Chapter 205


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Chapter 205 – The Bridge Plan

The next day, we all went to the death temple.

After breakfast, Vi-Vi took out the overalls.

「Here’s yours, Yureena. And here’s your straw hat.」

「Thanks. I’ll get changed.」


Yureena scampered back to her room.

Vi-Vi had made the overalls for her the night before.

I thought there was no time she could go out and buy it.

「Did you buy that at the capital? I didn’t think you left to there.」

「Of course not. I made it.」


「I have a lot of cloth left over.」

Vi-Vi said proudly.

It seems that she’s quite a seamstress.

「She’s the best at sewing!」

Saying that, Vallimie patted Vi-Vi’s head.

「You’re making me blush.」

Shiggy then pulled at Vi-Vi’s sleeve.


She probably wanted the one that Vi-Vi promised.

She was worried that she wouldn’t get one.

「Shiggy, relax. I have that right here!」

「ryaa ryaa!!」

Shiggy cried out happily.

「Seems that Shiggy totally understands human words now.」

「Of course, she’s a genius, right?」

Timi said proudly.

「Shiggy. Stand there on top of the desk.」


Vi-Vi stood her up properly on the desk.

Then she put the little overalls on top.

「Yup. Fits perfectly.」

「ryaa ryaa」

It had openings for her wing, and for the tail as well.

Shiggy then made a little bow to Vi-Vi.

It was great she learned how to thank humans.

「Shiggy. Don’t mention it.」

With that, Vi-Vi patted Shiggy on the head.

「Thanks, Vi-Vi.」

「My pleasure. It was small so it was fun to make.」

「Even so, did you get any sleep last night?」

「Yeah, when you get as good as me, it doesn’t take that long to sew.」

「Really. Well, thanks.」

「Eheh heh.」

With that conversation finished, Yureena walked back into the room.

「It fits perfectly, Vi-Vi! Thank you.」

「I’m glad to hear I measured you well!」

After that, we headed to the death temple’s village.

Yureena had on her overalls and hat and was walking behind me.

「You don’t have to hide behind me.」

「Well, yesterday Cruz was covered in mud, and that’s why he didn’t find out.」

「You might be right.」

「I don’t have any mud on me, so he’s probably going to figure it out.」

That’s what she said.

We passed through the transport circle, and the priest came out to greet us.

He greeted us, and then told us,

「This morning we release the temporary assistant.」


Yureena looked uncomfortable.

「Well, those bureaucrats are in charge of us, after all.」

「It’s not good to allow the ones under him to see them publicly published.」

Cruz nodded.

「Yes, you’re right.」

She thought the priest’s judgement is right.

If you injure someone’s pride, they start holding a grudge.

No reason to form a grudge. And we might need the fellow to work for us in the creation of this village.

As we left the building, we saw an unhappy temporary assistant sitting in a chair.

He had changed his pants, and the priest probably arranged that.

He was a kind man.

And maybe it was because of the kindness that the temporary assistant continued to sit quietly.

Religion can do that to you. It’s good at changing hearts.

As I appreciated that, Cruz gave directions to everyone.

「Just as we planned yesterday, Al, Timi, Femm, join the bridge builders.」


「Vi-Vi and Moofy to the fields, and everyone else to building the houses.」

「Sure」「Moo moo!」

「We’ll do our best!」「Leave it to us!」

Millet was in charge of the golems, and Collette joined in as well.

The bridge makers and we made our way to the river.

They walked along with us as I rode Femm.

My knee still hurt, after all.

Femm was its larger size.

It was small when we encountered them before, so the bridge builders were surprised.

「It’s huge.」

「It’s a magic wolf. I have permission to keep it from the guild, so don’t worry.」

「That’s really something.」

Shiggy was riding in my pocket. She was quiet today, maybe sleeping.

When we arrived, the builders and material talked over the materials they’d use.

「With a river this wide, we need to have some solid wood for construction.」

「Or maybe stone for more strength?」

They debated the matter seriously.

They would have to measure the width and depth, and you could tell they were busily thinking it over.

I just stayed quiet because I wasn’t an expert.

After they finished measuring, we moved on to the second river.

This river was much wider and deeper.

Then I said to the bridge builders.

「If you want me to put you on the other side, just ask. I can carry you.」

「Thank you very much.」

After the conversed about this river, two of them wanted to go to the other side.

It seems the two bigger guys of the group were going over.

It probably was because the smaller guy had almost drown the last time.

The two wanting to go over laughed at Femm and said,

「Take us over then, Femm.」


「Let me use magic.」


「Just leave it to me.」

So I used gravity magic, and the two men floated.


「Relax, I won’t drop you.」

I carefully put them on the other side.

I didn’t have to raise them high off the ground either. They were scared enough as it was.

And I did it slowly, for the same reason.


When I started the magic, Shiggy flew out of my pouch.

It was cute seeing her fly out to see the bridge builders float.



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