crazy.

It wasn’t their fault as Timi had shouted at them, but the followers had no idea what was going on.

Who were these fellows and why were their pants all wet and smelly?

They simply stared at the assistant and his aide.

Now the assistant was yelling at the priest.

「Whoa, this sucks. I’ll be right back.」

Cruz ran over to the assistant.

「Mooo moo」

Then Moofy followed her.


「You don’t have to go, Shiggy.」


Shiggy was about to go over too, but I grabbed her.

Then I put her in my pouch.


She then fell silent.

Cruz went over with a smile, and stood between the two and the priest.

Moofy joined her.

「Hey guys, calm down a bit.」

「Moo moo!」

「Don’t interrupt us, you lowly cow tender!」

The assistant jumped at Cruz and attempted to punch her.

It went smack into Cruz’ open hand. You couldn’t just punch Cruz.

「Violence is never the answer, right?」

「o…ow. OWWWWW!」

Cruz was now gripping hard onto the kid’s fist.

He fell to his knees with a face cringed in pain.

「Why not get a change of clothes? You stink, you know?」


Now the older man tried to kick Cruz.

You could see he actually knew what he was doing. He probably had military experience.

He was probably the kid’s body guard, too.


Moofy chomped down on the man’s leg. Then she swung the man through the air.


He was flung on his butt, and then Moofy stomped him.

Even though she was a smallish cow, she was still a cow. And very heavy.

There was no way the older guy was going to get out of that.

Then Cruz said back to the priest.

「Well, these fellows are now violent criminals. Put them in a jail cell.」

「But…we don’t have jail cells.」

「You DON’T have jail cells?」


Cruz now looked confused.

「What should we do, Al?」

「I guess we just throw them in a hole.」

「Okay, then how about here?」

The priest pointed over at the area near the planned fields.

「Okay, let’s dig a hole and make a cell.」


「I need a bit of wood.」

I dug a hole with gravity magic, first lifting the ground away and then pressuring the inside walls.

With that, I made a wooden grid of bars.

The hole was about two times as deep as a man was tall. No way anyone could jump out.

「This thing of bars isn’t that well made, but, oh well.」

「Maybe a real thief could escape, but not these guys.」

「Okay, Cruz, Moofy, over here.」


「Moo moo!」

They tossed the two men into the pit.

I used gravity magic to make sure they wouldn’t hit the bottom too hard.

Then Cruz continued,

「You can reflect on your actions tonight.」

「You bitch! I’m the assistant to the assistant to the ruler! You’re not going to get away with this!」

「Yeah, sure.」

Cruz blew him off and asked for the priest to find someone to watch them.

As we were on our way back to Mulg, Cruz said,

「I guess this guy didn’t realize who I was.」

「Even though you saw him before. He didn’t remember me either.」

「Maybe he has bad eyesight.」


And with that, we went back home.



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