Chapter 204


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Chapter 204 – Yureena’s Strategy

When we left the bath, Yureena and Luka had returned from the capital.

Just like usual, we all ate dinner together.

During dinner, Timi said to Yureena,

「Yureena. You need to stay away from that guy.」


「Who are you talking about?」

「The temporary assistant.」

「rgyaa rgyaa」

「Temporary assistant? I don’t know who that is?」

Timi really didn’t explain well, so Yureena didn’t understand.

She had no idea that the temporary assistant was also the man her parents were trying to marry her to.

Timi was talking while Shiggy was crying out in a strange sound that was very different than usual.

「Shiggy, eat your dinner.」


I rubbed Shiggy’s head as he ate.

Shiggy went back to happily eating its food.

Cruz explained everything to Yureena, who looked lost.

「The son of my advisor, he came here as a temporary assistant to me.」


「You know, the guy who’s going to marry you.」

「He’s NOT going to marry me. I refused.」

Yureena looked quite put out.

So then Cruz continued, telling her about the things he had done.

「That guy’s really bad.」


「If he’s going to swing at you, you should make him do hard labor in the mines.」

That was quite a bit much for a holy girl like Yureena to hear.

Timi nodded, agreeing completely.

「I don’t know if that’s appropriate…」

「Nononono, it’s COMPLETELY appropriate.」




I tried to sympathize with the guy, but the others, even Shiggy looked at me confused.

「We can just punish him and make him do his work correctly. It’s going to take time to get a new guy to replace him anyway.」


Cruz thought about it seriously.

「Yeah, but taking a swing at Cruz? That’s unbelievable.」

「Well, she was dressed as a worker.」

「If he can’t sense the nobility of a girl like Cruz, even if she’s disguised, he’s way too dumb for the job.」

I didn’t think Cruz really exuded nobility, but whatever.

After thinking about it a bit, Yureena came to a decision.

「Okay, tomorrow, I’ll go with you all.」

「Is it going to be okay with your work?」


If Yureena said it would be okay, it would.

I was sure about that.

Unlike Cruz, she didn’t take off work just to fool around with me.

Luka also said,

「I want to go too.」

「You don’t have to, Luka…」

「But I’d like to help as well.」

「Thanks Luka.」


Cruz and Chel thanked Luka.

『Yreeena Ruka. Thanks.』

Chel also said, in spirit speech.

「Don’t worry about it.」

「You’re so cute, Chel.」

Yureena and Luka both patted Chel.


Chel looked very happy.

Vi-Vi was watching us all and said,

「What are you going to do to him, Yureena?」

「Do to him?」

「Are you going to chew him out?」

「No…I’m going to wear a disguise.」

「Hm? And then what?」


Yureena began explaining.

The kid didn’t recognized Cruz with farmer clothes on.

If Yureena did the same, he probably wouldn’t recognize her.

「It’s true that’s a possibility.」


「And if he doesn’t, then what?」

Cruz asked with a suspicious look.

Yureena pulled Cruz close and patted her head.

She was always trying to get close to Cruz if she had a chance.

「Well, if he did something like trying to punch Cruz, to me, then that would mean there was no way my parents would push me to marry him.」

「I see! You’re smart, Yureena.」

Yureena was one of the hero’s party, so of course she was smart.

She was also so strong she could punch out an orc, and she could do it with a bare fist.

Having that temporary ass punch her wouldn’t even feel like an itch.

Even if she dodged or defended, she could act like he really tried to hit her.

「If it just looks like he tried to be violent with me, right?」

「There’s no “Right?” about it.」

I said, and she simply smiled at me.

Her smile was so cute.

However, it was still a bit of a scary plan.

「Everyone and Al, make sure to play your parts, okay?」


「What do you mean, “what”? You’re my lover, right?」

「I guess I don’t mind.」

She then turned to everyone else.

「Remember that, okay? Al is my lover. You know, right?」

「We know…」

Cruz looked a bit disappointed as she puffed out her cheeks.

Maybe she was a little jealous of Yureena.

「Cruz, don’t get jealous or anything.」

「I’m not jealous!」

「Remember I still love you the most, Cruz.」

「Huh? Oh, yeah.」

Cruz said back to Yureena with little interest.

Seeing all this, Luka sighed.

Vi-Vi then went to Luka and said,

「You can be a farming couple. I’ll have some overalls ready for you tomorrow.」

「Vi-Vi, thanks.」

After that, Vi-Vi look Yureena’s measurements.

「Hmm… I see.」

「Oh yeah, Vi-Vi. Can you make one for Shiggy too?」

「One for Shiggy? Um, I can try…」

「ryaa ryaa」

Hearing this, Shiggy cried happily.

And Vi-Vi took Shiggy’s measurements as well.


Shiggy stood there obediently as she measured her.



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