Chapter 203


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Chapter 203 – A Bath after Work

Everyone went back to Mulg.

As we went inside, Millet took one look at us and said,

「Please take a bath while I’m cooking dinner!」



「Moo moo」


Femm and Shiggy had been digging and were covered with dirt.

Moofy had been doing work as well, and was covered too.

If we just walked around the house, the cleaning would be trouble.

「Okay, Shiggy, Femm, Moofy! And Chel, into the bath!」

And we all went in together.

「ryaa ryaa」

「Shiggy you like taking a bath, right?」


「Yeah, it’s nice you like to get clean.」

As I walked into the changing room, Timi followed as if nothing was strange about it.


「What? I have to wash Shiggy.」


「No, no, Timi, men and women can’t bathe together.」

「I’m a dragon though, right? It’s just the same as getting in with those beasts over there.」

She was right in a way.

「But…you’re human.」

「Should I change back to a dragon?」

「I’m not asking that, but…」

「So then what?」

She looked at me, confused. Then she took her clothes off.

She wasn’t ashamed or anything.

「Ok, Shiggy. Let’s go!」


Shiggy pulled at my arm. She wanted to go in with me.

「Okay then…」

I guess I had to if Shiggy wanted it.

So I took off my clothes and went in.

「Shiggy, auntie’s going to wash you!」


It seemed Shiggy didn’t mind Timi washing her off.

「Moofy, Femm, Chel, over here.」

「Moo moo」



And so I washed the three beasts off.

And myself as well.

「Moo moo」「Wuff!」「PiGGI」

They all looked very happy getting washed off.

「You all worked so hard today.」

I said as I washed them.

『Thank everyon.』

Chel said in spirit speech as I washed it.

And after that, Shiggy flew up in the air.


She landed on my head. She reached down and started stroking my head.

「Shiggy, are you trying to wash me?」


She wasn’t using the soap, but she was still trying to wash me. Such a nice dragon.

「Oh well, I’ll help too, Alra.」

Timi came up behind me and started to wash my back.


「Don’t worry about it.」

「ryaa ryaa」

She washed off my back, and my head.

After that, everyone got in the bath.

「Phew. Bathing as a human is greaaat.」


「Ancient dragons don’t bathe?」

「Well, we’re too big. We go in the ocean and in lakes, but hardly ever in baths.」

「Just turn to human form and get in.」

「Well, we do have a bath at the pole, but I hardly ever use it.」

Timi stretch out happily in the bath.

「I guess dragons really don’t care about mixed bathing.」

「Sure. We dragons really don’t have sexes.」

「…you don’t?」

「Nope. We’re born from eggs, and I guess you could say we’re all female.」

That was new info. I immediately thought of Luka.

No, she probably knows about it already.

Just then, Cruz came into the bath.

「Ah, you’re here with Timi?」

「Hey Cruz, it feels great.」

Cruz and Timi talked as if was nothing.

They may have never been told that girls are supposed to be bashful when a guy’s in a bath with them.

And Cruz was very fast. She washed up right away.

Then she got into the bath.

「It does feel very good.」

「Nothing feels better than a bath after hard work.」

「So I guess ancient dragons feel that way too?」

「No, but I do now.」

「I see.」

Moofy and Femm gathered around Cruz.

「Are you going to drink the water again?」



They acted ignorant, but I knew they were.

Somehow the water that Cruz bathed in was beautiful to them.

On the other hand, Chel was bouncing on top of the water around near me.

「Can slimes float?」


It felt heavier than the water when I held it though. Mysterious.

I decided not to pursue it and instead turned to Cruz,

「Cruz…you should be at least a little shy in the bath…」


「There’s no “whaaa” to it.」


Cruz puffed out her cheeks in displeasure.

The beasts kept swimming around her.

Shiggy was swimming around the pool too. She had gotten pretty good at it.

「Shiggy, you’re great at swimming too!」

Timi said to Shiggy.

Then the door opened again. This time it was Collette.

「Hey, old man!」

「Collette, can you wash yourself?」


And so she did, but she was young and not good at it. I figured I should help.

「Here. Let me wash your hair.」


「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy helped me. We washed off her hair. Then Shiggy got on her head and scrubbed away.

「Thanks Sthiggy.」


And then everyone got in the bath again.



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